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                        Friday May 12, 2006
"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when
everything the American public believes is false."
-- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

                       ~~   Living in the World of Cover-Up  ~~

The 1987 Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone Layer by eliminating CFC's was based on a highly profitable CFC industry fraud. In 1987 I discovered the following:

 (1) The annual thinning of the polar ozone was known and reported in science journals as early as 1920, twenty years before CFC's were made and used. Proving CFC's were not the cause of the ozone thinning.
 (2) CFC's are almost 4 times heavier than air, so they cannot rise up to the ozone layer.
 (3) The annual spring thinning of the ozone layer (The Ozone Hole) was shown in a chart in the 1960 USAF atmospheric reference book.  That was before the space age and before the widespread use of CFC's.
 (4) the 1974 Nobel Prize winning paper showing an Ozone-CFC connection was based on "fraudulent" CFC data supplied by Dupont Chemical, as stated in the footnotes.

The reason for the fraud was that in the 1970's, Dupont's patent for CFC was running out and not renewable. To prevent anyone else from producing the highly profitable CFC's, Dupont created the Montreal Protocol myth, which banned all CFC manufacture and use, and only allowed the future use of Dupont's newly patented HCFC replacement.  This would again leave Dupont with a monopolistic control of the world supply of freon refrigerants.

As a long-time NASA physicist-engineer, in April 1989, I reported the above facts to NASA's top management by direct phone calls to the managers. NASA's response: I never again worked as a senior scientist or engineer for NASA or anybody else ever since then.
We now live in a highly technological globalist world, where large international corporations control science to the point that most of what people believe is true is controlled by the profit-making corporations, and not by scientists.  I have first-hand experience and knowledge proving that most of what you read and hear in the news is false...

Marshall Smith
    Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette

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 You state,"large quakes occur on high and low moons and not new and full moon" please explain how you came up with this theory. -- Chero
Chero -- This is NOT a "theory" -- it is a scientific observation. In 1990 I used a USGS dataset of all 4,000 major earthquakes during the 20th century. I did a computer analysis comparing each quake to the motions of the moon -- right/left, in/out, and up/down. These are called syzygy, perigee, and latitude. I found no correlation with the tidal forces from syzygy or perigee. The moon moves up and down 28 degrees or a total of 56 degrees, which is not correlated to the phases of the moon.
    I found a strong daily correlation with the up/down motions. This large off-equator angled force should cause the earth to wobble. But instead, only the thin freely moving continents floating on the liquid mantle actually wobble. We call those wobble motions earthquakes.

    In 1994, a copy of this data was mailed to each of the scientists at the USGS in Menlo Park. The "geoscience priesthood" seems to have ignored the evidence. They only "believe" that earthquakes are caused by forces internal to the earth. But who does a better job of predicting earthquakes, the USGS or the BroJon Gazette?
     -- BroJon 
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