Isn't it Ironic that this article is printed the day after a Hispanic man is arrested for forcefully performing oral sex on a child.  The only reason this article was printed is because attorneys like Saenz and other Hispanic activists realize there is a growing public awareness of the criminal element revolving around illegal aliens. 
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Monday, 05/23/05

Forum urges Hispanics to discuss child sexual abuse 

The fear of being deported prevent many Hispanic families from talking about child sexual abuse and/or other violent crimes.  (here goes another pity party)  

Aiming to remove child sexual abuse from the shroud of secrecy, a group of advocates, therapists and attorneys held a Spanish-language community forum in Clarksville yesterday to educate the Hispanic community and encourage people to talk about the issue.    

Many Hispanic immigrants are surprised to learn that sexual abuse of children is considered a serious crime in this country,  said Vanessa Saenz, a Nashville attorney. (does that mean its a way of life where they come from)

Martegani said she sees cases of child sexual abuse every day that are never prosecuted, usually because the child is unable to describe what happened and there are no witnesses or physical evidence.

An estimated one in four girls and one in six boys is sexually molested before the age of 18, she said. If this happens in their homes its no mistery as to why they take it to the streets.

As the abuse escalates, Martegani said it is usually accompanied by threats or blaming the victims. "Usually the abuser tells the child that they're responsible for the abuse," she said. "Or they say that if the child tells, something bad will happen to them or their mothers."

Because several Hispanic families often live in the same house, (isn't this a codes violation)(it's also against the law and DHS has legal grounds to prevent it) Why arn't citizens reporting these households where multiple families reside?  Probably because they are afraid of being called a rasist. 

Trevino said a family acquaintance tried to molest his son when he was only 2 years old, but Trevino discovered what was happening and prevented it.

"Now I'm trying to prevent this from happening to someone else," he said. "The Hispanic community needs education. (you mean tax dollars don't you?) especially if they come here illegally and don't know there's anything wrong with this."