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Bill WhiteWhite's anarchist insignia
Anarchist Bill White
White's anarchist insignia


How Bill White failed to overthrow anything

Schemes, hoaxes catch up with Dees' "poster-boy"

      If you were listing the "top rightists" of all time, who would be on your list? Probably Thomas Watson, who was such a champion of the white race that Jimmy Carter veiled his imposing statue in front of the Georgia Capitol, claiming that Watson was "offensive" to Negroes, nearly a century after his death. James K. Vardaman, whose passionate advancement of the white race earned him the title of the Great White Chief, and whose vote against entry into World War I inspires rightists even to this day to oppose George W. Bush's feckless aggression against Iraq. George C. Wallace, whose "stand in the school-house door" to keep Negroes out and war-cry of Segregation Forever nearly catapulted him to the Presidency. Lester G. Maddox, who drove Negroes out of his restaurant with an axe handle and was bestowed with the Georgia Governorship, by his grateful people, as a result. And Chad Huber, who valiantly gave his life, defending himself and his people with his very fists against assaults by Mexicans in California. There are, certainly, others who come to mind. Martyrs, who have died, orators, who have inveighed, writers, who have inspired, statesmen, who have forged ahead. But, Bill White?

      White, who has been curiously named the "second-leading" rightist in America by former George-McGovern fund-raiser Morris Dees, is cut from quite different cloth than Maddox or Huber. In fact, the man described by Dees as the "most-dangerous" rightist around is not a rightist, at all. White, still in his twenties, is an obscure Beatnik, who surfaced in 1996 during the killing rampage by Jewish anarchist Dylan Klebold at Columbine High School in Colorado. Then a college student in Maryland, White formed the Utopian Anarchist Party of which he was the sole member and declared his "solidarity" with Klebold, whose ancestors, the Yassenoffs, had immigrated to America from Russia. White told reporters that "we have to remember that people who go and shoot up their schools are not acting as tyrants here." He added that "we have to admire them for doing it." As his symbol, White created a Negro clenched-fist on a red background, an insignia similar to those used by various offshoots of the Communist Party.

      That same year, White staged what he termed his May Day Anarchist Rally at the University of Maryland, on the day regarded by Communists as their own and once celebrated in Moscow by Red bosses from Joseph Stalin to the fall of Communism. When the rally fizzled, White opted to carry on his anarchism via the Internet. In 1997, when Michael Carneal opened fire at Heath High School in Kentucky, killing three, White announced that "the only thing Michael Carneal did wrong was not take out more of these Christian pigs." White claimed that his ancestors had come from Bavaria, where their name was Weiss, the same as Carl Weiss, who assassinated Huey P. Long. Ludovic Weiss was the Communist who set up the torture-camps to liquidate rightists in Romania, upon which George W. Bush modeled his Guantanamo "detention" facilities. Peter Weiss was the leading European Communist, who journeyed to North Vietnam to assist Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnam War. Bernard Weiss became a prominent backer of Trent Lott, once the Mississippi Senator renounced segregation. And Martin Weiss still travels America, delivering pro-Communist lectures.

      White had already racked up twenty arrests for assault, weapons, explosives, property destruction, graffiti and use of false identification when Montgomery County police conducted yet another search of him. White blared, "Let the police come, for we will fight and die," which earned him several months in jail for trying to beat up a policeman. White then checked into a mental facility, emerging as a self-declared anarchist candidate for the local school board, being defeated in 1998 and 2000. He, then, began his Overthrow website, which called for legalizing marijuana, ushering in Communism and bolstering lesbianism. He linked to various Communist and anarchist websites. White, then, served as a correspondent for In These Times, a Communist periodical whose contributors include James Weinstein, publisher of the Trotskyist International Socialist Organization's Socialist Review. He also wrote for Synthesis, an avowed anarchist publication. White often expressed his opposition to what he termed "biological racism." White then became a writer for Pravda, the mouthpiece of the Russian Communist Party, where he interviewed Richard Barrett, who he described as the genesis of modern rightist-activism in America and the root of all evil. He also characterized rightists as "mentally ill." In 2002, White ran for the Maryland House of Delegates as an "independent" anarchist, losing big-time.

