The Voynich MS Mystery -- Possible Partial Solution

By John "Birdman" Bryant


The so-called Voynich manuscript is said to be the most mysterious in the world. (You can read about it and see sample pages at The salient facts are

* It is very old

* It is handwritten and the illustrations are hand-drawn

* It is not written in any known language, and experts declare that it is in code

* It appears to be written in the Roman alphabet (the one English uses)

* It has pictures of many plants, none of which are real

From looking at the MS for a few minutes, I have come up with a posible solution. The solution may not provide the whole answer, but I think it provides part of it. After you have taken a look at the MS, you can read my solution here.

My solution to the Voynich MS:

One of the most salient facts about the writing is that words are constantly repeated, either exactly or with minor variations. This suggests that the MS is a sort of copybook, in which the 'author' was really just trying out words or phrases rather than actually writing a message. This is reinforced by the drawings, which -- by not being OF anything -- suggest that they are simple fantasies -- doodles, as it were, of an artistically inclined individual.

The only objection I can think of to this theory -- and it is an important one -- is that the language is unknown. This is not a FATAL objection -- it could simply be a fantasy, like the drawings -- perhaps on the order of playing around, as a precocious child using his copybook might do.

I presented a variation of this theory to the author of the webpage, but he did not respond. Maybe you should ask him why.



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