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       On page 22 of the double issue of American Free Press, 645 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., Washington, D, C. 20003, datelined Sept 20 & 27, 2004, the following appears in an article by Richard V. London:
       Michael Collins Piper's discussion at the conference is of special interest to readers of
AFP many who were formerly readers of the now-defunct SPOTLIGHT. As requested by his host, Piper outlined the career of Willis A. Carto, who is now a consultant working with AFP.

      Not only the founder of Liberty Lobby, the populist institution that published The SPOTLIGHT, Carto was also founder of the Institute for Historical Review which, until Oct. 1, 1993, was the world's foremost historical revisionist institute, reaching some 7,000 subscribers and about 20,000 readers bimonthly through its scholarly Journal of Historical Review.

      Although the IHR ceased publishing after it was destroyed from within, a new revisionist magazine, founded by Carto, THE BARNES REVIEW now reaches more than 7,000 subscribers in the United States and worldwide.

        Piper's audience was surprised to learn that during the last several months thanks to two judges friendly to Weber, the IHR has been the beneficiary of two substantial  estates, totaling some $1.7 million in  funds earmarked for Liberty Lobby by two  longtime patriots who would be aghast if they knew what had happened to their estates  in the hands of purposeful judges.

       This came as news to many who had received letters from the IHR's new leader, Mark Weber, saying the IHR is destitute.

        Weber's take as outlined above is only part of his swag.  In addition to all of the assets of the IHR, including the bank account of some $80,000, book inventory of about $1.3 million at sale value.  $900,000 from the Farrel estate, the settlement with Liberty Lobby of $1.2 million, the money stolen from mail addressed to Liberty Lobby amounting to $50,000 and the house owned by the Cartos which was sold for $275,000, Mr. Weber is a rich man. He got at least $3.5 million from his “disloyal coup d'etat,” to quote William Hulsy, his attorney. 

Yes, crime does pay if you're a poodle of Andrew E. Allen and have the CIA and the courts behind you.