Full Moon Increases Auto Accidents

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Auto Accidents Rise 14% During Full Moon, U.K. Insurer Says Aug. 11 2003 (Bloomberg.com) -- Car accidents occur 14 percent more often on average during a full moon than a new moon, according to a study of 3 million car policies by the U.K.'s Churchill Insurance Group Plc.

The data show a rise in all types of accidents, involving single vehicles or multiple cars, the company said in an e-mailed press release. The next full moon will be tomorrow night.

``We know that the moon is a strong source of energy, as it affects the tides and weather patterns, but were surprised by this bizarre trend,'' Craig Staniland, head of car insurance at Churchill, said in the release.

The company, which Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc agreed to buy from Credit Suisse Group in June, speculated that eastern philosophy's concepts of yin and yang may explain the accident rate. It cited a feng shui expert, Simon Brown, saying that the full moon radiates more of the sun's yang energy onto earth, making people more aggressive and impatient.

The insurer said it won't change its underwriting criteria to take the full moon into account, the company said.



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