Ladies and Gentlemen!
Dear friends, supporters, and customers of revisionism!
Below find a message on the sad Mark Weber/Willis Carto affair that I
was asked to forward to you. The suggestion contained in it, to setup
a mutual fund to support revisionist work in general, is laudable and
finds my full support.
I put my opinion about this affair in writing in summer of 2002, see
Considering that Mark Weber is the only person of relevance left at
the IHR and that all other board members of the Legion for the
Suvival of Freedom (LSF) are mere puppets on his strings, he has to
be held responsible for what happened with the assets the IHR and/or
the LSF have received over the last years. But I may point out that
Mr. Carto has to *publish* documentary evidence showing which amounts
the IHR/Weber/LSF received before the figures listed by Mike Piper
below can be accepted -- unless Mark Weber agrees in written form.
After more than two years of TOTAL non-productivity of the IHR -- its
Internet mailouts are NOT done by M. Weber or any of his employees,
but by an independent revisionist --, and unless Mark Weber produces
something really groundbreaking and worthwhile during the next six
months, the conclusion is inescapable that Mark Weber has turned the
IHR into his personal social welfare office, the income of which he
uses to support himself financially without performing any service to
anybody. This is, by the way, the exact definition of a HUMAN
PARASITE. This is also the reason why I cannot believe that he will
ever agree to the suggestion of a mutal revisionist fund, because
this would make him lose control and end up with no funding at all.
Why should he do that, as long as he can milk the IHR all by himself?
If you want to compare Mark Weber's non-productivity with the
productivity of a company that has only a tiny fraction of the
financial influx of Weber's IHR and virtually no access to any
mailing lists, just go to and to (and the parallel German stuff at and to
And by the way, Mark: If you are desperate enough and are looking for
a job as an editor, I have a position free for you. But you will have
to work in my office under my orders!
Germar Rudolf
Castle Hill Publishers
PO Box 267768
Chicago, IL 60625
ph: (773) 769 1121
fax: (773) 409 5570

----- Original Message -----
From: michael piper
Cc: ...
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 5:39 AM
Subject: Mark Weber's Settlement Offer to W. A. Carto


While many of you know who I am, some of you may not.
In any case, the letter is self-explanatory and I
would encourage widespread distribution of same within
the ranks of the Revisionist movement in order that
there be free and open discussion of this issue.

Cordially, Michael Collins Piper

The letter follows. It also appears as an attachment.


Michael Collins Piper
PO Box 15728
Washington, DC 20003

December 1, 2004

Mark Weber
Institute for Historical Review
Costa Mesa, California

Dear Mark:

I am writing this letter to you both as a personal
courtesy and at the advice of my attorney who, it
should be noted, has no relationship whatsoever with
Willis Carto or any organizations or publications with
which Willis has been associated.

Please forgive me for my delay in responding, but what
with my two week trip in August to Malaysia and then a
one week trip, of more recent date, to Japan, in
conjunction with the release of my books, FINAL
countries, I have been, needless to say, quite busy,
during the last few months.

First of all, please note that this is a letter from
Michael Collins Piper alone. It represents my personal
opinion and should not be perceived as an indirect
communication from Willis and/or Elisabeth Carto or
any organization or publication with which either of
them are associated.

Neither Willis nor Elisabeth will have seen this
letter before it is dispatched, although, needless to
say, I did advise both of them that I would be writing
this letter and both of them provided me bits and
pieces of information that I have incorporated in this
letter. However, all of the material utilized is that
of my own choosing and, in fact, I chose to reject
much of what they provided me.

In any case, I am not-repeat NOT-acting as their agent
in any way. This letter strictly represents my
personal point of view.

In addition, for the record, it should be noted that
my involvement with both American Free Press and The
Barnes Review is largely peripheral and I have very
little, if anything, to do with the day-to-day
operations of either of these publications, popular
misperception notwithstanding. I have neither an
office nor a desk on the premises. I have absolutely
no ownership or proprietary rights in either
publication and I have no employee benefits of any
kind whatsoever.

