The Mind Has No Firewalls - Part 2
Bio/Informational Warfare Beyond Echelon
By Tim Rifat

Echelon intercepts all electronic communications to the US, Britain and their vassal states, giving dominance in informational warfare to the English-speaking portion of the West. In the 21st century the rise of Bio/Informational warfare, using networks of remote viewers to psychically steal information from those who collate and evaluate Eschelon material, will enable those who master this to dominate not only Bio/Informational warfare but all aspects of warfare and commerce too.
2000 remote viewers trained in remote viewing/scanning - the use of technical remote viewing to mentally interrogate the heads of foreign intelligence services will thus enable the possessors of this capability to discover the intelligence secrets of whoever they choose. Networking remote viewing in this way boosts error correction along with accuracy as numerous remote viewers simultaneously view the heads of foreign intelligence services and their subordinates. Moreover the use of psychotronic amplifiers to boost remote influencing capability will allow 2000 remote viewers to manipulate intelligence chiefs, military leaders and the oligarchic elite who own the West.
In this new form of warfare the first strike is optimal; intelligence chiefs and military leaders can be attacked when they least expect it, their biophysical bodies destroyed or their minds infected with biophysical memes. In effect rendering them mind controlled.
If for example India had this capability, not only could remote sensing be used to locate key weapons, but also the ISIA (Pakistan,s Intelligence Service) could be manipulated into cutting all aid to Kashmiri terrorists (freedom fighters?).
In the case of the US and Britain, both are protected by microchipped, mind controlled soldiers and psychics and therefore totally vulnerable to Soviet style psychic warfare that targets the microchips and fractured psyche,s of their guardians. Using remote viewing to scan the brain of Lander (head of MI5) or Tennet (CIA) is thus child,s play when those who protect them are micro-chipped and spiritually retarded.
Al Qaeda and their Muslim allies think of the war against the West in terms that are entirely alien to Westerners. They see it as a war against materialists who worship Mammon, a demon, and to this end see they its spiritual aspect as its raison d,etre. Millions of Muslims look up to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda whilst British and American warplanes target Afghanistan,s Muslims with cluster bombs and fuel air explosives. No one can argue with their spiritual devotion; as they willingly die to kill those they see as evil personified Westerners who worship Mammon.
The effect of the implacable hatred of a billion Muslims, channelled and wielded by 30,000 to 70,000 Al Qaeda members, has touched the frontline troops arrayed against them, not in the physical realm but in the Biophysical plane. Hence no British or American intelligence officer has a Biophysical body their Godless creed of treachery has left them exposed and totally vulnerable to this focussed hatred.
For those God fearing American Patriots who wish to end this War on Terror and terrorism itself the solution is a simple one. 2000 trained remote viewers can target Al Qaeda, using remote viewing to discover where they intend to next attack and thwart their plans. For a suitcase nuke or generically modified smallpox would not only kill thousands, it would also force through the passage of draconian new laws to effectively scrap the US Constitution. Trained Patriots could also target the leaders of Al Qaeda: bursting capillaries in their brains or remotely influencing the region in the brain that controls the heart. If on the other hand America puts its trust in conventional warfare there may not be a happy ending unless you kill every Muslim and every copy of the Koran is burnt.
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