Subliminal Messages In Advertising

By David Icke

From And The Truth Shall Set You Free..., Bridge of Love, July 1998, 400-01


Dr Wilson Bryan Key, a professor of journalism, made a study of these techniques and wrote three books, Media Sexploitation, The Clam Plate Orgy, and Subliminal Seduction. He discovered that millions of dollars are being spent by advertisers for the subliminal [programming of the subconscious] [for] manipulation and indoctrination of audiences. Dr Key revealed the existence of the tachistoscope, a film projector with a high-speed shutter which flashes messages every five seconds for 1/5000 of a second. These messages could not be seen by the naked eye but were absorbed by the subconscious. The messages were then filtered down from the subconscious to the conscious level as a thought, desire or opinion which the person believes is their own. Years ago, a flash-frame picture of the Coca-Cola bottle used to be inserted into a movie just before the intermission. The audience couldn't see it, but their subconscious could. Sale of Coca-Cola during intermissions went up considerably.

Thru the 1950s and 60s the experimentation into the subliminal interaction with the subconscious expanded rapidly. In 1962 and 1966, Dr Hal C Becker patented subliminal devices which increased the potential of such technology. He operated a successful weight-reduction clinic in New Orleans using subliminal messges directed at the subconscious, and his anti-theft program was operated in department stores in Canada and the US. Messages which were inaudible to the ear were broadcase across the stores saying, "Don't steal." Thefts from the stores were reduced. In 1986, a more advanced security system emerged which broadcast its messages under piped music. A computer ensured that the sound of the message went up and down with the loudness of the music. These subliminal messages have been shown to work. So what else are they being used for?

... The technology now exists which can be set up near a TV or radio transmitter and will send out messages which lock into the wavelength of the broadcast as a "carrier wave", a carrier of the subliminal message. These subliminal messages are coming out of the TV set without even the TV station knowing it is happening.


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