As such, it was somewhat comical and, actually,
ironic, that you included me-of all people-as a
co-defendant in your baseless suit against American
Free Press which, of course, you subsequently withdrew
. .. . and wisely, for your own sake, I might add.

In any event, with that having been said, permit me to

This letter is stimulated, of course, by your
communication (both hard copy and by e-mail) addressed
to me in care of the office of American Free Press and
via an email address for me which appears on the
website of American Free Press.

Your letter was a follow-up to a brief discussion
between us during the Labor Day weekend conference
sponsored by David Irving in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For the record, it should be noted that I was
attending the Irving conference at the invitation of
Mr. Irving who made the invitation directly to me,
without first mentioning the subject to Willis Carto.
I was not attending the conference as an agent or
spokesman for Willis Carto, although, of course, I did
distribute copies of The Barnes Review and American
Free Press.

My purpose at the conference, at Mr. Irving's
invitation, was to speak about Willis Carto's history
in the Revisionist movement and, only in passing,
about the Farrel legacy. The only part that Mr. Carto
played in the preparation of my remarks was to
provide, at my request, a list of the books and
magazines and journals that he had published or

In our discussion at the Irving conference you told me
that you (and presumably the controllers of the Legion
for the Survival of Freedom, whomever they may be)
wanted to enter into some form of settlement agreement
with Willis Carto regarding the ongoing litigation and
other conflicts stemming from the dispute over what I
shall refer to as "the Farrel legacy."

During our brief conversation, you noted that,
previously, you had made a public statement (to an
audience at the Irving conference) indicating that you
would like to reach a settlement with Willis, and, in
fact, a number of persons who were attending the
conference confirmed that you had made such an offer.

Parenthetically, I would note that you made your
public pronouncement after, earlier that day, I had
told the audience in attendance at my lecture that the
Legion for the Survival of Freedom had received some
$1.7 million in total from two estates-those of
Adelaide Allen and Bob Keifer-that had originally been
earmarked for Liberty Lobby.

This information came as a surprise to many people,
including several stalwart Revisionists who later
informed me that, just hours prior to that, you had,
in one gentleman's words, "been poor-mouthing" and
saying that the IHR was in dire financial straits,
largely, you said, as a consequence "of Carto."

(Funny thing, but the IHR was never in dire financial
straits when Willis Carto was in charge, but that's
another story altogether. And nor was Liberty Lobby
ever insolvent until the massive judgment you and
certain parties orchestrated against Liberty Lobby,
but that's also another story altogether.)

Briefly, you suggested that Willis Carto should
"return" all of the remaining funds from the Farrel
legacy and drop any existing lawsuits against you and
the Legion and that the Legion would also drop any
further claims. The remaining funds, you suggested,
would be placed in a trust fund to be administered by
independent parties and distributed for the good works
of Revisionists worldwide. I think that is a fair
assessment of your comments at that time, or at least
as I understood them. If there is any minor
misunderstanding, and I don't think there is, I stand
corrected. However, for the purposes of this letter
from me to you, that offer, as you shall see, is
largely moot, as we shall see.

In any case, Mark, after you mentioned your desire to
make a settlement "with Carto," I suggested that you
put the offer in writing. Further, I suggested, that
you consult with an attorney in preparing the
settlement offer and then direct the letter to Willis
and/or one of the attorneys who has been representing
his and/or Liberty Lobby's interests in the related
cases stemming from the circumstances surrounding the
conflict over the Farrel legacy.

Upon returning to Washington from the Irving affair, I
advised Willis of the rough parameters of the proposed
settlement and indicated to him that you had told me
that you would put the offer to him in writing.

Well, needless to say, I was quite surprised to
subsequently receive your hard-copy letter and your
e-mail (the two items being identical), both addressed
to me, rather than to Willis or to any attorney
representing him or Liberty Lobby.

I also had the distinct impression-although I could be
wrong about this-that you had written the letter on
your own without benefit of legal counsel.

