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a.. In 1950, white people of European ancestry comprised approximately 89% of the population of the United States.
a.. In 1965, (now Sen.) Edward Kennedy and the other sponsors of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act repeatedly promised the American people that their proposal (1) would not increase annual levels of immigration, (2) would not lower standards for admission, (3) would not redirect immigration away from Europe, (4) would not alter the demographic make-up of the United States.
a.. Since passage of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, annual legal immigration has risen from 300,000 a year to just under 1,000,000 a year.
a.. Of the almost one million legal immigrants we now allow in each year, over 40% are high school drop-outs.
a.. Of those nearly one million legal immigrants per year, over 90% are non-white. (Illegal immigration is almost entirely non-white. For example, of the 2,684,892 illegal immigrants granted amnesty by the 1986 Immigration and Control Act, more than 98% came directly from the Third World- Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean.)
a.. Immigration and births to immigrants have accounted for 70% of the increase in the American population since 1970.
a.. Consequently, within the last 25 years, whites have been reduced to less than 74% of the U.S. population. Whites now account for less than 69% of births... and by 2030, less than 50% of the population under 18 years of age will be white.
a.. In less than 50 years therefore, we are cheerfully informed by the Census Bureau, whites will have been reduced to less than 50% of the population as a whole.
a.. This gift of "diversity" that Mr. Kennedy and company have given the American people has not come without costs.
a.. Since 1970, the number of elderly immigrants in the U.S. has more than tripled, and the number of elderly immigrants who receive Supplementary Security Income has grown by 580%. Estimates are that over the next decade the deficit to social security will total $30 billion.
a.. By 1993, the cost of bilingual education in America had already risen to $12 billion per year.
a.. 53% of all the "refugees" who have settled in California since 1973 are on public support of some kind.
a.. Now even illegal immigrants routinely receive a dizzying array of social services at taxpayer expense... for example, the average cost of an uncompensated admission of an illegal alien to a publicly supported hospital is $4,700.
a.. It now costs the taxpayers of California $2 billion a year to educate illegal alien school children, who are seven percent of the school population.
a.. And yet, each succeeding generation of Mexican-Americans is less likely to graduate from high school than its parents.
a.. In 1970 there were 2,369,000 Hispanics living in California. By 1994, that figure had risen to 8,939,000.
a.. It is estimated that the net national cost of immigration to U.S. taxpayers was $65 billion in 1996, or the equivalent of $981 for every American family of four.
a.. Within the decade, the cost of immigration is projected to rise to $108 billion per year.
a.. Besides the extra tax burden on white Americans, and soaring insurance rates of all kinds, etc., there is the far greater cost of ever expanding legal discrimination against whites in the form of "affirmative action."
a.. Affirmative action has now been expanded from its original clientele of American-born blacks to include virtually all non-whites... so that now non-whites fresh off the boat receive preferences over the children of whites who have been here for generations
a.. Nearly one million Arabs- nearly all of whom have arrived since 1965- now live in America, and are lobbying for racial preferences.
a.. More than half of all faculty in American universities under the age of 36 are foreign-born.
a.. More than one quarter of the inmates of federal prisons are aliens.
a.. Illegal immigrants, who cannot vote (yet), are counted for Congressional and other districting purposes, so non-whites can often be elected to office with a much smaller number of votes than whites need.
a.. And now immigration activists are demanding voting rights even for non-citizens???

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