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Is homosexuality a factor in the decline of civilisations?- a prominent homosexual replies.
From: Martin Webster
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Subject: Ramses II's massive display

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I will send my e-mails  to both of your addresses until you instruct me to the contrary.

You should go to Egypt. The only offensive people I encountered there were Americans - either pro-war in Iraq, pro-Israel triumphalists, or Christian Evangelical cults groups - who tried to hold exhibitionist religious services in the Inner Sanctums of temples while genuine tourists were trying to photograph on a tight schedule. At Abydos temple I manged to kicked up a sufficient stink to get these cranks the bum's rush.

Back to the topic of homos, you will know that homophobes (especially those on "the Right") contend that homosexuality is a sign of degeneracy and is one of the key factors which caused the collapse of great civilisations. In this context, you may be interested by the following incident during my tour of the interior of the temple at Abu Simbel:

In many temples about Egypt the faces of Ancient Egyptian gods and of Pharaohs were chipped away by early Coptic Christians. They also tried to obliterate Pharaohs' virility displays where these were made manifest. Often the only thing which protected these wonderful engravings were sandstorms which in the period between the fall of the ancient civilisation and the arrival of the Copts blew up mounds of sand to cover them.

There was much Christian defacement in evidence at Abu Simbel, which was built by Ramses II - acknowledged to be Ancient Egypt's greatest warrior emperor - as a memorial to mark his victory over the Syrians and as a demonstration of his fearsome prowess to the Nubians - the Nubian kingdom's border being near to the temple site.

As a part of advancing his second reason for building the temple, Ramses had himself engraved in profile on a wall inside the temple. In one hand he brandishes a three-stranded whip. Before him are sundry courtiers and captives genuflecting before his display of an absolutely enormous erection. Thanks to a sand mound, this tableau was untouched. I photographed it with my digital camera which, I hope, was capable to capture the image with low light sources, flash being forbidden inside the temple (except, of course, the Ramses' flash!).

Outside I mentioned that particular aspect of the engrving to our Egyptian Government licensed tour guide. He said: "A yes! Ramses was busy, busy busy! He had eight favourite wives and a harem of 140 - young men as well as young women!" I gather that this kind of harem was quite common among Pharaohs, indicating a degree of what one might call "institutionalised bi-sexuality". The priests, of course, had a reputation for rather more than bi-sexuality (much as today!) as some of their undoubtedly homoerotic rituals testify - details of which were buried away in the vaults of the British Museum by horrified Victorian archaeologists (often Reverend Gentlemen) and have only recently come to light.

I'm sure you see my point. The Egyptian civilisation lasted 4,000 years, longer than any other empire the world has ever seen. Even Hitler only promised to create a "Thousand Year Reich". The Egyptians actually managed to quadruple that time span. Though there were three "Kingdoms" and multiple dynasties, there was seamless cultural continuity. The Egyptians had the trick of being able to renew their civilisation. Their military, engineering and scientific achievements were breathtaking, even by today's standards. And Ramses was the greatest Pharaoh of them all.

Just where do the homophobic obsessives and cranks get their "history" from? Certainly not from study of ancient Egypt - nor yet from Classical Greece! They get their silly notions on that subject, and their willingness to falsify history from the Jews.

If my photo of Ramses and his raging boner comes out, then I will have it printed on a postcard.

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