Is Mankind a Genetically Engineered Hybrid??? No Bone in Penis?!!!

The problem with mixing deduction (where the investigator takes one
single discovery and builds from it an entire theory) with induction
(where many facts are painstakingly logically arranged to reveal a theory)
is that one can arrive at exotic results all unaware that they may be
completely imaginary! So, are these?

by  L. K. Waddill.
For many years I have been interested in the conflict between scientific and
religious beliefs. I have always felt that human religion had a deeper,
perhaps less-spiritual origin than the interpretations projected by the
Church. With the information exchange available to us today it is becoming
easier to correlate these ideas into a more complete picture of how mankind
may have originated.

When I was discharged from the Navy in 1966 I was living in Glendale,
California, and had made friends with a young man who was very interested in
the occult, UFO's, and anything to do with a greater understanding of
religious beliefs. He introduced me to an underground manuscript of
approximately 121 pages supposedly written by a Cal-Tech Professor entitled,
"On Tiptoe before Darwin". Unfortunately, I do not remember the Professor's
name and have long since lost touch with the young man. I do remember that
the manuscript was written in a nom-de-plume and circulated in a rather
clandestine manner because the material was considered to be outrageous for
the sixties.

The main lesson to be learned from the manuscript was the idea that man is a
genetic hybrid. The author maintained that a simple biological fact had long
been overlooked: that man is the only mammal on this planet that does not
have a bone in the penis and the female of our species is the only mammal to
have the lining of the uterus attached to the wall of the internal body. The
attached sack within the female of our species would make it ideal for space
travel even if she were pregnant as the foetus would not be banging around
during weightlessness.

The female of all other mammals has a free-floating sack! All other mammals
from the apes to the great whales have bones in the penis. It is thought
that this was evolution's way of ensuring copulation quickly lest they be
preyed upon by larger animals while in such a vulnerable position.

The author of this manuscript asked the logical question: "Why would this be
and why would our species be the only one to develop in that direction?"

His conclusions were remarkable. He maintained that man, originally, was
neither designed nor engineered to procreate, but to be servants, slaves, or
hunter gatherers for a more advanced race.

The author went further to speculate that at one time there may have been a
great war between worlds and our planet was a stop over to and from that
galactic battle. Earth was a beautiful world where visitors could not only R
& R, but also replenish supplies. This world had an indigenous species of
evolving primates that with a small amount of genetic manipulation could be
turned into food gatherers for them. Thus began religion and sacrifice to
the gods.

This race of beings found their creations fair and looked upon them as pets
placing several in an exclusive garden. Of course they were forbidden to eat
the fruit of a particular tree whose enzymes or proteins might trigger
certain biological/genetic information.

In his wonderful book "Nothing In This Book Is True, But it's Exactly The
Way Things Are", Frog Press, Berkley, Calif., Bob Frissell describes a
similar recounting of our beginnings. He states that through the research of
the famous Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin the Nefilim (SiC) created us to
work in the gold mines of Africa. These "Gods" loved us as we were created
in their image and brought some of us to Mesopotamia to help in the gardens
of E.DIN. Frissell writes, "But in the garden in E.DIN where the Nefilim had
their orchards we were told not to eat the fruit of a certain tree - called
the tree of knowledge. We disobeyed. Eating this fruit and gaining its
"knowledge" was significant because it gave us the ability to reproduce
sexually. Up to this point we were hybrids, a cross between two different
species, and like all hybrids we were incapable of reproduction." Sitchen
interprets the Sumerian texts as saying we are a cross between the Nefilim
and Homo erectus.

The Nefilim were not pleased when we gained the knowledge of reproduction
and made us leave the garden. But they allowed us to grow food on our own
and to settle in the mountains east of the gardens of E.DIN.

The Bible states that because of the indiscretion of eating the forbidden
fruit, women would have to bring forth children in pain. This would seem to
indicate that prior to that time women did not bear children. Were ALL
people before Adam and Eve genetically cloned?

Were women originally not designed to have children? And what does modern
science tell us about the puzzle?

A BBC Horizon TV documentary that was aired a couple of years ago was
astounding. It concerned the course of human foetal development within the
female womb from conception to birth. Horizon documentaries are highly
researched and use scientists as their main source of information. Those
scientists usually participate in the documentaries.

