Finding the Roots of Hatred Against Germany

From The Barnes Review


Hatred against the Germans [in WW1] was whipped up in France, some of it stemming from the notorious "Kadaver" story. It was rumored the Germans were boiling the corpses of their soldiers for fat and other products. This propaganda grew out of a report in a German newspaper from a correspondent on the western front that stated: "We are passing the great Corpse (Kadaver) Exploitation Department Establishment of this army group. The fat that is won here is turned into lubricating oils, and everything else is ground down in the bone mills into a powder which is used for mixing with pigs' food and as fertilizer -- nothing can be permitted to go to waste." Anyone with a knowledge of the German language would know that the word "Kadaver" means not a human but an animal body. The corpses in question were those of horses [still an important mode of transportation at this time.] A dead human's body is called a Leiche [and please no cracks about leechee nuts (ouch!)]. --Barnes Review, November/December 1998: 37



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