If there is one observation that fits what is seen in the world regarding the brutal bestiality seen among men of lower class it is this:  these losers resent others better than they are and consequently seek to murder them..  This explains the animals called Muslims.  Through out the world the Muslims are derided, ignored and understood to be losers. And they are:  it is the natural consequence of their low intellect, their low IQ.  It is commonly known and seen that dummies are easily deceived and therefore easily brainwashed.  And the brutal criminal cult known as "Islam" preys upon these lower forms of life.  Into empty vessels it is easy to pour lies and dogma and criminal religions.  Such as Islam which is merely the result of a low lifer named Mohammed.  And once trapped by this cult it is easy to engender hate for the higher societies.  It is far easier for the stupid people to blame others for their low state in which they find themselves.  The Arabs are like that, being mainly ignorant low IQ people, who murder their betters such as the Jews.  This was seen in the French Revolution where the low lifers in French society murdered the nobles, blaming them for their low place in French society.  It is quite clear that the seven deadly sins does include that most destructive of vices, the vice of envy and jealousy.  And it will never change.  So, if you want to understand the present situation in the Middle East it is simple.  Arabs are basically ignorant stupid people who resent the success of their betters, the Jews.  And the cult that they follow foments violence against all others.  For the one truth that the fools will never realize is this:  The violent cult called Islam can only survive as long as the slaves under their control do not realize that the enemy is the leaders of this murderous cult.  If the brainwashed peoples under the control of the mullahs ever understand that the enemy is the leaders of this murderous cult then the mullahs will reap the violence that they directed against the innocent victims of this cult.
          And most of all Islam can only survive as long as it can convince it's followers that the enemy is everywhere but at the top of Islam.  Only the hate against others allows the scum that rules Islam to survive.  If ever the mob finds out the truth then the heads of these mullahs will roll.  As they should.