Israel born Jewish Jazz musician and social critic Gilad Atzmon, living in Londn, has stated the exact same thing. He was however referrng especially  to Israelis tourist destinations in Kenya. This in many ways is a good thing; the bad thing is, that most people DO NOT realize that `Israeli? is incorrect, for that means ANYONE living in that carbunkel of an artificial state kept alive by the USA and sick, sick, sick Germany. Many citizens of this vile slime on occupied territory are in fact Arabs. Israeli as used in the article attached (as well as by Gilad Atzmon) means JEWISH. Ger
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Israelis 'do' the world

Israelis' violent, vulgar behavior abroad is root of growing

hatred towards us that has nothing to do with anti-Semitism


Ynet News  Saturday, 6 December  2008


TEL AVIV ? Sa-pa is a beautiful place in northern Vietnam. A

peaceful market town nestled between green mountains, streams
and rice terraces. Colorful birds fly around in the misty air, and

several pigs and a stubborn water buffalo can be spotted in the



For the Israeli tourist, the place hosts another animal ? the local

women of the Hmong tribe, dressed in black, who have learned

to recite a children's song in Hebrew, and sing it repeatedly in the

hope that the visiting overlord might agree to buy a handicraft

from them for several pennies.


If you continue the trek a little further, you can encounter the

women of the Dao tribe, who have learned to say "Come and

f--- me" in Hebrew. Yes, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was right ? these

women's teachers were asses. No, actually why insult the asses?

Their teachers were plain Israelis like me and you.


Icon of evilness, ugliness, corruption and exploitation  


The global traveling season is now at its peak. Hordes of tourists

are storming Thailand and Laos, South America and Kenya.. And

the battle has already been decided. The Israeli, any Israeli, has

become an icon of evilness, ugliness, corruption and exploitation.

There is no use searching for ways to change the behavior of

Israelis abroad. This is a lost cause.


Travel Independent is the online Mecca for tourists worldwide.

The website offers accurate, concise and helpful reviews on

any destination in the world.


And this is what the site has to say about us in its summary on

India: "Aside from Indians you will find travels from all over Europe,

USA and Australia/NZ, including as in Nepal/Thailand and South

America, a large number of Israelis many of whom are fresh out

of the army and seem to do everything they can to further worsen

their reputation with locals and foreigners alike."


New form of hatred developing


Travel Independent isn't anti-Semitic. As a travel destination,

it gives Israel very warm recommendations. The Hmong women

aren't anti-Semitic as well, and neither are the people of Japan,

Peru or Tanzania, or most of the western travelers who witness

this humiliation.


A new form of hatred towards Israelis is developing among

people who don't even have a clue where the country is. And

"anti-Semitism" that has nothing to do with God or Judaism.


For his part, the Israeli traveler goes out of his way not to be

identified as an Israeli, not due to security concerns but simply

for fear he will not be welcome. And he makes great efforts not

to go where other Israelis go, not for the sake of exclusiveness,

but simply because he knows that his countrymen will be the

first ones to screw him over.


The Israeli pig is the product of years-long and ongoing cultural

corruption. He will force the locals to watch episodes from the

reality show "the Big Brother" and give them Israeli nick-names

just for laughs.


Meaning of the Hebrew word 'do'


His language is poor, and he is utterly uninterested in broadening

his horizons. He is hostile towards Arabs and hostile towards

foreigners in general and feels obligated to cheat them whenever

he can (empty the open buffet; sneak six people into a double

room at night so as not to come out "a sucker.") He takes over

drug and women-trafficking hubs just for the sense of power

and bullying.



And this image can no longer be altered. Look at them and see us: a violent horde that treats the world as yet another policing mission, a destination that needs to be conquered and subdued.


No wonder that in Hebrew the verb "to do" refers both to the act

of sexual conquest and to the completion of the Israeli traveler's

tough, military-style trip abroad: "I did Bolivia.",7340,L-3630144,00.html 



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