Maurice Allais' Pendulum Discovery

By Guy Playfair



The Amazing Pendulum Discovery of Maurice Allais

From Guy Playfair, The Cycles of Heaven, Avon, 1979: 18-19

"[According to classical physics,] gravity is supposed to be constant, irreversible and impossible to shield ..." --Guy Playfair, p 18

Over a four-year period 1953-57, [Maurice] Allais carried out a series of experiments with large pendulums. As visitors to the Science Museum in London can see, when a large pendulum is set in motion, the plane of its swing will appear to rotate slowly, altho it is of course the earth that is rotating and not the pendulum. If the cosmos is behaving as science thinks it should, there cannot be any variation in the pendulum's regular behavior.

However, after some 220,000 observations, Allais found that there was a definite periodicity in the observed motions of his pendulum that seemed to be related to the motions of the sun and moon, being of between 24 and 25 hours. According to [conventional physics], there should be no such thing but there it was, and Allais, a qualified statistician, decided it was statistically significant.

This discovery was intriguing enuf in itself, but there was an even bigger surprise in store for Allais. During his test period there was a total eclipse of the sun, on 30 June 1954, which lasted in Paris from 11:21 AM to 1:55 PM. It must have been the most fascinating lunch hour Allais ever spent, for at the very moment the eclipse began, his pendulum suddenly shifted its plane of oscillation by 5 degrees of azimuth, deviating still further until just before the midpoint of the eclipse, and falling back to normal just as the eclipse ended. Overall, Allais calculated that the deviations he had observed (and recorded) amounted to one hundred million times what could have been expected according to classical theory.

Faced with such evidence, which Allais duly published in great detail, with charts and photographs, scientists had the choice of two reactions: To have a good laugh and forget about it, or to wait with an open mind to see if it could be repeated (there was actually no need to wait for an eclipse, for Allais insists that anybody who observes the pendulum regularly for a few days will find anomalies similar to those he noticed before his eclipse experiment.) ....




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