Cesium Clocks & Time Jumps


One of the most amazing and secret products of American technology is the cesium clock. Also known as the nuclear-decay system, it is the most accurate timekeeping and measuring system in existence: to one-tenth of one-millionth of a second each year. Through the cesium clock man has harnessed time, something never thought possible. Who uses cesium clocks? No less than the major paragons of the Establishment, namely the National Bureau of Standards, the United States Observatory, the Strategic Air Command, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The equipment used in the cesium clocks is the Hewlett-Packard 5061-A.

There is a cesium clock stored underground on Kwajalein Island in the Pacific Ocean. It was used for measuring the passage of satellite time and incoming ICBM warheads during tests held from 1973 to 1975. The cesium clock is the most efficient method for recording the radioactive decay of material, measurable down to atomic disintegration levels. In addition to the cesium clock in the Pacific, there is one stored underground in Maryland. Every cesium clock, no matter where it is located in the world, must have identical measurements. What is called a time jump is the difference in cesium-time standards between one set of equipment and the readings made from an identical piece of equipment in another part of the world. When the cesium clock was invented, it was considered far beyond the realm of probability that there could be any difference in the readings. But the impossible happened: the cesium equipment on Kwajalein Island was found to be lagging behind the Naval Observatory cesium by three tenths of a microsecond. This lag lasted from November 23, 1973, until December 21, 1973, when suddenly the readout of the cesium clock in Kwajalein and the one in Maryland matched again. Scientists breathed a sigh of relief, but were still concerned enough to keep a round-the-clock vigil, constantly comparing notes. The cesium clocks are buried deep beneath the earth's surface, and it had suddenly become apparent that time on the earth's surface was different from time deep beneath its surface. In effect, the world was experiencing two different times. For three days, time was synchronized; then, on December 24, 1973, the time lag jumped to 1.1 microseconds. This increased on December 26 to 1.2, which was sustained until January 4, 1974, when the time lag went back to 1.1. Six days later the lag decreased again to 0.4; no further lag was recorded.

In the critical period between December 24 and January 4, a Minuteman ICBM launch took place from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. All three stages burned out satisfactorily; the warhead separated and then disappeared, vanishing on the downslide from all tracking stations. Three days later it reappeared at the exact same point from which it had disappeared! There is no doubt that it was the same warhead: on recovery the correct serial numbers were on the equipment. Research shows that the warhead disappeared at the exact second of the time jump as recorded on the cesium-decay system. What this indicates is that when a time jump takes place, whatever is caught in its wake vanishes-usually forever. Something unique and curious happens in space time: there is a shift to a different dimension. This is now accepted as fact by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), although at the time of this writing, they have suddenly clamped down on further information.

When Shakespeare said time was "out of joint," he was more prophetic than he knew. In the past ten years, every concept of astronomy may have been destroyed by what we now know about cesium-decay systems and time jumps.

Let us try to understand a neutron star; think of it as an atom. Only one part in a hundred thousand is matter; the rest is void. A collapsing star squeezes together the electrons orbiting around the atomic nucleus. Matter becomes impossibly compressed. A neutron star has the same mass as our sun, but it is only six miles in diameter! A sugar cube on a neutron star would weight over one trillion tons! The gravity pressures on a neutron star are so fantastic that the electrons are squeezed down from their orbits and rammed into the protons of the atomic nucleus. In this way, protons are changed into neutrons. The whole star is made up of such neutrons packed together in the six miles of diameter.

When gravitational stresses such as this occur, time and space become twisted as easily as one can crumple a piece of paper. The surface gravity of a neutron star is about one hundred thousand million times greater than on earth! The escape velocity of the earth--that is, the speed needed to reach another world--is twenty-five thousand miles per hour. To'get off a neutron star, a speed of two hundred million miles per hour is neededl On that type of world, the mass is so incredible that time dilation becomes a function of life. Clocks would run 10 percent slower than they do here, and so a time blend, a curvature in time-in fact, a time warp-is the result.

This is no longer just a theory, but a scientific fact. When there is infinite acceleration, time is destroyed, because infinite acceleration means that the velocity of light is exceeded. In that situation, mass is infinite; this goes well beyond the Einsteinian theory of the universe. Infinite acceleration equals infinite mass. Space and time share the same fabric of weaving, but the fabric becomes destroyed and there is a time warp. When time is twisted so violently out of its own being, it ceases to esist.

Now that this fact has been confirmed through the time lag of the cesium-clock system in the enormously vast scale of deep space, this same twisting of time and space can be shown to exist, to a much lesser degree, right here on planet Earth. Our world is actually one of the densest in the entire solar system. The sun is radioactive; so, to a lesser degree, is this planet and, to an even lesser degree, the people who inhabit it.

At least seven different orbiting statellites have reported unexplainable (that is, unexplainable by anything we have been taught to consider normal) variations in their measurements of the magnetic and gravitational fields of the earth. The robot sites on the moon, which are very accurate, have also sent back information of sudden surges in the gravitational content of the moon. And all the times of such surges correspond with the discovery of the time lags in the cesium clock system.

This warp in time may account for the disappearances of planes, ships, and people in mysterious areas like the Devil's Triangle, but there are still questions to be asked and answers to be found. Why did the missing warhead reappear when other things, like planes vanishing in the Devil's Triangle, did not?

The explanation may lie in something discussed in secret during the Battle of Britain days of World War Il. British pilots spoke of seeing ghost planes, which appeared and joined their flight formations. They identified planes of the SE-5 type, a fighter plane used during World War 1. The SE-5 was a fabric-covered plane; logically it could not keep up with the more robust Hurricanes. But dozens of British pilots spoke of seeing the SE-5 flying with them and keeping up with the Hurricanes as they climbed to meet German Heinkels. Fighter pilots all over the world are not given to romantic imagination; their constant involvement with the possibility of death makes them stoically realistic, and British fighter pilots are probably the most phlegmatic of all.

The SE-5 planes they saw could have been caught in a time jump in their own day and age, but until the invention of the cesium clock, men were inclined to think that appearances of ghost squadrons were psychic and mystical phenomena.

The legend of the Flying Dutchman, disappearances in such places as the Devil's Triangle and the Japanese Devil's Sea, and the SE-5 planes may all be explained by a time jump, about which only the keepers of the cesium clock know the full answer.

For a long time it has been my personal contention that everything we regard as psychic and mystical phenomena will ultimately be accounted for by science, and that there is no such thing as the supernatural-merely a sequence of natural events that we are just beginning to understand. Even when the veil of mysticism is stripped away, we are still left with a marvel of all times, the cesium-clock system and the nuclear-decay system, which are proving to be the greatest advances ever made by technology.

A miracle is still a miracle, whether it is achieved by faith, belief, or science.



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