Christian Porn

By John "Birdman" Bryant


You say Christians don't tolerate pornography? You're wrong, Jack. I know, because a Christian sent me these pix (Thanks Michael K). And these pix are porn, because they are just like all porn -- beautiful women in provocative poses and a state of deshabille. I mean, let's face it, Jack -- if the Christians didn't have porn at least in their minds (on their brains?), then there wouldn't be any little Christians. 'Cause unless you are a homo, you aren't going to think about Jeezez when you are plugging yr wife. Yes, it's true that Christian porn only allows the display of one female sexual hole, as opposed to reg'lar porn, that allows all three, but hey, that's better than them Towelheads, who are so deprived they end up butt-fucking each other. So let's hear it, guys -- one cheer for Christian porn!


Our first lovely shows us quite a bit of cleavage and a subtle but very nice nipple -- two, actually, if you look carefully.

Our second porn pic not only gives the Christian a double dose of cleavage, but -- what with all the holding (can you guess the location of the left-hand girl's right hand?) and leaning into and poking-out of titties -- implies some hot lezzie action.

And here, as our ending portrait, we have substantial if understated bazooms along with an extremely fine juttingly curvaceous ass. Praise the Lord -- and pass me the Viagra!



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