Two Movement People Criticize Richard Barrett of Crosstar

Assembled by John "Birdman" Bryant


A Movement activist writes about Richard Barrett:

I spoke to Richard Barrett on the phone about a year ago while trying to get legal help for ... . He was helpful to the extent he could be. He gave many words of wisdom about White Nationalists avoiding trouble with the law. He doesn't want to name the Jew however.

Terrible Tommie [Metzger], may he live long, in phone conversations regards him as a fairy. Barrett's website doesn't do anything to change that reputation with its collection of shirtless skinheads.

I concur with XXX [who voiced severe criticism of Barrett, but did not give permission for his letter to be posted, even anonymously]. There are many legal causes that go begging that Barrett could champion. Barrett criticized many of Richard Steele's handling of cases and his points made sense. I think that Barrett is a much better lawyer than Steele. There is a terrible leadership crisis in White nationalism. I think that all of the recognized leaders like Strom and Duke are neutralized by ZOG.


A Movement supporter voices his concerns on Barrett:


Occasionally you publish those internet emails that end up being hoaxes or urban legends. When I read one of those I usually get that sixth sense that something isn't quite right. So I look them up and find out they are outright fabrications or at least without any substantiation. I get that same feeling whenever you publish something from Richard Barrett. Some thing isn't right.

I don't know if he has ever really accomplished anything worthwhile, he certainly seems to think he has. He seems to think he is God's gift to the movement and everyone else is illegitimate. I'm not defending Bill White, I've never heard anything good about him, and i really care nothing about him. But always there is this attitude from Richard Barrett.

He wants people to think he owns the right to use "nationalist" and "skinheads" as he refers to in this article......

"White, then, began posting photographs and artwork from Nationalist and Skinhead websites, infringing on trademarks and violating copyrights"

He uses the plural "trademarks", yet he only owns one trademark for "skinheadz" with a "z". Bill White may have copied some material off his websites, but I doubt he ever used "skinheadz", why would he? Just to be sure i also checked for trademark holders in his city, there were no other trademarks filled. The patents and trademarks office will not even issue a trademark for a single dictionary word by itself, yet he always writes in a form to insinuate that "nationalist" can only refer to his organisation. That's another issue, is there an "organisation"?

"skinheadz" is registered apparently to Barrett's buisness corporation, "Barrett and Company CORPORATION MISSISSIPPI 5722 Learned Road PO Box 2008 Learned MISSISSIPPI 39154". This is also the registrant for seems to be registered to Richard Barrett personally, however the registration also mentions as "Registrant Organization" The Nationalist Movement. On he says they have a nonprofit "the nationalist movement", but apparently the skinheadz thing is definitley a separate operation. But they have no exclusive rights to "the nationalist movement" as evidenced by the federal trademark records. You could form a "natioalist movement" corporation in Florida, or I could form one in Texas and he could do nothing to stop it.

What it all comes down to for me is this feeling, reading his stuff. Look around his website, everything is always focused on puffing up his "nationalists" and "skinheads" (notice no "z"). No matter what the article may be about. Reading his stuff, I get the idea the strong fealing he doesn't give a damn about "white folks", "western civilisation" or whatever the hell he claims to be supporting, (nationalism? what is his idea of a nation?). All he is for is his personal reputation and megalomaniacal control of the names "nationalists" and "skinheads".

I know you seem to have some respect for his lawyering ability and actions of the past. Personally, I don't trust the man, and I wouldn't support him, do business with him or post his articles on my website. Contrast this with Eric Thompson who never tried to trademark "ZOG" and who encourages anyone to copy his writing, and doesn't even care if they attribute them to him. You probably don't like Eric Thompson, but the feeling i get from him is the best contrast I can think of against the feeling I get from Richard Barrett.



Birdman posts articles from time to time from Barrett's website. Barrett was the first recipient of Birdman's Hootzpah Award. But Birdman has never claimed that Barrett was perfect -- in fact, Birdman was the recipient of severe criticism from Barrett for posting a black Girl of the Day. Birdman recently posted Jim Giles' suspicions that Barrett was gay; Birdman's opinion is that gays are welcome in the Movement (except for those that support the 'gay agenda', of course), even if most of us are less than enthusiastic about how they get off.

A reader comments on this article HERE and insisted that we post it. Birdman found this commentary boring and poorly written, and in any event, did not see fit to take time answering it.



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