In addition, that part of the letter which was not a
rehash of the rulings of Judge Runston Maino but which
purported to contain the framework of a "settlement"
was actually rather difficult to understand, and I say
this as someone who is, at the least, semi-literate
and who also had one year of legal training
supplemented by some twenty years of working closely
with attorneys and legal documents of all kinds, in
addition to having been (at least at one time) fairly
well versed in the details surrounding the Farrel
legacy and the legal bloodbath that followed.

Legal documents, by their very nature, often tend
toward the abstruse and opaque, but, in my humble
opinion, your "settlement offer" was so unclear that
no serious legal negotiations could emerge from it.

Your offer should have been framed in very specific
language and, even more importantly-as I've already
said-sent directly to Willis Carto.

To be honest, Mark, I felt as though your letter was
simply what one might call a "jiffy job" and that it
was a production designed to have the "look and feel"
of a settlement offer, something that might be flashed
in front of the nave and unknowing as "evidence" of
your good faith-somewhat along the lines of "Here's
the settlement offer I made to Carto, but he refuses
to negotiate."

The truth is that the letter was NOT a settlement
offer and it was NOT made to Willis Carto.

Regarding the actual amounts received by both Liberty
Lobby and the Legion from the Farrel legacy, let us
first of all consider what Liberty Lobby actually did
receive. And note, too, that the monies received by
Liberty Lobby were ALWAYS in the form of LOANS, not
grants. All of these loans were earmarked to be REPAID

That is something that is hardly known by most

In addition, the fact remains that the money loaned
from the Farrel legacy to Liberty Lobby had not even
come due at the time the Legion was wrested from the
control of Willis Carto. The amount received by
Liberty Lobby constituted UN-REPAYED LOANS that were
not yet even yet due!

Judge Maino ruled that Liberty Lobby "owed" the Legion
(vis--vis the Farrel legacy) some $2,650,000, based
on the fact that this amount, essentially, had been
lent to Liberty Lobby. And had Liberty Lobby been able
to continue functioning, not hampered by the lawsuits
initiated by you and the Legion, these funds would
ultimately have been repaid. So this, again, is
something that is not widely known.

The system of loans set up by Willis Carto (at the
encouragement of then-Legion attorney Bill Hulsy) were
designed to protect both the Farrel legacy and Liberty
Lobby from the Mel Mermelstein lawsuit that was in
litigation at the time the Farrel affair was settled.
It was a good business move and it made good legal
sense. It only became "embezzlement" when you and your
associates seized control of the Legion and used that
as a springboard to launch the assault on Liberty
Lobby. That is the cold, hard truth, Mark and you know

All of the funds advanced to Liberty Lobby were
accounted for in detailed bank records, including wire
transfers from Switzerland to Liberty Lobby and thence
from Liberty Lobby to the Sun Radio Network which, in
actuality, was the prime beneficiary of the loans,
channeled through Liberty Lobby.

I personally sat in with Willis Carto and Liberty
Lobby's controller Blayne Hutzel and our attorney,
Mark Lane, when the records were put together for
presentation to your attorneys in the process of
preparing for the trial before Judge Maino in Los

I know this for a fact. I saw these records. I saw the
totals, Mark. I know that these records were provided
to the court and to your attorneys. And that is why I
was astounded when you repeatedly said to me, to my
face, at the David Irving meeting, that Liberty Lobby
had "never provided an accounting of the Farrel funds
that it received." Frankly, Mark, I was so shocked at
your audacity in making this claim-which I knew to be
patently false-that I was hard pressed to respond. I
couldn't believe that you would sit there and tell me
that I had not seen what I saw. In fact, it was on the
basis of these very records that Judge Maino made his
ruling, at least in part, insofar as Liberty Lobby was

Needless to say, Mark, I have told many
people-including some very respected Revisionists-that
I think you and your associates were quite shocked to
find out that the Farrel funds advanced to Liberty
Lobby were no longer extant, that they had actually
been expended. It is my belief that you believed that
Liberty Lobby was somehow "sitting" on this money
when, in fact, it had already gone to the Sun Radio
Network! This must have been a very real shock to you,
but it is a fact that you cannot dispute. The records
prove it. Judge Maino made his judgment based on these

And, as I said, these funds would ultimately have been
repaid. This is the TRUE story of the money received
by Liberty Lobby from the Farrel legacy.