Traced to Emma Goldman

      The theme of overthrowing the government and killing all in authority, particularly Christians, was popularized by Emma Goldman, the founder of the anarchist movement in the Nineteenth Century. Goldman's disciples assassinated President William McKinley and shot President Theodore Roosevelt. Self-styled anarchists often show up at Nationalist rallies wearing masks and attacking both speakers and police. One, Matthew Sheard, attacked Fourth-of-July ceremonies at Washington's Headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey in 2001, shouting, Kill, Kill, Kill, but was wrestled to the ground and arrested. Likewise, Jonah McGreevy was hauled off to jail in York, Pennsylvania in 2003, for attempting to disrupt a Nationalist ceremony. Nearly forty were arrested in Atlanta for attacking a protest against King Day. White became infatuated with William Pierce over Pierce's authorship of the treatise used by Tim McVeigh to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Upon Pierce's death, White proclaimed that he was going to take over the remnants of Pierce's cult, but was rebuffed.

      White, then, hooked up with Alex Linder, a fund-raiser for Jewish attorney Edwin Marger, in an Internet auction-venture entitled Shop White, patterned after a similar ill-fated project of Andrew Greenbaum, who preceded White in being named by Dees as the "most-dangerous" "rightist" in America. White, then, claimed that he was "taking over" Linder's website, but failed to make good. Linder counsels to "stay away" from Nationalists over his Vanguard website. White, who claimed to be a millionaire, had been financed by Marc Moran, a New-Jersey borough-councilman, until White published details of Moran's involvement and White was fired from his borough position. Shop White folded and White was fired by Pravda. White, who had been a "one-man band," even shunned by fellow-anarchists, then began to post names and pictures of various rightists, labeling them as whores, homosexuals and criminals. He still failed to garner attention, until he began to festoon his site with Swastikas and Dees pronounced him a "rightist" big-shot. White, then, began posting photographs and artwork from Nationalist and Skinhead websites, infringing on trademarks and violating copyrights. He, also, defaced the materials with pornography and obscenity.

      Nationalists immediately had Overthrow shut down and their materials removed from White's other Nationalist Enquirer site. White, who claimed to have his own server, then shifted to a second Internet-service-provider, which, once again, cut him off. White went through five hosters, in three months, seeking someone who would tolerate his trademark-infringements. But, after Matt Hale was fined $1,000.00 a day for the same offense, no hosters would risk the liability. As a last-resort, White turned to Netifice Communications, in Atlanta, to host his site. However, Netifice had terms-of-service which prohibited trademark-infringement, copyright-violation and defamation. So, when Nationalists threatened to sue, host-spokesman Karim Ali thanked the Nationalists and said that "our legal experts are looking into the matter." Ali then ordered White to cease and desist, but White refused. During a three-month standoff, White posted what he termed "disbarment papers" for the lawyer who had him taken down, but the claim turned out to be another hoax. Netifice attorney Lisa Scheid then gave White a deadline, after which she pulled the plug and White's entire operations were shut down.

      Meanwhile, the Roanoke Times uncovered that White was a slum-lord, who owned several houses in the Negro-quarter of Roanoke, Virginia, whose tenants included whites with mixed-race children. One of his tenants, with a mulatto child, was quoted as calling White "fabulous." White, himself, told the newspaper that "I don't have anything against black people," despite basking in Dees' description of him as a "top" rightist. White, then, conducted an interview in which he referred to Nationalists as "loons" and a "one-man band," insisting that he was going to step up his "rightist" activities by moving to either Malaysia or Libya. Even the anarchists finally tired of White and denounced him over their Infoshop "anarchist-community" website. White, then, condemned his opponents for being "desperate" to thwart him. Meanwhile, White, whose "rightist" credentials never consisted of more than "poster-boy" kudos from Dees, still lavishes vacuous praise on Amazon for the anarchist-textbook, The Struggle Against the State, saying that "I recommend this wholeheartedly to every anarchist everywhere." Ironically, Indymedia, a pro-Communist news-site, sums White up as "marginalized." Jessica Arivett, a rightist-activist who White had libeled, added that she "loved that he got what he deserved."


      Ever since pro-minority-activist Morris Dees had sued Nationalists for being "haters" and "lawless" in 1988 and lost, Dees has tried to supplant Nationalists with a "rightist" leader who was more to his liking. Someone who would be so totally discredited that he would lose to Dees in court or be shunned for irresponsible or ludicrous conduct by the public. After enjoying brief media attention, hyped by Dees, all of Dees' choices have wound up either bankrupt, jailed or discredited. Dees' latest pick has been Bill White, an anarchist who Dees claims to be one of the "most-dangerous" "rightists" in America.

      Although exposed by Nationalists and brought down by rightists, White remains listed among Dees Top-Forty so-called rightists, ranked number-two, in fact, despite White's anarchist beliefs and Communist activism. Although White has provided a bit of "comic relief" to rightists, through his Internet upgrades of the Anarchist Cookbook, his downfall has exhibited that rightists are not powerless to rid the scene of nuisances and frauds, sent over from the left to lead the right.

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