America Should Battle Minorities and Aliens the Way the Israelis Do

By Rev. Bobby Singleton


From: "Independent History & Research" <> To: <> Subject: Learn from Israelis How to Fight Minorities Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 8:56 PM

As a life-long admirer of the Jewish people and supporter of the state of Israel, I have always taken the Jews to be a pattern for my own life and my relationship with the Almighty. Now, as I watch prophetic events unfold in Israel, I am stimulated to believe that it is time America learned a policy lesson from the Jews and applied Israel's solutions to our own domestic crisis.

I am of course talking about the negro/Afro minority amongst our beloved nation, as well as the aliens from Mexico who threaten to inundate us at our border.

Increasingly, predominately black cities in America are no-go zones for Americans. We are raped, robbed, assaulted and even killed when we go there and these terror acts spill over into non-black towns and cities. As a result, Americans are not safe on their own land! Meanwhile, Catholic peons from Mexico invade our country, undermine the Protestant character of our nation and perpetrate more crime and terrorism. There would seem to be no end in sight to the violence perpetrated by these groups and the violence must end!

The Jews in Israel use the following methods for curtailing Palestinian violence, and we should do as these Chosen People of God Almighty do.

1. CLOSURE. Cities with a Palestinian majority are sealed. The Arabs are not allowed to leave their towns and they may not enter Israel for employment or any other reason except certain cases of medical emergency. We in America need to do the same. Whenever there are clashes with our police and an outburst of violence from Afros or Latinos in America, we should seal ghettos and barrios the way Israel sealed the Palestinian cities at the beginning of 2001. This way we can enjoy relative security while collectively punishing all the blacks and Mexicans for the violent clashes their leaders agitate and condone. I recommend this for Christian Europe as well. When violence erupts, Germans can close predominately Turkish cities in Germany, the French can close predominately African areas of France and the British can seal Brixton and Bradford, closing access by minorities to the outside world for months on end, like Israel does.

2. DEMOLITION. Once having closed these areas, American intelligence agents can pinpoint the homes of the most violence-prone black and Mexican gang-members and rioters and demolish their homes, leaving their families on the street where they belong. The Israelis have had great success doing this for years to the Palestinians. House demolition is a real deterrent not soon forgotten!

3. ENTRENCHMENT. After closure and demolition, entrenchment is the next step. In late February and early March of 2001 the Israelis completed excavation of a two meter deep ditch encircling the Palestinian city of Jericho. The entrenchment of other Palestinian cities is under way. This ditch prevents not only cars driven by violent Palestinians from leaving Jericho and entering Israel, it keeps any Palestinian from driving any car out of the town without permission from Israeli authorities. This is a fabulous idea for Watts, Harlem, the south side of Chicago, portions of east Los Angeles and many other areas in America with a predominately Afro or Mexican population. It is a well-known fact that, like the Palestinians, minorities in America are fond of using automobiles in the commission of drive-by shootings and similar violence. We can prevent this by digging a deep ditch around their communities, just like the Israelis do!

4. SHOOT RIOTERS. Any time a black or Mexican child throws a stone at an American policeman they should be shot! Policemen should try to wound rather than kill these children, but if a few dozen black or Mexican children are killed by the police in America every year, it is the parents' fault for allowing their children to be out in the streets. The US State Department reports that in the year 2000, Israel shot more than 11,000 violent Palestinians, including hundreds of violence-prone Palestinian children. Almost 400 Palestinian demonstrators and rioters were killed by the Israeli police and army. We need to implement these policies in the US. We have muzzled our police for too long in the face of black and Latino violence. Let's teach these godless punks in America the way the Israelis are teaching those heathen sand niggers in Palestine!

5. CITE THE EXAMPLE OF GOD's CHOSEN. When supporting the implementation of these measures in America (or Europe), be sure to tell your Congressman, or member of the Bundestag or Parliament; your teacher, pastor, priest or media person, that you have learned these tactics from Israel and believe this is the best solution to minority violence, as most Jewish solutions usually are.

To ensure the success of our campaign to end minority violence in America, it is important to stress the teaching role model of Israel. If you do not, there is a good chance that you will be denounced by human rights activists and other liberal types.

By citing the Israeli model you can win powerful allies to our cause. Human rights groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Morris Dees outfit, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the media, will not condemn our plan for minority and alien crime control if they know we are only doing as Israel does.

Without the Israeli parallel, our platform to counter minority violence would be rapidly denounced as racist and neo-Nazi. However, as soon as the Human Rights groups understand that we are merely imitating Israel, our program will be immune from all but token criticism!

After all, the Israelis have been able to do all these things to the Palestinians without being stopped by anyone and without incurring any meaningful protests from Morris Dees, the ADL, Wiesenthal or the media. In fact, these groups are all assisting Israel in one form or another in her campaign to end Palestinian violence at all costs, as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said.

In an effort to keep Israel safe from minority violence, the great Sharon himself has had to kill thousands of minority and alien civilians in both Israel and in Lebanon. We can do the same thing in America to the violent minorities and aliens here, if we carefully emulate the policies of God's Chosen People. If it's good for Israel, it's good for America too!


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