Dear Steve:    Thanks for sending these excellent comments.  As usual you are right on, cutting through all the mindless B.S. and illiterate mind shrinking nonsense. I am going to circulate your comments to my list.  I hope everyone reads this.  And when you do read the article and comments below,  realize this:  The PTB are treating you like a mushroom.  They keep you in the dark (fill you with fear) and dump caca on your head.  This thread should be entitled:  Abiotic Oil, The Green Agenda, and Spontaneous creation of life.  The names have been omitted to protect the guilty... LOL.  Tom 
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 9:38 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: [think-outside-the-box] Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered--au contraire...

Western scientists refused to take on board the Russian technology of deep drilling for oil.  Now, because of this technology, Russia's oil reserves currently exceed those of the middle-east combined.  Oil is abundant and hydrocarbons are everywhere in the solar system and some of the planets in this one have measurable and vast amounts of simple hydrocarbons on and below the surfaces.  Meteorites contain petroleum, so even there we may see the fallacy of the "fossil fuel" (dead dinosaurs) theory which sprang up in the 19th century without another look since then as it benefits the "scarcity and control" freaks.  What is gathering momentum is the undeniable miracle of Russian oil reserves and to deny this abiotic origins that deep drilling technology relied upon in its development is to deny economic salvation for any country which desires to dig deep enough to find oil everywhere, as Vietnam did with assisitacne of the USSR with its TIGER oil field.  Vietnam was NEVER known to have any petroleum available.  But economic independence is not the desired reality of the oligarchs which control the "spice," or hydrocarbon energy.  Nations which desire energy indpendence are immediately crushed by these oligarchs using the US military as its agent.  The Bataan nuclear powerplant is left incomplete when that was shutdown in the Phillippines a few decades ago.  The Phillippines was occupied by the US and posed no nuke threat, especially back then.
I'm sorry to say that Mark has caught the might as well "bend-over" bug and this is the disempowerment of individual humans which is sought by the elite.  In 20 years, he will see himself as silly, as those who believed oil was running out 30 years ago with the FAKE oil embargo and those who thought the world was headed for a new ice age.
Here's a quote for Mark from a seemingly "benign" European think-tank whose policies seem to gather ground after disclosure.  This is amazing since these ideas come from what we are told are benign entities with members of the old-line aristocracy as members: 
"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill ... All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."
Alexander King, Bertrand Schneider - founder and secretary, respectively, of the Club of Rome - The First Global Revolution, pp.104-105
Now, check this out regarding life sprining forth from another space-time (to see the pics of this spontaneous life, click HERE.
As one great example of "spontaneous generation" — complete with the photographs you can barely wait to lay your eyes on as we continue — take the case of Dr. Ignacio Ochoa Pacheco, and his intimidating-sounding paper Ultrastructural and light microscopy analysis of SAPA bions formation and growth in vitro, from the website.
This paper was published in 2000 and I found it early in 2001, thanks to my incessant, unending trawling of the Net for goodies. 
Pacheco's experiment is very simple. Heat beach sand to white-hot luminescence, killing all known lifeforms that could live inside. Then deposit the sand into a test tube, partially filled with some distilled water.

Hermetically seal the test-tube shut with a Bakelite cover, and let the mixture cool down for an hour. Then pop it in an autoclave and sterilize it.
The autoclave uses temperatures and pressures scientifically proven to kill all forms of life we now know to exist. Nothing can possibly live through that treatment. This is how surgical instruments are sterilized so they don't introduce bacteria into the body of the patient.
Then give your sterilized mixture 24 hours to sit undisturbed. Stand by as hidden, unacknowledged 'torsion fields' gather up the raw materials in your tubes and start creating DNA — and life. Fast!
After the 24 hours, skim off the top layer and study the results under a microscope. Repeat the same sterilization process two more times and continue to sample and study the results. That's it!
Remember — all living material should have expired inside that tube after the first "fractional sterilization". Since the tube was sealed, nothing new could get in — not bacteria from the air, nor anything else. Nothing at all.

Despite all these obvious facts, a thin layer of 'scum' appeared on the surface… filled with little living critters!  Pacheco referred to this layer with the technical-sounding term 'supernatant'. Here's a brief excerpt of the setup in more scientific terms, if you're interested:
Ocean sand was obtained from Mochima National Park in Venezuela. The low levels of pollution in this area makes it an ideal place for biological studies of different marine species.
Approximately 1.5 gr. of oceanic sand was placed on a spatula and heated for 1 minute to [white-hot] incandescence, using the flame of a Bunsen gas burner (1400 oC).
The heated sand was then introduced in a series of 10 experimental test tubes (Sx) containing 10 ml of distilled water. The tubes were closed with a bakelite lid, and kept at room temperature for 1 hour.
A control series of 10 tubes (Sc ), using an equal amount of non-heated sand and distilled water, was prepared.
In all tubes, the heavier sand particles are deposited under gravity at the bottom, forming a sediment, while a suspension of particles, mainly soluble salt and small molecules, form a clear supernatant.
The composition of the control media (supernatant) in the control series was analyzed using a scanning analyzer Kevex EDX, model D 3.
This supernatant was called Resuspended Marine Media (RMN), since it is composed of the minerals, salts, proteins and other bio-components present in the sea sand…
Both series, Sx and Sc, were placed in sterilizing conditions (121 o C, 15 pounds, 40 min.) After that, the tubes were allowed to incubate at room temperature for 24 hours.
Sterilization was repeated twice during a 48 hour period, allowing 24 hours of incubation between each sterilization. This process is called fractional sterilization, and it is used to destroy both spores and vegetative cells in culture media…

