Birdman May Have Wrongly Accused Duke

By John "Birdman" Bryant


[Birdman writes Richard Barrett of Crosstar:]


In a recent post on my website, Germar Rudolf said that David Duke was unfairly accused of gambling away contributors' money. This prompts me to ask you, can you provide me any documentation to back up your claim, which I have quoted several times, that Duke gambled away $175,000?

Thanks. -j

PS: I am posting the article on Reagan tomorrow.

Date: 6/5/04 11:27 PM From: crosstar To: Copy: Subject: Re: Duke

The proof of the criminality is in the fact that the man pleased guilty to the crimes for which he was accused. Namely tax-evasion and mail-fraud.

These days, when a guilty plea is entered, the judge asks if the man is in fact guilty. If the criminal states that he is not guilty or is entering the plea for some ulterior motive, the judge will refuse to accept the plea. There was no such protest or exculpatory statement on the part of Duke. Anyone stating the contrary is "in denial" or in complicity with the fraud and would not have credibility or integrity.

I do not have the court records, but major news sources reported the incident:

The defrauded amount was said by prosecutors to be in "six figures,"

which would be in excess of $100,000.00, of course. I cannot substantiate any more specific amount, other than what prosecutors have said. But, the sum could range up to a million, I suppose.

Hope this adequately responds.


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[Birdman comment: Rudolf explained in his article why Duke might have pled guilty in spite of being innocent: He faced a likely long-term incarceration in front of a negro jury, while a plea bargain gave him only one year. This seems reasonable to me. I am not saying Duke is innocent, but I am saying I no longer have confidence in my earlier assertions of his guilt, for which I therefore apologize. ]



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