The 'Jewish International', the Revolutions of 1848 & the Republican Party

By Voltaire


In musing over the infamous Protocols of Zion, that alleged Czarist forgery, it strikes this writer that the real cause of concern is not so much the content, although that largely describes the history of the twentieth century, but rather the implication that Jews are capable of long term planning over the centuries to achieve group objectives. That is the charge which the Jews wish to avoid at all costs. To anyone who has read the historical record it is obvious that the long conjectured 'Jewish international' is a provable reality. There are many examples of it in the history of the last two hundred years but one of the best examples is the revolutions of 1848 in Europe. In that year virtually every European monarchy experienced simultaneous revolutionary upheavals. Coincidence? Not a chance. In all countries Jews played a highly visible and in many cases decisive role in the upheavals. After the revolutions failed the Jews who had instigated these revolutions fled to England and America. There they became prominent in establishing the newly founded Republican Party in 1855. These European Jewish revolutionaries then became active in promoting abolitionist sentiment before joining Abraham Lincoln's Union Army as generals. After the war, these butchers in military uniform became U.S. ambassadors and diplomats to many foreign countries.

Now, how does all this happen? Are we really to believe that it is just coincidence that Jews stage a simultaneous series of revolutions in all western European countries, that they flee across the sea and become the founding fathers of a new political party in America, that they happen to become generals in the Union army despite their total lack of military expertise, that they just happen to become high diplomats and ambassadors of their adopted country, the United States, after the war? This sort of thing does not 'just happen'. It happens because of a very real, subterranean force emerging into the open as its interests dictate and require.

None of this directly 'proves' the Protocols of Zion. But the fact that this coordinated Jewish activity was taking place a scant twenty or so years before the publication of Maurice Joly's book and related predecessors is certainly very indicative of a real Jewish power at work. The fact that the alleged plans of this power also surfaced not too many years afterward is also very indicative. Coincidence in politics is, more frequently than not, no mere 'coincidence'. The revolutionary outbreaks of 1848, the movement of the Jewish felons to the New World and their coordinated activities there, and the emergence of Joly's book and Jacob Venedy's book around 1860 and 1850 respectively, about the same time that the communist Jacoby brothers were founding the first Communist Party in New York simultaneous with the founding of the 1848'r dominated Republican Party in the same year of 1855, adds up to something very ominous. Those who wish for more details should consult the book 'Red Republicans', available as a 'print to order' volume, in either hardcover or softcover.



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