Chinese Swaztika Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 19

Not White Enough

by William Forrest

The Chinese were primitive, stone age people when the white, Nordic settlers from the Tarim Basin (known today as Chinese Turkestan) first moved into Northern China around 2,000 BC. These white people brought with them chariots, bronze tools, plaid woolens of the same design as Scottish tartans. And they passed along to the Shan tribes of China a sizeable chunk of Indo-European language from which the Chinese derived their words for chariotry, architecture, divination, healing and other matters. It took the primitive Chinese another 500 years before their own Bronze Age began to flower. The earliest mummies of these white people are dated at 2,000 BC and -- preserved by the dry climate and salty earth -- they clearly show their white skin and reddish hair even after all of this time. And as the white settlers began to intermarry with the Chinese, the taller, more intelligent and lighter skinned types of Northern Chinese began to emerge.

When the primitive Japanese, known as Yayoi, first sailed their ships from the betel-nut-growing regions of South Asia to what is today called Japan, they were able to defeat the native population of Ainu only through deceit and trickery. These hairy Ainu are a Siberian variety of white man who had colonized the Japanese islands during the Ice Age by walking across what was then dry land. Thus, the first settlers of Japan were white people. And like most white people, the Ainu were fierce fighters and adept at combat. So, when their leaders and best warriors were tricked and poisoned by the invading Yayoi, the remaining Ainu warriors joined the Yayoi army and became the first samurai.

Archeological analysis by American anthropologist C. Loring Brace (University of Michigan) of primitive Japanese skeletons proves that the first samurai were actually the white-skinned Ainu. And as top warriors, these Ainu with their light skin, body hair and high-bridged noses, intermarried with the ruling class of Yayoi to produce what has become the ruling elite of Japan today, known as Jomon. It is often remarked how different in appearance are the Jomon-ruling-elite of Japan from the average working-class Yayoi Japanese. With their lighter skins, high-bridged noses and higher intelligence, the Jomon were the nobility of Japan up to the present day.

The whiter their skin, the higher their social status since the nobility married the best warriors. So, to give the appearance of noble ranking, the Japanese women began to whiten their faces with rice flour to make themselves look whiter and more noble -- as white and noble as the samurai women and as white and noble as the rulers.

When the Yayoi first invaded Japan, they brought with them their addictive betel nuts. During these early times, the richer the nobility, the more able to afford the costly import of narcotic betel nuts that the women were so addicted to chewing in their southern origins of Southeast Asia. The red juices stained the teeth reddish-black so you could tell who were the wealthy ladies by the color of their teeth. Betel nut does not grow in Japan so it had to be brought in by boat. And even when trade with South Asia was discontinued during medieval times, the women still demanded to be recognized as being of both a noble and a rich family. So, they increased their fashionable look and became even more beautiful in their own eyes by powdering their faces white and then staining their teeth black with iron oxide so that they would look as noble and white as the rulers and have stained teeth like those who could afford to chew betel nut. Such was the fashion statement of feudal Japan -- women with faces white as snow, teeth black as tar while walking about with a superior attitude.

Chinese women also admired white faces. After all, it was the peasant women who had faces tanned like leather from working in the fields while the women of rich men and scholars had faces that were pale from staying indoors. And this attitude and this preference for white faces is found in the Chinese women of today here in Cupertino, California.

Here in Silicon Valley, California, the Chinese women try to be as white as possible. Like women everywhere, they are concerned about their faces since their faces are often the key to their fortunes. Pretty girls are always admired quite simply because men like to look at pretty women. Ah, how delightful! And among Chinese women, one of the sure signs of beauty is a white face. In this part of California where the sun shines so brightly and the sky is so blue, even the rather ugly Chinese women all use various methods of keeping their faces shaded and pale.

For the past few years, the Chinese women here have been wearing giant, billed caps to protect them from the sun. Picture a baseball cap with the top cut off so as to expose the hair which flows about freely protecting the neck. Now imagine that the bill or sunshade is five times bigger than normal and colored yellow or white and covered with green flower designs. This giant sunshade is often worn low on the face. And when driving their cars, they have special long gloves that cover their arms up to their shoulders so that they can be as white and as beautiful as possible. So, I have to give them credit for their choice of colors.

But the giant baseball caps did not produce a white enough appearance. There were too many California sunrays touching their naturally golden faces and turning them brown as Mexicans. And so, just this year, some enterprising Chinese invented the welder's face shield for fashion-conscious Chinese women. And it looks just like a welder's shield, too, or the plastic safety shield used in a machine shop. It is a wrap-around piece of nearly opaque plastic that covers the entire face from ear to ear like a space man's helmet. This sun shield also can be rotated upward to form a plastic baseball cap bill for Chinese women who want to take a breath of fresh air. But usually you can see them walking or driving around town with their faces completely covered like female welders who take their jobs home with them.

During an idle time at my store while looking out the window at a parked car, I didn't understand why the little Chinese girl was holding the paper in front of her face. Perhaps she was six or seven years old, wearing sunglasses as she sat in the car waiting for her mother. She was holding the side of a brown paper bag in front of her face to hold back the sunlight. But when her mother came out of the store next door, it made more sense. Here was a fashion-conscious Chinese woman whose face was completely hidden from view by her wrap-around face shield. Not even the tip of her chin was showing. Her arms were covered with long, white gloves that reached from finger-tips to shoulders. And she was holding a pink umbrella in one hand to protect her from the glorious California sunshine while holding a sack of groceries in the other arm. She pressed the button on her car keys and the doors of the Mercedes dutifully unlocked. She stuffed the groceries inside, lowered the sun visor of the car to protect her even more and then drove away. Her little girl shrank down behind the paper bag and pulled it tightly against her face as they left the parking lot -- a brown-skinned little doll trying to be as beautifully pale as her mommy hiding from the sun.

I thank God that the women of America are not as fashion conscious as those stupid and ridiculous Chinese women. In this country of free will and freedom of expression, our women don't invent even a single one of their own fashions like the Chinese women do. In America, the women have no need of thinking about what to wear or how to look because the Jews do all of their thinking for them. Here, the women follow like trained monkeys all of the Jewish fashions created by the most artistic of hired faggots - queers and perverts who hate and despise women are hired by the Jews to design the fashions for women. So, our women let the sun brown and blacken their skins naturally as their hair blows in the wind while they smear expensive and fragrant varieties of colored dirt on their faces and lips, rouging their cheeks and painting their eyebrows. And they stick golden rings through their nostrils, chrome pins in their cheeks and eyebrows, pierce their tongues with silver screws and tattoo their bodies with floral designs and nasty words. This is certainly much, much better because here in American, we are more enlightened than the Chinese. But not enlightened enough.