Germany Produces Records Of Its 600,000 Jewish Residents, 1933-45: Where Are The Rest?

By bo on Oct 27th, 2008

After four years of detailed research, the most complete list to-date of Jewish residents living in Germany between 1933 and 1945 has been handed over to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial site in Jerusalem.

Over six decades after the end of the Holocaust, family members and scholars can use the list, which includes some 600,000 names, to find out the fate of individuals during the Holocaust.

“It provides information about the fate of Jews in National-Socialist Germany, their place of birth, their place of residence and about whether and when they left Germany or when they were murdered,” Franka Kuehn, spokeswoman for the German Foundation for Remembrance, Responsibility and Future, which initiated the research project, told Deutsche Welle.

More news on this can be found here.

According to the Zionists, three million Jews were ostensibly murdered at Auchwitz alone. That figure was subsequently revised under the light of scrutiny to just over one million.

But that doesn’t make sense, since Germany’s records indicate that its entire Jewish population was circa 600,000 during WWII, and only a portion of them would have ended up in labor camps. Fewer still would have actually died in those camps.

The Jerusalem Post admits that these records constitute a complete list of WWII era German Jews:

Culture Minister Bernd Neumann presented the records at a ceremony Thursday at the Yad Vashem memorial.

He says the records are the first time anyone has compiled a complete list of Jews who lived in Germany during the Nazi era. He says the information “tells the story of those who could not tell their own story.”

So obviously the missing millions must’ve been gassed, slaughtered and turned into soap and lampshades elsewhere.

Yad Vashem says that with the list, it has essentially completed its database on German Jewry during the Nazi era. Its focus will now turn to compiling information on millions of Jews who lived in Poland and eastern Europe during the period.

Anyway, let’s just forget about it. It needn’t actually make sense or add up. Things don’t add up all the time, like the events surrounding the attacks of 9/11, but we swallow it anyway. It’s just better not to fuck with consensus reality.

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