And it should be added that the original charter of
the Legion-prior to the time that you and your
associates re-wrote that charter, which went back to
the original founding of the Legion in the 1950s, very
specifically cited radio outreach as one of the ways
of communication that the Legion hoped to advance its

And as an aside, here's another point that many
Revisionists also are unaware of; that is the fact
that the IHR was always a subsidiary of the Legion,
just as was the Noontide Press. Historical
Revisionism-Holocaust or otherwise-was never, repeat
never, the primary or sole purpose of the Legion. It
was one of many missions in the realm of free
expression to which the Legion was committed.

Your constant claim that the Farrel legacy was
earmarked exclusively for Revisionism, specifically
Holocaust Revionism, could not be further from the
truth. This is a point that even Willis Carto often
failed to mention when he became bogged down in
fighting off the Legion's assault, but it is a fact
that cannot be denied.

Now regarding the funds received by the Legion itself
from the Farrel legacy (specifically the bank account
in Switzerland) it is important to note that, contrary
to what Judge Maino ruled in court, there is some real
dispute about how much was actually received by the

And I hasten to add that while you claim that the
Legion only received $100,000 from the Farrel legacy,
there are numerous financial records in existence
which suggest that this figure is far less than the
actual reality.

For example:

. In September of 1991, Legion received $100,000 from
the Farrel funds.

. In March of 1992, Legion received $200,000 from the
Farrel funds.

. In September of 1992, Legion received $150,000 from
the Farrel funds.

. In October of 1992, Legion received $100,000 from
the Farrel funds.

. In addition, beginning on February 11, 1991, many
invoices from printers and authors who were billing
the Legion were paid from the Farrel funds totaling
some $100,000.

. Also, employee benefits and salaries at Legion,
totaling another $98,000 were paid over a period of 15

By my accounting, based on the above information, that
is at least $748,000-some $648,000 more than the
amount you have stated in court that Legion received
from the Farrel funds!

According to Elisabeth Carto, the total that she can
reconcile from the materials she has available is
slightly higher: $755,927 paid to the Legion. However,
Elisabeth says, she is certain that the figure is
closer to about $900,000.

So even granting the lesser amount of $748,000, that
is a much higher level of funds that Legion did
receive and of which there are existing bank records
from the now-depleted bank account in Switzerland that
held the Farrel legacy.

These are facts that are not known to most
Revisionists, even those who have followed the case

One final point regarding the Farrel legacy. You have
constantly made a point, even in swearing out a search
warrant for the Carto home and property in Escondido,
that there may have been some amounts in uncut gems
from the Farrel legacy that somehow were in the hands
of Willis and Elisabeth Carto. This is a myth.

As you certainly know, when the Farrel legacy was
placed in the hands of Roland Rochat, a Swiss notary
given the assignment by both sides in the dispute over
the Farrel legacy, Rochat was charged with liquidating
these diamonds. These diamonds were sold by Rochat as
part of the liquidation of the entire legacy and
placed into the entire amount for distribution between
Willis Carto and the Legion and Joan Althaus, with
whom the Farrel legacy was in dispute.

In short, Mark, ALL of the funds that Willis Carto
assumed control of from the Farrel legacy were either
distributed to Liberty Lobby or to the IHR or to other
parties (including attorneys, accountants, etc) who
were involved in the procurement of the estate. No
funds remain from the Farrel legacy.

