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U.S. Government Lies!

Says "Gender and race no longer crime factors!"

by Dennis Nix

(8/96) Under J. Edgar Hoover and then his successor, Clarence M. Kelly, the FBI's annual Uniform Crime Reports always listed gender and race as crime factors with this statement that crime is related to "Composition of the population with reference particularly to age, sex, and race." [FN1] [FN2]

That changed when Jimmy Carter took office. William H. Webster, Mr. Peanut's appointee to run the FBI, replaced that statement with more fashionable explanations, such as: "Variations in composition of the population, particularly age structure." (and) "Cultural conditions, such as educational, recreational, and religious characteristics." [FN3] The more recent crime reports have variations on Webster's politically correct explanations. Officially, according to lying government bureaucrats, gender and race were no longer crime factors. Lying? Think that's too strong a statement? Do you prefer to think of them as stupid? Well, they are one or the other.

Gender. Of course, in reality both gender and sex are as much a crime factor as ever. Assuming a 48:52 ratio of men to women in 1993, on a per capita basis males commited murder at about ten times the rates that women did: 16,859 male murder offenders, 1,742 female murder offenders.

Race. The racial discrepancy is about the same. In 1993 there were 10,357 black murder offenders and 7,669 "white" murder offenders. Assuming a 1:8 black to "white" ratio in the American population, there were over ten times as many black murderers arrested in 1993 as "white" murderers on a per capita basis.

"White" and White. FBI bureaucrats classify non-whites as white. Since 1987 the FBI hasn't provided crime data for Hispanics. It includes Hispanics and some other non-blacks in the "white" category. Most of the 24 million American Hispanics are not white, but are meztizos and Indians. For six years, from 1980 to 1986, the FBI did provide information on Hispanic crime. During that time period, it appears that about 20-25% of "white" murderers were actually Hispanics. Since then the proportion of Hispanics in the U.S. has continued to grow and like blacks they commit crime out of proportion to theie numbers.

Black on "White" Murder. Even worse is the black murder of white people. Blacks murder more than 1,600 "whites" each year. Blacks murder "whites" at 18 times the rate whites murder blacks. [FN4] For their own reasons, FBI bureaucrats in the annual Uniform Crime Reports bury that type of information.

[FN1] Uniform Crime Report, 1965, p. vii.
[FN2] Uniform Crime Report, 1976, p. v.
[FN3] Uniform Crime Report, 1977, p. v.
[FN4] Neil Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald , May 2, 1995, based on FBI data, some of which are partially reported in the FBI's annual Uniform Crime Reports. Click here to see a report on Sheehan's article.
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England has the same problem.

(7/96) An outspoken ex-Judge, James Pickles, infuriated certain listeners on an English Radio talk-show, when he said what we all know - that Blacks in England commit more crimes than Whites. In reference to the high number of young Blacks in jail, he said "The fact is that young Blacks commit crime very often more than whites do and therefore you are going to get more of them in prison.... A high proportion of young Afro-Caribbeans don't know how to behave, are criminals and are not brought up properly." Predictably, the comments caused the switchboards at Greater London Radio to be jammed with callers, infuriated with Judge Pickles.

Presenter Sonita Alleyne asked whether the Judge was surprised by the attitude of Blacks to the justice system, and he replied "I was 40 years in the law and everything was done to be fair to everybody, including Blacks and Asians, but they can't win every case. It's all right crying racial prejudice when things go wrong but there's racism within the Black and Asian communities. How many of them hate Whites?" He added that it was wrong to suggest that everything is loaded against Blacks and Asians.

[Submitted by Darren Green]
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