Pacheco then goes on to explain how he looked at the 'supernatant' under a light and scanning-electron microscope. He also videotaped some of the results and studied the X-ray emanations.

This is where the fun begins. The samples of sand that had NOT been heated to white-hot luminescence showed nothing 'alive' after the fractional sterilization process:
 On the other hand, fascinating little critters grew out of the super-heated, sterilized cultures!
One common form Pacheco saw were little fleshy orbs that would start growing or gathering mineral crystals around their centers. Thus, what you see here appears to be the very first (microscopic) stages of a clam or shellfish, arising from inanimate material, gathering minerals around itself to form its protective shell.
If you look closely you can already see the Golden Mean spiral shape of the shell forming around the fleshy center: 
The next three images are truly stunning. Each of them depict a microscopic version of a common 'sea fan,' technically known as gorgonia.  In order to set it up, here is a picture of a dried gorgonia specimen:
Pacheco thus named his specimen 'microgorgonia,' and believes he has discovered a new form of marine life in the process. Here is a view of one single leaf that probably broke off in the transfer process to the microscope slide:

Here is a close-up on that same leaf, allowing us to see the fine, porous and obviously living  structure within it:
Here is a sample of an unbroken specimen, where the leaves are growing together: 
Here are two pictures of what appear to be simple, microscopic fleshy creatures: 
Saving the best for last, here we have what appears to be a complex, multi-cellular organism! This little guy comes fully equipped, in 24 hours flat, with a head, a large ovoid body and multiple spiny growths as an apparent form of defense:

