The CIA and Communists

The CIA Mole Theory

From New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies by William T Still, Huntington House, 1990: 176-7


Roosevelt's left-leaning tendencies even influenced the American intelligence community. At the start of WW2, Roosevelt put General William ('Wild Bill') Donovan in command of the nation's first full-fledged organization for intelligence and secret operations, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Donovan saw nothing particularly wrong with Communists. It is now known that Donovan, instead of screening out members of the Communist party, actually recruited OSS personal directly from Communist ranks. When the FBI provided General Donovan with evidence that some of his OSS personnel were members of the Communist Party, he replied, "I know they're Communists. That's why I hired them."

After WW2, the OSS became the CIA. Since that time, the Soviets have been very successful at stealing US secrets. The head of the CIA, General Walter Bedell Smith, stated publicly in 1952 that he was sure there were Gommunist agents working inside the CIA.

In fact, no less three high-level Soviet KGB defectors -- Anatoli Golitsin, Yuri Nosenko, and Michal Goleniewski -- have stated they believe there are high-level spies working in US intelligence. Despite these serious charges, there has never been an outside investigation of subversion in the CIA. One was attempted in the mid-1950s, but the Vice President of the United States, Richard M Nixon, led the fight to prevent it.


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