Questions to Mark Weber!

Since Weber turned the whole thing [IHR] over to this Kelso, he gives the final blow to
the IHR. This will drive away the last "academics". Faurisson was told [by Weber?] before
l993 that Willis [my husband] would turn the Journal into a "racist rag" As you know, F. [Faurisson]
got scared and believed Weber.

But he was just petrified being tied to "racists", what does he [Faurisson] say now that
his protégé has done it?!

Weber, as you stated, is closing down organizations, not just IHR but
Spotlight and LL [Liberty Lobby] too as a result. He is now doing a final assault on
revisionism and it is not unplanned. He disables anyone who has a work ethic
and is trustworthy.
Harvey [Kelso?] gave him the $5000, that is a joke, where did the
$1.1 mil go that IHR got last spring from the Trust they stole from LL in
October of 2002?

Weber has money but is spending it destructively. Did you ever ask him about
the Allen Trust (not connected to Andrew Allen), a nice old lady who left the
money to LL? Wells Fargo held the trust and finally had to turn it over to
Weber last year.

Where did the millions go that they got since 2000 from LL, paid under the
settlement we had, from the sale of our house ($400,000) and legacies that the
Maino court turned over to Weber? These are serious questions that need to be

Maybe Harvey and the other officers don't know about this money?
Raven bought a 1.6 million dollar property for himself early 2003, before he
left to string tennis rackets. We have proof. Do you find this shocking? It
is certainly worth looking into.

    Elisabeth Carto