Now here is something else that MUST be considered if
an actual settlement offer is made in good faith. I
note, Mark, that the Lennon company of Costa Mesa,
which acted as a receiver for Liberty Lobby in its
bankruptcy, collecting sums on behalf of the Legion,
issued a report dated September 24, 2004, detailing
the fact that between 1998 and 2004, some
$1,031,780.32 had been collected from Liberty Lobby
directly or from letters containing money and checks
that had been sent to Liberty Lobby during this time

This amount also included a number of substantial
payments made directly by Liberty Lobby as part of the
bankruptcy settlement-including sums as high as
$200,000 on at least one given occasion-until the
bankruptcy court effectively voided the settlement
after the Legion charged Liberty Lobby with violating
the agreement, the circumstances of which are beyond
the purview of this letter.

(The sum also includes the amount of money taken from
personal accounts of Willis and Elisabeth Carto and
the residue of funds left over from the sale of their
home which was seized by the Legion.)

Nonetheless, the fact remains that Liberty Lobby did,
in fact, give the Legion $1,031,780.32 under these
circumstances-a point that many prominent
Revisionists, to this day, are unaware. Many persons
remain under the illusion-should I say delusion-that
Liberty Lobby paid little, if any, to the Legion
following the institution of the bankruptcy settlement

So it is that this $1,031,780.32 is a substantial
amount indeed and, in fact, quite a large chunk of the
actual funds advanced, via loan, from the Farrel funds
in the bank account in Switzerland.

Add this amount of $1,031,780.32 to the $748,000 given
directly to the Legion from the Farrel legacy funds in
Switzerland, this is a total of


This is the actual amount of money that the Legion had
already received, directly from the Farrel legacy and
from the money taken from Liberty Lobby.

Then, Mark, please add to this the $1.7 million that
the Legion has now received from the Adelaide Allen
and Bob Kiefer estates.

This brings the total to:


Quite a substantial amount indeed. And this is far
more than the $2,650,000 that Judge Maino ruled that
Liberty Lobby owed the Legion.

Dare I say, Mark, noting the current reported
desperate financial straits of the Legion that you
described to persons at the David Irving conference,
one might logically ask: WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

And, of course, the fact remains that this is a
substantial chunk of the Farrel legacy that Willis
Carto assumed responsibility for at the time of
signing the settlement agreement with the attorneys
for Joan Althaus in 1990.

And, again, this does not include all of the money
paid out to attorneys, accountants, expeditors and
others who were involved in the procurement of the
Farrel legacy, including, I recall, some $650,000 paid
to Swiss banker Francois Genoud, a longtime friend of
the Revisionist movement, who played a key role in
securing the legacy. I have been told that you
denounced Genoud as a "Nazi," a point that will
surprise many Revisionists who worked closely with
Genoud over the years, prior to his untimely death in,
I believe, 1991.

And at this juncture another little understood matter
should be pointed out for the benefit of those who may
not be in tune with all of the seemingly peripheral
details surrounding the Farrel legacy and the Liberty
Lobby bankruptcy. And this is very important!

 Many of the funds listed in the previously mentioned
total of money ($1,031,780.32) seized by the Lennon
Company included payments for books, videos and other
materials, including SPOTLIGHT subscriptions, that
people sent to Liberty Lobby AFTER Liberty Lobby had
actually gone out of business and was denied the
opportunity to continue functioning.

Unfortunately, however, those who sent these payments
never received the books they ordered or the
subscriptions. Instead, your receiver, the Lennon
Company, took the money and checks out of the mail
addressed to Liberty Lobby and directed the funds to
the Legion and presumably itself and your attorneys.