Again — none of these obvious living organisms could have survived the sterilization process. Yet, when we give this inert mixture just 24 hours to do its magic, we're already seeing fantastically complex lifeforms appearing.
It is again interesting to remind ourselves that the samples that did not  use sterilized sand showed no growths of this type. in order to get the best effect, your source minerals must be as pure as possible.
This, of course, also validates the work of my colleague Dr. Dan Burisch,, who has taken the process even further and observed what appear to be micro-wormhole structures emerging from "the vacuum". They seem to act as precursors to primitive cellular structures developing spontaneously.
There is much more to this story that I am aware of — including some astonishing photographic evidence — but it cannot be made public until March of next year. I will uphold the honor of my promise.
I will say that Burisch became quite concerned when more complex cellular structures started growing. He killed them off, concerned that they might lead to a pathogenic virus or some other danger to human life.
If this is for real, then many scientists should have discovered it throughout our recent history. Not only does this appear to be true — with evidence cited in Science of Peace — but there seems to have been a concerted effort — some might say conspiracy  (never!) — to bury all evidence of it.
The Harvard University Press book "Sparks of Life" by James E. Strick sheds light on a vigorous debate that occurred between 1860 and 1880, regarding whether such 'spontaneous generation' was possible or not. 
A scientific conspiracy is revealed in which legitimate evidence, of the sort we've just described, was suppressed and buried by luminaries like Louis Pasteur. The 'authorities' simply refused to believe spontaneous generation was possible, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.
Pasteur himself had repeatable results appearing, under sterile laboratory conditions — but he suppressed his own research in favor of the current model.
Although that model is now almost completely unquestioned, it has left us with annoying paradoxes like "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  The answer, of course, is "Both exist together as an Intelligent Design, written into the very energy that makes up our Universe." 
This 'conspiracy' aspect of Pasteur and his colleagues is not emphasized in online write-ups of "Sparks of Life", apparently so as not to dissuade skeptical scientists from purchasing it.
The important point is that all opposition to this strict, atheist interpretation of Darwinian evolution — in which no life can form without other life acting as a precursor — was systematically hammered down into non-existence.
Then the cover-up came into play. We're only just now breaking free of the 130-year scientific imprisonment that has resulted.
Again, today — August 12, 2007 — the whole playing field has changed. Forever. 
On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 11:11 AM, Lifeforce <> wrote:
  Hi Mark:  OUCH!!!!   Your words cut like a knife.  Surely you don't mean these things.  To answer your question I am not interested in articles of faith.  But I can see that you are.  And I am certainly not a part of the nutter religious community.  A fact that has been some source of pain for me throughout my life.  I am only interested in FACTS and EVIDENCE.   I have been involved in the field of geophysics and law most of my life.  I have been on the inside of the oil industry, and I hate to disappoint you, but the fight over oil is not about scarcity of oil.  There is an abundance of hydrocarbon fuels.  The fight is over control.  And at the very heart, this fight is driven by hard core zionists who want control of the world.  The green agenda has always been about money, power, and control.  It is anti human.  It is anti life. And, energy is one the main levers of power and he who controls hydrocarbon fuels (that is really what we are talking about) controls the world.  They also seek to control religionists, media, banking, drugs,  and of course the most important-----money and credit.  I think all of that has been accomplished.  The only thing left is total control of energy (hydrocarbons)  and the subjugation of the arab/muslim world.  The muslims just don't fit into the new world odor. And, that is what is going on in the Balkans and the middle east. That is what the green agenda is all about----power and control.   Am I creationist? No, but I am certainly not a Darwinist.  No evidence to support his "theory."  As Dr. Hoyle once said: "If you accept Darwin's theory of evolution then you might as well believe that a tornado can sweep through a junkyard and assemble a Boeing 747."   On the other hand,  I am a student of quantum/particle physics.  If you study that field you will come to the conclusion that life does in fact spring spontaneously from an energy field (lifeforce) that every physicist can identify, but no physicists has ever been able to define, measure, explain or understand. It is an energy that is everywhere, all of the time. I believe that energy force is the  mind of God.  And, that is my article of faith.  You can draw your own conclusions.   Keep your mind open Bud.  The world is going to change and the mutants are losing.  We will wean ourselves off the curse of hydrocarbon fuels.  It will take time, but it is coming.  The world is evolving into a higher level of consciousness.   Tom
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Subject: Re: Fw: [think-outside-the-box] Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered--au contraire...
In another year or 2 any sane person will have little doubt oil is running out and any sane person now knows global warming is real. We're headed for a massive die-off and new stone age for those unlucky enough to survive and so what if some predicted it too early. The writing is on the wall at this late stage. Are you a creationist also? The other people I know who believe the stuff you do think people used to have pet dinosaurs and that no one was around, including dinosaurs, before 10,000 years ago. Give me a break.
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Subject: Fw: Fw: [think-outside-the-box] Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered--au contraire...
Regarding the melting of the polar ice, I just got the following comment from a friend who flies "over the pole" all the time for a major airline.  Just anecdotal, but I had the same observation in March.  I was privileged to fly over the Bering Straights at 39,000 feet and as far as I could see was nothing but ice in all directions.   I think the polar bears are safe... Tom  
We often fly over Greenland, especially on the Moscow runs and I asked an old-timer captain if the ice looked anymore retreated than when he used to fly over it back in the early 90s.  He said it didn't look any different from an anecdotal observing point of view.  Greenland melt would be easy to detect, as there would be much more "beach" visible if the glaciers, snow and ice were retreating.
On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 11:02 AM, Lifeforce
Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered

15 Aug 08 - "Just a few weeks ago, predictions of Arctic ice collapse were buzzing all over the internet. Some scientists were predicting that the "North Pole may be ice-free for first time this summer". Others predicted that the entire "polar ice cap would disappear this summer".
"The Arctic melt season is nearly done for this year. The sun is now very low above the horizon and will set for the winter at the North Pole in five weeks. And none of these dire predictions have come to pass. Yet there is, however, something odd going on with the ice data.
"The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado released an alarming graph on August 11, showing that Arctic ice was rapidly disappearing, back towards last year's record minimum. Their data shows Arctic sea ice extent only 10 per cent greater than this date in 2007, and the second lowest on record (see link below to view graphs).
However, a comparison of maps derived from NSIDC data shows that "Arctic ice extent was 30 per cent greater on August 11, 2008 than it was on the August 12, 2007. (2008 is a leap year, so the dates are offset by one.)
"... ice has grown in nearly every direction since last summer - with a large increase in the area north of Siberia. Also note that the area around the Northwest Passage (west of Greenland) has seen a significant increase in ice. Some of the islands in the Canadian Archipelago are surrounded by more ice than they were during the summer of 1980.
"(The NSIDC graph) appears to disagree with the maps by a factor of three (10 per cent vs. 30 per cent) - hardly a trivial discrepancy.
"The Arctic did not experience the meltdowns forecast by NSIDC and the Norwegian Polar Year Secretariat. It didn't even come close. Additionally, some current graphs and press releases from NSIDC seem less than conservative. There appears to be a consistent pattern of overstatement related to Arctic ice loss.
And what of the Antarctic? Down south, ice extent is well ahead of the recent average. Why isn't NSIDC making similarly high-profile press releases about the increase in Antarctic ice over the last 30 years?
See entire article by Steven Goddard
Thanks to Steven Woodcock, Chuck Clancy and Marc Morano for this link
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"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has first destroyed itself from within." Will Durant
"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has first destroyed itself from within." Will Durant