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FBI Informant Causes Controversy At Vanguard News Network
Linder Continutes To Ally With Losers

10/22/2004 9:32:33 AM

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LSN Staff

Kirksville, Missouri -- The acceptance of a former FBI informer as a valued poster at VNN Forum has caused increasing criticism of VNN webmaster Alex Linder, whose forum has become known as a hangout for Jews and trolls and whose website has gone steadily downhill since a falling out with his financial backers and staff late last year.

Glen Miller, who was the star FBI witness at the Fort Smith sedition trial in 1987, when top white nationalist leaders were accused -- and acquitted -- of treason and conspiring to overthrow the US government, has been posting repeatedly at VNN Forum and is having anyone who criticizes him thrown off the board by the forum moderators. White nationalists across the spectrum have been infuriated at this, and Linder has been attacked by white nationalist luminaries such as Tom Metzger as a result.

Linder's preference for the losers of the white nationalist movement has led him into strange allies, such as Walter Mueller, the homosexual publisher of a white-oriented California newspaper who is known for his vicious -- and often silly -- attacks on others. Linder also allows Jews and communists to post freely on his VNNForum, while barring many white nationalists who are critical of him.

VNN swept to the forefront of the white nationalist movement last year with help from businessman Marc Moran and LSN Editor Bill White, who financed VNN and rebuilt its software and look to make it more accessible and more popular. Things began to fall apart, though, after Moran faced a scandal after being appointed to the Hopewell, New Jersey town council, and White moved to Missouri to be with a now ex-girlfriend. Linder allied with some email "friends" of his who were clearly (to everyone but him) informants of various sorts, and trashed the whole VNN project, then blamed others for his failures.

Miller's presence on Linder's site is just the latest chapter in this nonsense, and has alienated another segment of the white nationalist community from his site.


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