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87  The Further Decline Of The Military

86  Surveillance In Digital Times

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83  Martin Luther King

82  The Canoe As Camel

81  Terror On The Playground

80  Getting Rid Of McKinley

79  The Man Beneath The Bed

78  Dodgeball And Violence

77  How Star Trek Turns Your Brains To Grits

76  Slavery, And Why It's My Fault

75  The Few, The Proud, The Slightly Loony

74  Pondering The National Farce

73  Rats, Dumps, And America

72  The Academic Encouragement Of Squalor For Other People

71  Mowgli And The Digital World Economy

70  Bossy And Aerodynamics

69  Sour Reflections On The New America

68  War, Reality, And Ditz-Bunnies

67  Pottifying The Navy

66  Movies For Giraffes

65  Why You Should Stay Out Of The Military

64  Keeping Sanchez In His Place

63  Why Jonny Cant Rede

62  The Decline Of Manners, And A Cure

61  Interracial Dating

60  Vaporizing Nearly Everywhere

59  The Schools Vs. Boys

58  The Brave New Web

57  Too Many Therapists

56  The Road To Racial Catastrophe

55  A President Crafted by Microsoft

54  Ruining Kids Downtown

53  Divorce: A Lawyer's View

52  Beer And Possums In The Autumn

51  The Barbarians Within The Gates

50   Darwin Elucidated

49  Letter From A Dead Racist

48  Gelded Men And Sexless Women

47  Miracles, If Any

46  The Press, Lemmings, And White Wine

45  David Duke As Black Leader

44  Harassing General Claudia

43  Blacks And The Confederate Flag

42  Multiculturalism: The Continuing Tantrum

41  In Search Of The Wino Vote

40  Lying About Women In The Military

39  Reparations For Blacks: Why?

38  The Loss Of Freedom In An Age Of Comfort

37  Divorce: A Male Perspective

36  Feminists As Mutant Frumps

35  The Universities As Sandbox

34  Blacks And  Opportunity

33  Godzilla, Mothra, And Other American Art

32  Men, Women, and Mathematics

31  The Time I Wasn't In Playboy

30  Gun Control: Gimme A Break

29  Marry Virtually Anything

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27  Illegitimacy As An Urban Hobby

26  Americana: On The Road In 1969

25  The Gummint's Watching, Sort Of

24  Geeks, Dweebs, and Grief Therapy

23  The World Wide Web As Journalistic Apocalypse

22  Pistons, Teen-agers, and Ultimate Meaning

21  Swedenborg Comes To Matamoscas

20  Are White Males Gods?

19  The Hispanification of America

18  Bat Cagle Comes To Washington

17  The Virtues of Bars

16  Women In The Military II: Letters

15  Racial Profiling, If Any, And The Cops

14  The Marine Corps As Psychotherapy

13  Journalism As A Character Defect

12  Against Marriage (Think About A Collie)

11  Americana: Elvis Seen In UFO

10  Let's Fondle Boy Scouts!

9  Women In the Infantry

8  Why Is John Kennedy Special?

7  The Black Underclass: What now?

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1  Feminist Tarantulas