I personally received numerous letters from
individuals who had ordered copies of my book, FINAL
JUDGMENT, but never received them. I was forced to
write them letters explaining that the Legion was
taking the money they sent to Liberty Lobby and not
attempting to satisfy the orders or return the money
in any way, shape or form. God only knows how many
good patriots and Revisionists across America, really
from around the world, were cheated out of their

For my own part, I attempted to provide gratis copies
from my own extra supply of copies of FINAL JUDGMENT
to those who bothered to write, but one can only
imagine how many people did not know how to reach me
or how to reach the former staff of Liberty Lobby and

In one instance an elderly woman in the Mid-West
returned to Liberty Lobby's address what I recall to
be $16,000 in silver that she had purchased from
Liberty Lobby some years before. She hoped to redeem
the value of the silver and had Liberty Lobby still
been operating, she would have received that money.
Instead, the Lennon company took the silver and never
gave the woman the $16,000. She has since died, I
understand, and is unable to pursue any legal action
on her own, although it is conceivable, of course,
that her heirs may choose to do so, and this would be
a legal difficulty for the Legion, not to mention an

Imagine the headlines: "Revisionist Group Sued by
Elderly Woman's Estate."

All of this is not to mention the untold thousands of
unfulfilled SPOTLIGHT subscriptions and Board of
Policy memberships that were left hanging. What
follows are the number of SPOTLIGHT subscribers and
the members of Liberty Lobby's Board of Policy and the
total count at the time of the last issue of The
SPOTLIGHT. The dollar amounts listed are the values of
the remaining subscriptions.

Subscribers: 45,732 $1,818,302.99
BOP           7,527 $154,233.14

Total: $1,972,536.13

This means that at least 53,259 total patriots and
Revisionists were left wanting. To my knowledge,
although the Legion effectively assumed "ownership" of
Liberty Lobby and its assets-including forthcoming
estates earmarked in wills and trusts for Liberty
Lobby-the Legion never made any effort whatsoever to
satisfy any of these outstanding subscriptions and

Considering the fact that the Legion was receiving in
excess of $1 million in Liberty Lobby funds, issued
directly by Liberty Lobby and seized from its mail, it
seems that the honorable and rightful thing to do
would have been to at least write these good folks a
letter and offer them a free book or back issue of The
JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL REVIEW. This would have not only
been good "public relations" for the Legion, but it
might have won over potential new contributors and
subscribers in a show of good faith. But no such show
of good faith ever materialized.

Frankly, Mark, if you had done your job in making some
effort in this regard, you might have literally
conjured up another "Jean Farrel" out there in
SPOTLIGHT Subscriber Land who-in the end-might have
left another fortune to the "new" Legion and the
Institute for Historical Review.

Now, of course, Jim Floyd, the outspoken Alabama
Revisionist, has been spearheading efforts to organize
these, shall we say "disenfranchised" SPOTLIGHT
subscribers and Jim puts it bluntly: "Anyone who would
open up the letter of a good patriot or Revisionist
and take his money and then consciously refuse to send
him what he's ordered or even return the money if his
order couldn't be filled cannot and will not ever
classify as an honest man in my book."

And, Mark, I'm sorry to say, this problem is one that
is going to hang over your head and that of the Legion
as long as all of these people are left in the lurch.
Frankly, your credibility and integrity as at stake.

Even if your Jewish lawyer and your collection agency,
the Lennon Company, chose to operate in this
underhanded fashion, you could have personally made
some effort to resolve this matter. But you did not.

So this is really a matter that-for the good of all
concerned, especially those who have lost out-must be
considered in the matter of a "global" settlement of
this most unfortunate affair surrounding the Farrel
legacy. NO REVISIONIST, NO PATRIOT should be cheated
of his money.

Only good can come if you make some effort to resolve
this and make it a factor in any settlement proposal.
I'm confident the names of those who lost out-or at
least many of them-are probably available, even at
this late date. How about it, Mark? Why not try to
make good on this matter.

And regarding the Liberty Lobby mailing list. Here's a
point that should be noted. Although your failed
lawsuit against American Free Press failed precisely
because of the fact that, contrary to the claims you
made, American Free Press had NOT run off with the
Liberty Lobby mailing list, the fact is that your
agents who came to Liberty Lobby's headquarters in
Washington never took the list with them when our
then-controller Blayne Hutzel made the entire list
(subscribers and Board of Policy members) available
when these individuals came to our office on Capitol
Hill, along with, I might add, all of Liberty Lobby's
financial records. 

