Detailing Anti-Whiteism

By The Deacon


from "Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder":

2537) A street billboard for a large hospital shows minority races, male and female, and a white woman with her daughter, but no white man is represented;

a rotating display for organic chips in a supermarket shows various combinations of racially mixed groups, but no white man is represented;

a TV weatherman on a popular morning show announces the marriage of a black couple standing at the ropeline, but he had staged the announcement for shock-effect, as a white man suddenly pops up from behind the black woman, who then corrects the weatherman's "mistake" in thinking the black man was her new husband;

a sidewalk ad in front of an ice-cream chain store shows a blonde and blue-eyed woman with a black girl of 10 or 11 handing ice cream to her, suggesting a mother-daughter relationship;

a magazine ad for a new cologne shows two white women fawning over a black man while a leashed dog belonging to one of the women is attacking a cowering white man in the background;

a magazine ad shows a non-white doctor and a non-white nurse attending to a white female patient;

a popular TV crime show uses an actual criminal case about rape and murder, but switches the race of the perpetrators from black to white;

a racial-contents policy among major ad companies shifts from mono-racial to mongrel, where the minority male of any ethnicity is coupled with a white female;

a journalist uncovers a federal policy of altering whites' test scores downward and minorities' scores upward to increase the pool of minority applicants for federal jobs;

a diversity-movement policy at a major corporation admittedly discriminates against white-citizen applicants while targeting non-citizen minorities to fill job slots;

a major network has been caught applying an informal policy of discriminating against white men in its hiring practices, and in using consultants for various topical news stories;

a European nation is scolded by U.N. officials for stopping black North Africans from invading its borders, nearly all of them male, and lusting for a chance to seduce a white woman or teen-age girl;

a conservative writer is called "racist" for pointing out that "multiculturalism" is politically correct code for anit-white multiracialism;

a New York Times columnist decries minority students' poor academic performance, listing all possible explanations - including racism - but excluding heritable IQ differences between the races;

a Supreme Court rules that it is constitutionally lawful for colleges and universities to discriminate against white applicants in favor of minorities;

a lying Rush Limbaugh states that abort-black-babies William Bennett "doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, nor do I";

and mainstream conservative editors and columnists continue to cower in silence, in the face of whites' GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE, fearing to use those two save-the-white-West terms, afraid to rally whites to defend their own race and culture—to describe white Western civilization's steep moral, cultural, political and economic decline at the hands of Marxian and Zionist Jews.



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