Their description of the way the foetus gets attached to the lining of the
womb during gestation was nothing short of invasive and seemed downright
dangerous to the female. The embryo takes over the entire female body in an
almost parasitic effort towards its own needs. It releases an enzyme into
the mother's body to suppress the immune system to prevent rejection. The
immune system is immediately compromised!

There are many other induced changes that are equally as dangerous, if not
toxic, which place a huge demand on the liver. This is not science fiction!
Serious scientists discovered this and their description of the whole
process of embryonic development seems as if it were contrived, artificial
and somehow "not natural". It certainly was 180 degrees from what they had
expected to find!

It would appear from their investigations that other female mammals do not
suffer as debilitating effects from the result of pregnancy. Is this

In 1909 a noted palaeontologist, Charles Walcott, made a discovery that
shook the Darwinian evolution theory to its roots. High in the Canadian
Rockies he discovered fossil evidence of a sudden explosion in the evolution
of new life forms called the Cambrian Period. The Cambrian Explosion
occurred 500 million years ago and was an extraordinary world inhabited by
the prototypes of almost everything alive today.

If the basic idea of Darwin's theory is evolution through slow, gradual,
natural selection, survival of the fittest, how could these massive changes
have happened so suddenly? The creatures from the Cambrian period had not
only appeared quickly but were more advanced and more complex. Where had
this complexity come from in such a short time?

It was a conundrum evolutionists could not answer and anti-evolutionists
exploited. This vast number of new life forms could not be accounted for by
chance mutations.

In 1981 two post-doctorate researchers in molecular biology, Mike Levene and
Bill McGinnis, working in Basle, Switzerland discovered a five-page document
detailing 30 years of work by another molecular biologist named Ed Lewis.
Lewis had specialised in the physical anomalies of the fruit fly,
Drosophila. Lewis suggested something radical!

From his work he theorised that a small number of eight master genes
controlled the overall development of eight body sections of the fruit fly.
Look for the most powerful ones, which he labelled Hox or homeotic genes and
one might discover the mystery of what shapes an organism. He was proposing
a hierarchy.

Levene and McGinnis did discover these eight homeotic genes (4 clusters of
Hox genes) and published their findings in August 1984 in Nature. Imagine
their surprise when they discovered that eight genes controlled everything
from maggots, fruit flies to human development from the foetal stage. We are
all basically running on the same genetic software!

They discovered that these master control genes produce proteins that in
turn switch on and off many other genes by directly binding to DNA. These
homeotic proteins are the commands to the other genes they regulate. They
travel through the cell until they home in on their target. Once docked,
they trigger the target gene to produce protein of its own. This begins a
domino effect. It is a cascade, with each gene triggering others until there
are thousands responding to the commands of a single Hox control gene.

The process is a specific but fragile and flexible interaction. Small
changes in the structure of the protein, or in the target DNA can either
enhance or disrupt the reaction. All it takes is a change in two molecules;
one tiny mutation in the control gene, and it will fail to dock. Or it will
dock in a different place. Either way a tiny change gets amplified through
the cascade and could produce a major change to the organism.

If a new docking site is created along the DNA strand then this allows
homeotic regulatory protein to control a new gene. This would create a new
network, possibly a new structure or an entirely new organism.

The Hox cascade allows for a much more opportunistic vision of evolution, of
numbers of new species fighting for a place in nature.

With all this in mind, Darwin's natural selection, gradual evolution theory
appears difficult to sustain. Such processes and scientific facts seem like
a terminal threat to the whole natural selection/survival ethos.

Further genetic studies have been narrowed to a single gene that creates the
structure in fruit flies. Whimsically named "Hedgehog" this is one of the
most powerful genes discovered. When transferred to higher vertebrate forms
it regulated the development of that structure but did not produce any weird
new hybrid creature. (I.e. half fruit fly, half chicken) The Hedgehog gene
has been patented and has already been used in medicine to force human bone
to re-grow. The ramifications of this new gene are staggering! Scientists
are actively perfecting new techniques for the regeneration of skin, new
limbs, and organs.

