Gore and Jewish Friends Plundered Russia

From The Spotlight


The Spotlight, Dec 14, 1998, p. 13

Gore Ignored Intelligence Reports Spotlight readers already know the veep is linked to Russian corruption; now the rest of the world knows.

Exclusive to The Spotlight

By MARTIN MANN Vice President Al Gore is deeply involved in a conspiracy with a syndicate of Zionist racketeers who plundered the Russian economy to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, The New York Times confirmed on Nov. 23.

The story of the vice president's criminal alliance with a paper-thin upper crust of Moscow financiers who are stealing Russia blind, linked by their ethnic and emotional ties to Israel -- by their Israeli passports-- was broken by this populist newspaper in a series of exclusive investigative reports more than a month before the Times discovered the scandal.

"Among financial and political insiders in Moscow, Gore is known as 'the Knuckle,' which is nineteenth century thief's slang for the strong-arm attendant who used to accompany crooked Russian gamblers, serving tea with rum to card-players oblivious of being cheated, and then protecting the sharpsters' getaway in case of trouble". the SPOTLIGHT revealed Sept. 28.

What Gore did was to "strike up a back-room alliance with some of the most rapacious and cunning self-promoters in Moscow, among them Victor Chernomyrdin, a long-time Soviet bureaucrat who had managed to turn Russia's huge gas reserves into a corrupt personal fiefdom after the Communist regime's collapse," this populist newspaper reported in its ground-breaking expose.

Backed by Gore's unconditional endorsement, Chernomyrdin became prime minister of the Russian Federation and co-chairman with the U.S. vice president of a top Moscow "leadership commission" in charge of Russia's democratization and economic reform, The SPOTLIGHT disclosed.

With .Gore providing political support, international legitimacy and economic credibility, "Chernomyrdin and his retinue -- a clique of Zionist financiers backed by gangs of killer thugs -- stole whatever they could, and what they did not steal, they corrupted," this newspaper summed up, quoting a Russian sociologist

Following the trail blazed by this populist newspaper, the Times revealed on Nov. 23 that over the years, Gore received voluminous hard intelligence summaries from the CIA documenting the "pervasive corruption and criminality of the regime he sponsored in Moscow."

But the "conclusive evidence gathered by the CIA on the personal corruption of Prime Minister Victor Chernomyrdin was rejected by Vice President Al Gore, who sent it back to the CIA with a barnyard epithet scrawled across its cover," the Times said.

"At CIA headquarters in Langley, Va,, the message seemed dear The vice president did not want to hear that Mr. Chernomyrdin was corrupt, and was not interested in further intelligence reports on the matter," the imperious East Coast daily newspaper charged.

As a result, CIA analysts "now censor themselves," the Times said.

"When, for instance, the agency [CIA] found that it cost a German business executive a $1 million bribe just to get a meeting with Mr, Chernomyrdin, it decided not to circulate the report," the Times imparted.

Belatedly, the New York newspaper acknowledged that another top Russian official, Anatoly B. Chubais, a front man for both Chernomyrdin and Wall Street currency speculator George Soros, was also identified as a crook in "many other CIA reports."

What the Times did not mention was that until now, it was itself among the admirers of Chubais -- one of the key Moscow power brokers said to hold a second passport from Israel -- —whom it hailed as "the architect of property privatization in Russia."

That post-Communist "reform process" -- now exposed as a vast organized-crime racket from which a handful of Zionist billionaires gouged hundreds of billions of dollars -- netted Chernomyrdin himself a hidden personal fortune of at least $5 billion, the Times estimated this month.

[Birdman comment: Gore is related by marriage to Armand Hammer, the notorious industrialist and 'friend' of Lenin and the other Bolsheviks, and holder of Communist Party USA card number one.]


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