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Subject: [JY] Toddlers who dislike spicy food racist, say report
Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'
By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent
Last Updated:
10:15AM BST 07/07/2008

Toddlers who turn their noses up at spicy food from overseas could be branded
racists by a Government-sponsored agency.

The National Children's Bureau, which receives ?12 million a year, mainly from
Government funded organisations, has issued guidance to play leaders and nursery
teachers advising them to be alert for racist incidents among youngsters in
their care.

This could include a child of as young as three who says "yuk" in response to
being served unfamiliar foreign food.

The guidance by the NCB is designed to draw attention to potentially-racist
attitudes in youngsters from a young age.

It alerts playgroup leaders that even babies can not be ignored in the drive to
root out prejudice as they can "recognise different people in their lives".

The 366-page guide for staff in charge of pre-school children, called Young
Children and Racial Justice, warns: "Racist incidents among children in early
years settings tend to be around name-calling, casual thoughtless comments and
peer group relationships."

It advises nursery teachers to be on the alert for childish abuse such as:
"blackie", "Pakis", "those people" or "they smell".

The guide goes on to warn that children might also "react negatively to a
culinary tradition other than their own by saying 'yuk'".

Staff are told: "No racist incident should be ignored. When there is a clear
racist incident, it is necessary to be specific in condemning the action."

Warning that failing to pick children up on their racist attitudes could instil
prejudice, the NCB adds that if children "reveal negative attitudes, the lack of
censure may indicate to the child that there is nothing unacceptable about such

Nurseries are encouraged to report as many incidents as possible to their local
council. The guide added: "Some people think that if a large number of racist
incidents are reported, this will reflect badly on the institution. In fact, the
opposite is the case."

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