3-Billion Year Old Manufactured Spheroids?

At least 200 have been found, and extracted out of deep rock at the Wonderstone Silver Mine in South Africa, averaging 1-4 inches in dia. and composed of a nickel-steel alloy that doesn't occur naturally.

Some have a thin shell about a quarter inch thick, when broken open are filled with a strange spongy material that disintegrates into dust upon contact with air.

A complete mystery according to Roelf Marx curator of the South African Klerksdorp Museum, as the one he has on exibit rotates on its own, ,locked in a display case, free of outside vibrations.

The manufactured metallic spheroids have been
mined out of a layer of pyrophyllite rock and
geologically and by the various radio-isotope
dating techniques are shown as being 2.8 - 3 billion years old, long before man, as shown at the bottom of the graph.

Somebody or Something obviously has been around for a long time, before primivive humans.

They also baffled NASA, according to info from the Museum.



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