The world's most incredible stunts


Steve Hudis jumps a 28,000-pound bus through a giant fireball and over 15 motorcycles before

crashing to earth. Miraculously, he survives



From a distance of just 25 feet, John Richmond shot a melon off his brother Ken's head. If John

had been off his mark by a quarter of an inch, it would've meant death for his brother. Richmond

claims to have shot at his brother Ken over 100 times; hitting objects off his chest, face, and the

top of his head



In this stunt, escape artist Rick Meisel risked drowning and a battering as he worked his way out

of six pairs of handcuffs and two leg irons while spinning in a suds-filled washing machine



Strongman Tom Owen supported a truck packed with 20 kids, weighing an estimated 6,500

pounds, as it drove over his stomach. After the stunt, he went straight to A&E with broken ribs

and internal bleeding

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