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From: Elizabeth Carto  Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 11:56 PM   Subject: Re: Arrest Warrant for Willis Carto Issued in Switzerland  


Dear Harrell Rhome,


Thanks for this piece of "news".  Weber has tried since 1996 by hiring various attorneys in Switzerland to have a case brought against us. 


In 2001 he even paid $5000 of patriot's money to one attorney, Oliver Bourgeois, in Switzerland to have him file a complaint against Willis.


Weber spent a total of $20,000. in one year there to get some action going with other attorneys as well. 


Bourgeois was the attorney for J.Althaus, the woman who had claimed that the Farrel money was left to her and not to Willis. 


We had a 6 year lawsuit in three different countries to get any money at all and it was Liberty Lobby who financed it solely.


Weber has collected close to $3 mill. between 2000 and 2004 from Liberty Lobby and the sale of our home which had been paid off with a mortgate over 20 years. 


We did not use any Farrel money for ourselves, it was proven in court where it went and the Judge made a point on the record that no fraud was involved. You can't read that on Weber's site.  LL financed a 220 station Radio system for 5 years from l987 to l993 and IHR got close to $1mill. from l991 to l993 when Weber made his move to destroy it. 


Just imagine what could have been done in all the years since had he not been set on this course of destruction.  But that was and still is the purpose in Weber' miserable existance.


IHR was burned down in 1984, no one wanted to take it from Willis then.


Only when money reared it's ugly head did our trusted employees go ahead with their scheme to steal the organization that Willis built over 30 years.  This should be remembered by those who might think that Weber ever had any rights at all. 


We hired him in 1991 and he started the plan then to destroy the IHR. 


This is not just talk, the result can be seen by anyone today. He is still siphoning funds off the patriotic movement.  Recently he got $1.2 million from an estate left to Liberty Lobby.  What did he do with the money?


There is no case in Switzerland and no court here or anywhere else has ever ruled that we are embezzlers.  A panel of judges had thrown out Weber's earlier attempt in Switzerland but a new Judge was found to reinstate this in 2003. 


Judge Hargrove, whom Weber quotes with liberty, of the bankruptcy court in San Diego never tried us.  Weber's attorney, Sampson, had a court date set because we had not signed off on  a minor detail on a piece of paper in the settlement with IHR.  It was an oversight, no crime. Our attorney was not informed of the date in time to appear. After Hargrove made the statement, we went back to court and it was removed by stipulation between Weber's attorney and ours.  The stipulation eliminated the word "embezzlement". This was during the time we had a settlement with IHR and were paying on it. 


Weber is just lying through his teeth.  His lies will be proven in court in Texas soon, Willis has sued him  and his phony board of directors for libel.


In 2001 he and his friend, Harvey Taylor, broke this settlement because the $1.2 million was paid  in full and had been collected by them.  They got Judge Maino to allow them to ask for a new settlement at which time they demanded $5 million.  LL was unwilling  and unable to sign this kind of enslavement of it's supporters,  the court order closing us down followed shortly. 


Anyone who cannot see through this charade to destroy everything Willis Carto ever built is plainly not capable of rational thought or is so biased that they will never admit that Weber is the agent for destruction.


Switzerland is very hard on Revisionists, take Juergen Graf for example who is living in exile in Russia because he published against the holocaust religion.  They have thrown 80 year old men into jail for doubting the holocaust. This should be kept in mind when discussing the "justice" in our Western court systems.  Somehow, Weber found "protection"!


Weber, the non-producer, who is handled by CIA asset Andrew Allen, is not allowed to put out a Journal.


Don't think I say this lightly, he diminished the importance of the Journal as soon as he took it away from us at gunpoint. People should remember that as well. First it became a joke and then it died.  


CIA terminology refers to "disabling an organization" if they want to destroy someone.  This is what Willis has to content with, constant attacks by real scum.


In any case, this is all part of the libel that Weber has  engaged in for years. He has destroyed himself in the process.


Please feel free to pass this on. Thanks for being open-minded and supportive.


Best regards,


Elisabeth Carto




Fredrick Töben comments:


From personal knowledge, anyone convicted under so-called racist- Holocaust law in many European countries is criminalized. This means that any inheritance going to a Revisionist, for example, can be contested in court, as Mark Weber did in Switzerland.


Judgment will inevitably go towards those who can prove their non-Revisionist credentials.


This is why Robert Faurisson, et al,  demand that a real Revisionist will courageously claim - so vital to flush out the operatives whose task it is to water down the Revisionist thrust:


There were no homicidal gas chambers; there were no homicidal gassings anywhere during the historical period in question. It is a lie.