And  if scientists of today are as close to discovering how to genetically
alter and control the development of organisms through only eight control
genes, then how simple would it have been for a more advanced society to
create us?

A UFO investigator may unwittingly have found corroborative evidence for the
Tip Toe Before Darwin theory.

Linda Moulton Howe won an Emmy Award for her 1980 documentary "A Strange
Harvest", which linked cattle mutilations to UFOs. However, one of her most
interesting statements had to do with the government's knowledge of the
reality of UFOs.

"On April 9, 1983, I was taken onto Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque,
into an office where an Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent
pulled out an envelope and said his superiors had asked him to show these
pages to me. They contained a summary of this government's retrieval of
several crashed disks and alien bodies, including a live alien from a second
crash near Roswell in 1949. The paper said this extraterrestrial had been
taken to Los Alamos National Laboratory, where it had been kept until it
died of unknown causes on June 18, 1952. Then the paper summarised some of
the information that had been learned from this distinctly alien life form
about our planet and its civilisation's involvement with our world. One of
the paragraphs said, "All questions and mysteries about the evolution of
Homo sapiens on this planet have been answered and this project is closed.

"I remember reading those words, reading them a second time, and reading
them a third time as the implications of such a startling sentence washed
over me. Because the paper was implying that this gray, alien life-form had
been able to answer all of the government's questions about the evolution of
Homo sapiens. Further, it stated that these gray extraterrestrials had been
personally involved in the genetic manipulations of already evolving
primates on this planet, suggesting that Cro-Magnon was the result of
genetic manipulation. Well, if any or all of that is true, then what are we
coming up to, after decades of animal mutilations, human abductions, UFO
flaps, and all of the drama associated with the phenomenon. Might this be
some kind of an introduction between them and us?"

The biblical record states that Able's gift to the Gods was of meat and that
of Cain the fruits of the land. The Bible further states that the "burnt"
offerings of Able were preferable to those of Cain. The Bible alludes to the
fact that these offerings were actually consumed by someone or something!

The answer is simple. The Gods were carnivores, not vegetarians! It would
appear that the need for meat by the "Gods" is still as great as ever by the
number of cattle mutilations that occur all over the world.

In February 1984 United Press International reported that an animal
geneticist, James Womack, at Texas A&M University unexpectedly discovered
that humans share many of their genetic traits with cows! Dr. Womack
explained, "What we are finding are big chunks of cattle chromosomes
identical to large regions of human chromosomes. These are big blocks of
homologous material, which are perfect matches. The genes fall in the same
sequence. We must have more in common with other mammals than previously
believed." In the same article it described how the blood from cattle might
possibly be used in humans in the near future.

It has been suggested that perhaps the great collective consciousness of
mankind might be in the religious writings of the world. There is so much
material that it is difficult for our conscious minds to absorb it all and
much of it seems hopelessly vague, contradictory, and prone to double
standards. Yet it seems to haunt our subconscious with a purpose we can not
fully grasp. And sometimes it manifests itself with an incredible element of
"high strangeness."

This same degree of "high strangeness" seems to run throughout the history
of reported UFO abductions as well. In his book "Abduction: Human Encounters
with Aliens in 1994 Dr. John Mack wrote, "These entities seem to belong in
the parallel universe, but they cross over and manifest in the physical
world. They are not of one or the other. The Western Newtonian-Cartesian
paradigm has no way to deal with that."

Is it possible that religion or spiritualism has and is being manipulated by
Aliens? Religions of today may be compared to the story of the blind men and
the elephant. They each may have a portion of the truth but their overall
picture is incomplete. Modern religions are not so much about the betterment
of mankind as they are about the control of understanding. (An assertion
with which Power of the Mind wholeheartedly agrees - Ed.)

For centuries wars, crusades, purges, witch hunts, inquisitions, and even
self-destruction have had their roots soaked in the blood of religious
fervour. It is a sad truth that there have been more people slaughtered
throughout history in the name of religion than any other reason. What
better way to keep a species from developing than to keep it in constant
turmoil through differing belief systems and war?