(If I recall correctly, those acting as your agents
were local members of the Church of Scientology who
volunteered their services, a point that is
interesting, especially regarding your constant denial
that this Church played any part whatsoever in the
circumstances surrounding the demise of Liberty

It was the fault of YOUR agents and your agents alone
that the Liberty Lobby mailing list (quite a valuable
asset) was never secured. And perhaps, in the end,
that is for the best, considering quite convincing
stories that you and your associate Greg Raven
discussed selling the list to either the
Anti-Defamation League or the Church of Scientology-a
point I have heard that you have disputed, but not
convincingly, in my humble estimation.

There is probably much more that could be said, but I
have touched on the relevant highlights that you MUST
acknowledge and consider when you make a genuine,
formal settlement offer-not a letter to Michael
Collins Piper.

Your letter indicated that copies were being sent to
members of the board of directors of the Legion for
the Survival of Freedom, although no individual names
of said directors were listed.

As I do not have their e-mail addresses nor do I even
know the names of the board, I am taking the liberty
of sending copies of this letter to you to a number of
prominent Revisionists so that I can be certain that
my comments, at least, will be on the record, inasmuch
as you involved me in this matter by addressing your
initial letter to me.

In addition, inasmuch as this matter certainly does
involve other Revisionists, by the very nature of the
loose framework of a "settlement" that you have been
discussing, I feel it is all the more appropriate that
these Revisionists have the opportunity to consider
all aspects of the affair, at least as much as I can
provide any insights thereon.

In summary: there is NOTHING left of the Farrel
legacy, other than (1) the money that was taken from
Liberty Lobby by your receiver, the Lennon company,
and (2) that money that was earmarked for Liberty
Lobby in the Allen and Kiefer estates (and which would
have ultimately been repaid by Liberty Lobby, over the
long term to the Farrel account in Switzerland).

As a parting note, in the spirit of your initial
suggestion, I would comment that I personally will
certainly encourage Willis Carto to use the egis of
both American Free Press and The Barnes Review to
perhaps join with the IHR itself-whatever the IHR
constitutes, and it doesn't seem to constitute much
more than an Internet website at this point-to issue a
hard-hitting fund-raising mailing to raise money to
set up a trust fund to be accessed by responsible

Further, I would be pleased to offer, gratis, my own
modest talents as a fund-raising letter writer-and I
had largely written, by far, virtually all of Liberty
Lobby and The Barnes Review's fundraising and
subscription letters over a 20 year period (no small
accomplishment)-in furtherance of such a project. I
would be proud to do it.

However, Mark, your dream of procuring some "hidden"
or "remaining" Farrel funds is a pipe dream. It will
never happen. Your legal hounds have managed to grab
back all of the funds-and more-that Liberty Lobby
received and the Legion itself received a substantial
amount of the Farrel funds, directly and through
payment of Legion bills, from the very beginning.
These are facts that cannot be denied. You must
consider all of this when making a formal settlement
offer, and I hope you will.

In closing, I hope that this letter-an honest effort
by yours truly to lay out some little-known but highly
relevant facts concerning the Farrel legacy-will
contribute to the settlement of this matter.

Please, Mark: do not write me in response to this

Instead, sit down with your attorneys and your board
of directors-maybe consult with some respected
Revisionists such as Fredrick Toben, Jurgen Graf,
Germar Rudolf, Michael A. Hoffman II, David Irving,
Robert Faurisson, Ingrid Rimland, Arthur Butz, Bradley
Smith, Robert Countess, Michael Santomauro, Mark
Farrell-the list goes on and on-and get some good
solid input and come up with a very real and very
solid and reasonable settlement offer. Then, finally,
all of this can be resolved.

The Revisionist movement is much bigger than Mark
Weber or Willis Carto or even the IHR and The Barnes
Review. Remember that, Mark. No, better yet-as Mel
Mermelstein's father would say: "Never Forget."



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