Asteroid threat is real

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Subject: Asteroid 1999 AN10 - The Real Impact Threat (?) Date: Sunday, August 26, 2001 7:25 PM

Asteroid 1999 AN10 - The Real Impact Threat (?) from - Anonymity Requested 8-24-1 The truth of the matter is that, yes, Asteroid 2001 PM9 does get pretty close to the Earth as do several other asteroids in the near future. The one, however, that scares every space agency in the world is 1999 AN10. You may recall a couple of years ago when the news broke concerning it's highly probable collision course with the Earth in 2027. Soon after the initial announcement the scientist that made the announcement retracted the story and said that he had "made a mistake." At the same time, just about everything you could find on 1999 AN10 disappeared--even for a time in NASA data bases.

1999 AN10 is the reason why just about every major world government is building deep underground bases. It is, also, the number one reason that the primary goal of these same agencies, is to land on an asteroid (which we have done--Eros), and to also "nuke" an asteroid (which I think is planned in the next year or so on July 4th).

My personal view is that our government has known about such an impact possibility for quite some time--before 1999. I, also, think that this information initially came from ET sources via individuals trained as ICs, or "intuitive communicators." This, however, is purely conjecture on my part. What is not conjecture, are the sources of my original information concerning all this including a very highly-placed NASA official.

To get a diagrammatic representation of 1999 AN10's and Earth's orbit click here:

Put in the date August 8, 2027 and see what you get. I don't think you can get much closer.

Another source of information is:

This list starts with the closest PHAs first. 2001 PM9 is on the list but from what I see it looks like 1999 AN10 still has the upper hand on close calls.



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