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Attention Lifestyle and Womens Issues Editors:

Doctor's discovery helps women achieve orgasm

    TORONTO, Aug. 27 /CNW/ - Oprah Winfrey calls it "the silent epidemic."

    Almost half of all women are unable to experience orgasms due to hormonal

changes and many other factors, researchers say.

    But U.S. gynecologist/obstetrician Dr. Ron Thompson, using research that

won a Nobel Prize in 1998, developed a solution -- a gentle, safe non-

prescription ointment, VIACREME. (See

    The active ingredients in the water-based cream are menthol and L-

arginine. A tiny dab strategically applied allows women to have a clitoral

erection, necessary to achieve orgasm.

    VIACREME was safely tested on more than 2,000 women in clinical trials

and found to be highly effective. It's not a drug, and is sold without


    VIACREME is sold exclusively by Lexxus International, using a network of

independent home-based and store-based distributors in Canada and the U.S.

    VIACREME comes in compact "pillow packs" with detailed instructions,

including a diagram, showing how to apply it.

    Each pack yields about three applications, costing $5-$6 per application

and has a cumulative effect with each use.

    Since hitting the market in recent weeks, VIACREME has done an amazing

$20 million in sales primarily through word of mouth advertising.

    Adult women of all ages are enjoying VIACREME. Some may need to use the

product several times before enjoying the maximum effect, depending upon age

and individual circumstances.

    Women who can experience regular orgasms are also finding VIACREME

enhances the sensation.

For further information: For more information see; For interviews contact Joe Garcia of KJ Enterprises 
(905) 844-0354 and for testimonial/interview on VIACREME Robin Catto 
(available for pix) (416) 486-3248

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