How the Holocaust Was First 'Discovered'

From The Truth At Last


From The Truth At Last (no date available) p. 7

How the Holocaust was First "Discovered": The Soviet Union's First Announcement on Their Discovery of The Holocaust

On May 7, 1945, the Soviet "Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee" held a press conference in Moscow. Committee chairman Solomon Mikhoels announced that the NKVD (secret police) had "discovered a holocaust" of Jews. Mikhoels said that 4 million Jews had perished at Auschwitz. It must be noted that the officers of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee were on the payroll of the NKVD and their actual office was located in the NKVD building in Moscow.

The New York Times had their chief European correspondent attend the press conference, called the day before the war ended. He was C.L. Sulzberger whose multimillionaire grandfather in New York City spent part of his fortune paying the expenses of thousands of Russian Jews fleeing to America after the failure of the 1905 Communist revolt against the Christian Czar. Sulzberger flashed this news to the world that a "massacre" of Jews had been discovered. However, reporters and others were not allowed to visit Auschwitz to see for themselves. The liberal media quickly accepted the Soviet story without question,

Washington Post writer George Will's column in early June bemoaned the "holocaust". Your editor, Dr. Fields, wrote George Will a letter which, in part, posed the question: "Did you believe the Soviet NKVD story of 1943 that the Germans killed 15,000 Poles at Katyn and two other locations? "Of course, the answer is NO! "Then why is it that you believe the NKVD story that the Germans gassed 6 million Jews? "

I added that the true figure of Jews who died of all causes is between 250,000 and 300,000. They died of typhus, starvation, cold weather, etc. Also, there are thousands of pages of evidence that not a single person was ever gassed and that not one workable gas chamber has ever been located. Also, there is not one signed order to carry out such mass killings, no document providing for provisions, instructions on how to carry out such a huge massacre or how to dispose of 6 million bodies. Bear in mind that the "holocaust" allegedly occurred during a short time frame of less than three years between 1942-1944.

Today, there is only one small building at Auschwitz which tourists are shown as the "gas chamber." However, the curator of the Auschwitz museum states on the David Cole video (which we sell), that the gas chamber was built after the war by the Soviet NKVD to show tourists, "what a real gas chamber looked like." Even the chimney behind the building in which the cremations are said to have taken place was so clumsily erected that it is not even attached to the building as anyone can see who walks around to the back.

How the Six Million Holocaust Figure Was Announced

The Jewish "Black Book Committee" met in New York City in early 1946. They announced the publication of a book which claims that the final total figure of Jews gassed by the Germans was 6 million. Some 4 million were at Auschwitz and 2 million at three other locations. No gas chambers have ever been located at these other places either! The Committee was made up of four organizations. They were the NKVD-directed Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee from Moscow, the American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists of New York (a Communist Parry front), the World Jewish Congress, and Vaad Leumi, both Zionist groups. They received their information from the Soviet NKVD and it was accepted without question.

It is of particular interest that the very first Communist reports of a "holocaust" declared that the Jews had been electrocuted - not gassed! It was only later when this method was considered impossible for killing such a vast number of people that the story was changed to death by gassing.

Initial Report - 6 Million Jews Electrocuted

On January 27, 1945 Soviet forces occupied Auschwitz and released some 6,000 prisoners. Except for the sick, most appeared in good health, even better than the German soldiers.

On February 2, 194& the official Communist newspaper Pravda in Moscow carried an article on Auschwitz. This was the first inkling that the holocaust story was being developed.

It stated in part: "City of Auschwitz - an impartial committee will investigate the accurate number of people killed or tortured to death. The Germans leveled the burial mounds and destroyed all traces of the electric conveyor system where hundreds of people at a time were electrocuted. The bodies fell onto a slow-moving transport belt, taking them to a blast furnace. There they were burnt completely, the bones ground in a roller mill and the remains spread on the fields, as fertilizer. The special mobile devices to kill children were relocated to the back fields. "It is still possible to assemble traces of the murder of millions based on descriptions by prisoners liberated by the Red Army. This huge death mill was equipped with the latest style technology which only the German brutes are able to invent."

It is important to note that later the "electrocution" claim was quietly dropped and the "gas chamber" story superseded it. This is the type of "evidence" upon which we are supposed to base our belief in the holocaust. This has instilled a massive guilt complex in many Gentiles! Because of the holocaust story, Israel and the Jews have been able to exploit the Western world out of vast sums of foreign aid, reparations, Swiss gold, oppression of the human rights of the Palestinian people and the suppression of critics!!


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