Researcher and author William Bramley made a seven-year investigation into
the causes of war. He expected to find profit as the major factor. He was
unprepared for the discovery that UFOs had a decided influence in warfare

He found subtle traces of UFO manipulation well documented throughout the
ages. In his book "The Gods of Eden" Bramley writes, "As I probed deeper...I
was compelled to face the possibility that some human problems may be rooted
in some of the most utterly bizarre realities imaginable. Because such
realities are rarely acknowledged, let alone understood, they are not dealt
with. As a result, the problems those realities generate are rarely
resolved, and so the world seems to shamble from one calamity to the next."

According to Bramley, the earth's population remains under the hidden
control of an alien race of "Custodians" that use war as an effective means
of control. "Human beings appear to be a slave race languishing on an
isolated planet in a small galaxy," he concluded. "As such, the human race
was once a source of labor for an extraterrestrial civilisation and still
remains a possession today. To keep control over its possession and to
maintain Earth as something of a prison, that other civilisation has bred
never-ending conflict between human beings, has promoted human spiritual
decay, and has erected on Earth conditions of unremitting physical hardship.
This situation has existed for thousands of years and it continues today."

Bramley is not alone in this opinion. The founder of the Fortean Society,
Charles H. Fort concluded, "I think we're property. I should say we belong
to something: that once upon a time, this Earth was No-man's Land, that
other worlds explored and colonised here, and fought among themselves for
possession, but now it's owned by something. That something owns this
Earth...all others warned off."

In a news conference in 1971 Dr. Fred Hoyle, one of the world's foremost
astrophysicists stated, "Human beings are simply pawns in the games of alien
minds that control our every move. They are everywhere, in the sky, on the
sea, and on the Earth...It is not an alien intelligence from another planet.
It is actually from another universe which entered ours at the very
beginning and has been controlling all that happened since."

As the Y2K approaches the transition from one state of consciousness to a
higher one is being felt, observed, and attested to by thousands. Why is all
this happening now? It is happening because we are coming to the end of a
cycle of genetic sleep and are awakening to the maximums we are beginning to
reach on all kinds of different levels.

Bob Frissell, mentioned earlier, is a student of a modern prophet Drunvalo
Melchizedek. Drunvalo asserts that the human purpose is to evolve into a
higher dimensional plane. Frissell writes, "According to Drunvalo we have
already reached the point where one and a half billion people will
definitely make the conscious shift, and the "masters" (inter-dimensional
light beings here to assist) are projecting that everyone or almost everyone
will make it into the next dimension."

Dr. John Mack summed up the abduction experience with an eloquent prophetic
look at the future, "UFO abductions have to do, I think, with the evolution
of consciousness and the collapse of a world view that has placed humankind
at a kind of epicenter of intelligence in a cosmos perceived as largely
lifeless and meaningless. As we, like the abductees, permit ourselves to
surrender the illusion of control and mastery of our world, we might
discover our place as one species among many whose special gifts include
unusual capacities for caring, rational thought, and self-awareness. As we
suspend the notion of our pre-eminent and dominating intelligence, we might
open to a universe filled with lifeforms different from ourselves to whom we
might be connected in ways we do not yet comprehend."

I have read many reasons why our government chooses to keep secret their
knowledge of extraterrestrial life and UFOs. None of them made sense. But
when thought of from the same perspective as to why the aliens might want to
divide the human race in order to deceive and confuse, it becomes more

Suppose it was announced by the major powers that indeed they had knowledge
of and communication with an extraterrestrial civilisation. Would it cause
man to begin to re-think his role in the universe? Could it possibly begin
to unite mankind, as suggested by President Regan at the UN? Would it open
men's minds to the idea that they may have been duped for centuries by the
"haves" of the universe as well as the "haves" of their fellow man?

No established power wants the cattle that they control to become united and
thus demand a voice in their own destiny.

Many years ago I loaned my only copy of On Tiptoe Before Darwin to a friend
who promised faithfully to return it. I have searched libraries, the Library
of Congress, and out of the way occult book stores hoping to find another
copy. Nevertheless, the impact of this man's thoughts has been with me these
many years and as much as I may try to dismiss them they still haunt me with
an unmistakable ring of truth.

1998 by L. K. Waddill and Power of the Mind Magazine.

Main Body Text 1998 by L. K. Waddill.