Fritz Haber

Jewish Inventor of Zyklon-B

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WW1 Gas Warfare wouldn’t have happened, had it not been for the notorious Jew chemical profiteer “Professor” Fritz Haber, who kept pestering the German General Staff, as well as the Kaiser himself, with his idea of mass gas poisonings as “the highest form of killing” that’s bound to lead to a “decisive victory”. And he used to get seriously hysterical, whenever he went on about the French using their colonial “monkey-soldiers” from North Africa. And, indeed, the very first WW1 gas attack -- personally supervised by the Jew Haber -- was directed against the section of the front, where a French Algerian unit was positioned.

As gas warfare was banned by the 1907 Hague Convention, the Jew Haber fled to Switzerland after the war, justifiably fearing prosecution for his heinous war crimes that resulted in over 91,000 sadistic murders and some 1,3 million injuries, many of them permanent. (Among the multitude of victims of this back-stabbing Jew mass poisoning single-handedly initiated by the Jew Fritz Haber -- “the father of gas warfare” -- there was a certain Corporal Adolf Hitler, who was temporarily blinded as a result of a gas attack -- and, apparently, had his voice chords permanently affected, as well.)

However, in no time, the Rothschild banksters saw to it that Fritz Haber, their fellow arch-criminal, was awarded the 1918 Nobel Prize for chemistry, which certainly put on the back foot all of the German victims of his Jew gas poisoning, who, all of a sudden, were called upon to take pride in their “fellow German” having been so honoured -- instead of being prosecuted as a major war criminal! This was equivalent to awarding the 1945 Nobel Peace Prize to Hermann Goering -- or, indeed, to Butcher Harris or the A-bomb Jew Oppenheimer or the KGB boss Beria. The Spandau martyr Rudolf Hess certainly deserved a peace prize. And that’s why the ‘British democracy’ strangled him, as soon the Russians signaled their consent to his release from Spandau. Free Rudolf Hess could have challenged some of their most precious historical lies. Who controls the past controls the future.

On the 9th February, 1984, an Australian-resident namesake of the Jew Fritz Haber, the Jew doctor Harry F. Haber of 195 Missenden Rd, Newtown, NSW, who happens to bear a strong overall resemblance to his fellow Jew criminal, tried to convince an unwitting (anti-Zionist) patient of his to commit suicide by falsely diagnosing a deadly disease -- and without ordering any tests at all. Why? Because any critic of the illegal Jew apartheid regime “must be put to death!” (Talmud)

And here is some perfectly kosher “holocaust denial” that’s to be found in the : “Haber defended gas warfare against accusations that it was inhumane, saying that death was death, by whatever means it was inflicted.” In fact, some of the gas warfare victims survived with their burnt lungs for many decades -- and endured a lifetime of daily torture. Although, the Jews in Israel were recently reported as claiming that “torture isn’t painful!”

The goes on to state that “in the 1920s, Haber developed the ‘cyanide gas formulation’ Zyklon B, which was used as an insecticide, especially as a fumigant in grain stores, and also later in the concentration camps [as a fumigant, of course, as anyone not subject to the Jew blackmail and bribery would admit].” However, according to Keith Suter, an Australian member of the International Law Association, “Fritz Haber was one of those dishonest Germans who never really stopped preparing for a war. He used the cover of ‘pest control’ as a way of continuing his research into gas warfare.” Alas, the Jews again blame the poor old “anti-Semitic” Nazis for failing to appreciate this mass murdering Jew -- and forcing him to emigrate to Oxford, England, where he was never bothered by any of his countless British victims, the docile subjects of the Jewish Rothschild “royal family”…



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