July 28, 2003

Communist-turned-Socialist seeks rightist leadership

Bill White apes Andrew Greenbaum

      The phenomenon of being "sent over from the left to lead the right" is not new. The remarkable thing is how impudent the imposters can be, coupled with how gullible their suckers can be. The leading fiasco was probably when Barry Goldwater, the Jewish department-store owner from Phoenix, finagled the 1964 Republican presidential nomination stemming from his appeal in voting against the Civil Rights Bill. He overwhelmingly carried Mississippi, after which it was revealed that he had been a life-member of the NAACP, all along. What is notable is that Goldwater was built up by the various "attacks" against him by leading leftists, played up by the news media, supposedly endearing him to the masses. The best-known barb was the report by a psychiatrist who diagnosed Goldwater, on the basis of news reports, as being "crazy."

      Another example was the staggering media attention accorded to Andrew Greenbaum, a South Carolina college student, in 1999, who had touted himself dressed up like Hitler over the Internet. Greenbaum was said to be the "leader" of the Nationalist movement throughout the country. His group, which he called the American Nationalist Party, was said to be the "fastest-growing," "most-active" and "most-powerful" of all, when all the 22-year-old dorm-resident had was a computer and some Hudzpah. Nonetheless, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League characterized Greenbaum as "the most-dangerous man" in the country, at one point. But when investigative reporters ferreted out Greenbaum's birth-certificate, confirming that the upstart was, actually, a Jew and Nationalists were preparing to sue, the charade ended and Greenbaum disappeared. According to Salon, he now promotes "penis-enlargement pills -- and a host of other dodgy products, including human growth hormone, free government grants, inkjet-printer refills, extended car warranties, 'eBay secrets' -- marketed via spam e-mail campaigns." Greenbaum also calls himself a "Libertarian."

      The latest aspirant is Bill White, who insists that that is his real name, whose main claim-to-fame had been posting photos of himself dressed up in a Mao Tse Tung cap or a Che Guevara beret over the Internet. Sporting a Leninesque beard, the self-avowed "former" Communist had served as a correspondent for Pravda, the Moscow-based Communist newspaper, as well as a columnist for Synthesis, an anarchist publication. White, based in Maryland, made his first overtures to Nationalists in a vaunted Pravda piece tracing the "roots" of rightist-activism in America. When Crosstar cited some of his research, White asked that a "dialog" open up, between himself and Nationalists, and that his Marxist and "occult" theories be reproduced. When Crosstar refused, White plied his wares to other websites. Renaming himself a "Libertarian Socialist," White then began replacing articles about "progressive" and "anarchist" elements on his website with trivia about "whites" and neo-Nazis, still insisting that he desired to "overthrow the government," a takeoff from the official Communist Party line.

      Not unexpectedly, the Jewish Defense League began to attack White, calling him a "pig," a "white-supremacist" and the "most-dangerous man" in America. The League had, also, once called for Nationalists to be killed. White reciprocated by denouncing Nationalists as "wacky" and deriding their successes in using trademark laws to protect their intellectual-property rights. But, White began posting glowing tributes to Matt Hale, imprisoned for conspiring to murder a judge, and the late William L. Pierce, whose fertilizer-bomb plans were used by Oklahoma City bomber, Tim McVeigh, and whose associates had been imprisoned for bombing and murder. Mark Potok, the spokesman for pro-minority activist Morris Dees, told reporters that the "right" was "desperate" for leadership, supposedly paving the way for White to become the new Goldwater or Greenbaum. Potok did not mention that Dees had been defeated by Nationalists in court, after which Dees had given Nationalists the silent treatment.

      White claims to have been responsible for wooing wealthy Marc Moran into a business venture with the remnants of Pierce followers, which forced Moran to resign as borough-councilman in Hopewell, New Jersey. White, also, has sent out a flurry of E-mails threatening to sue anyone who resurrected his likeness from his Maoist days. "I took the picture, I own the copyright.... 75 years from the date of creation...." he blustered. Nationalists replied, "Go ahead and sue." White's latest enterprise has been to lure "white people" into "making money" in his sent-over-from-the-left-to-lead-the-right version of the Greenbaum penis-enlargement scam. Greenbaum hawks his wares using the names Quiksilver Enterprises and Amazing Internet Products. White goes by Shop White. But aside from his media-driven "persona," White's resume includes no employment, assets or resources, other than a computer, penchant for get-rich-quick schemes and goading rightists down the slippery slope of hucksters, murderers, bombers and oblivion.

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