Is the ultimate reality idea form in nature? Many experiments suggest it is... but orthodox science will have none of it!
 Jack True/Wilhelm Reich
From: Don Barness
OCTOBER 12. In the long history of hypnosis, there are reports of patients who, in a trance, and under suggestion, have been able to override rock-bottom “laws of nature.”

For example, people have had lighted matches held next to their skin; they feel no pain; no blisters develop. (Don’t try this at home.)

Jack True, a friend and colleague of mine in the 1980s and 90s, was perhaps the most innovative hypnotherapist in the world.

He published nothing, but we had many conversations, and the contents of those talks, some of them, are in my PREMIUM CONTENT section.

Jack once had a patient who, under hypnosis, started examining the underlying structure of a bottle of water on a table---yes, with his eyes open.

He got down to a level below that of the so-called sub-atomic layer of the glass in the bottle, and reported a blue energy that was, as he put it, “the real stuff.” The electrons and the quarks and so on, he said, were a human construct invoked by us to explain and predict the motion of matter.

Jack and a few other researchers subsequently put this patient to work trying to change the arrangement of molecules of water. Using sensitive instruments, Jack and his colleagues were able to show that, with his mind alone, the patient had changed the arrangement.

Published reports from other researchers confirm that such mind-over-matter can take place---with water.

The patient told Jack and me that there was every reason to expect the human race could harness this blue energy as a motive force and fuel. It was everywhere.

This assessment lined up exactly with the work of the genius and former student of Freud, Wilhelm Reich, who died about 45 years ago in prison. Reich had been put there by the US federal government, after refusing to honor a summons to appear in court and defend himself against the charge of shipping his unlicensed therapeutic devices across state borders.

Reich called the blue energy ORGONES.

He perceived it in human beings and in the physical universe.

Recent developments in so-called cold fusion research are beginning to suggest that what is going on in these table-top experiments is not electromagnetic in nature, is not the merging of atomic nuclei, but is etheric. That is, a deeper level of energy is being tapped into and influenced.

Jack True’s patient also told us that he could sometimes see dark or black auras around the blue energy---and he stated that these were the result of some kind of effort to deny or nullify the basic energy of the universe.

Half-jokingly he said, “It’s probably the TV networks.”

Jack pioneered a form of therapy in which the patient consciously invented dreams (the wilder the better). This tack was not for the purpose of interpreting the dreams. There was no interpretation. Instead, he believed that the consistent invention of alternate realities could go a long way toward resolving personal problems that, as it turned out, were a function of “accepting reality as it was.”

He had success with this method. Unfortunately, his colleagues couldn’t understand it. They were convinced that a person’s past was the clue to his problems---whereas Jack had abandoned that approach.

Jack used to tell me that political elections were a collective dream in which voters unerringly “created” winners who would continue to institute the status quo.

If he were alive today, he would have much to say about the California recall.

A number of Jack’s patients saw this blue energy in different contexts. They always felt inspired by its presence. In their own way, they described what we might now call “breaking through the matrix.”