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From: Jim Condit Jr.
InfoGangster Threatens to Sue “911 Mysteries” Filmmaker

InfoGangster Threatens to Sue "911 Mysteries" Filmmaker
Note that Rick Siegel is Jewish! It never fails!
Rick Siegel of "911 Eyewitness" (L) with the man he says is his uncle,
the notorious 1940s Gangster Bugsy Siegel (R)
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The NeoCon Elite's greatest weapon of the past century has been

This Network America ewire deals with a very important development.
But before addressing the "9/11 truthseeker" who has bragged about
being the nephew of the murderous gangster BUGSY SIEGEL, we must
first lay some groundwork.


"False opposition" is achieved by creating and funding phony
"leaders" on different sides of an issue.  The public takes the False
Opposition "leaders" for real, getting behind them and even donating
money to their cause.  Before the days of the Internet, it could take
decades to unmask those who formed the False Opposition. 

False Opposition agents play their hand with craft and ruthlessness.
They are like "information magicians" who deceive the public at
large. Those who unmask the False Opposition have to show the public
how the magician performs his tricks, and what he hides that people
must look for.


We introduce here the InfoGangster Rick Siegel, who filmed the
footage on September 11, 2001 which was the basis for the 2005
documentary "911 Eyewitness" made by Dave Shaw of Blue Star Media
Group.  Rick Siegel is now making a lot of noise (replete with
implied threats) about suing the woman (Sofia) who spent months of
her time and tens of thousands dollars to make what most people
consider to be the best 9/11 documentary of them all - "911

Rick Siegel claims that Sofia stole his footage and used it illegally
in "911 Mysteries."  But this is completely untrue, as Siegel himself

When "911 Eyewitness" was released in 2005, Rick Siegel and his
partner Dave Shaw traveled to the 9/11 anniversary event in New York,
where they publicly asked for help in promoting their video.  A 9/11
truthseeker who bought the first copy of this new DVD told Rick and
Dave about Sofia and her forthcoming DVD, which would highlight and
present the best of 9/11 evidence and research.  Rick and Dave asked
this person to have Sofia contact them.

The published copyright to "911 Eyewitness" (on the disk, packaging
and in the film) is jointly held by Richard A. Siegel and his
partners in Blue Star Media Group. Sofia contacted Rick Siegel and
his partner Dave in 2005 to offer ideas for promotion.  One
suggestion was to refer to the "911 Eyewitness" material in her
forthcoming "911 Mysteries."   Rick Siegel never objected, and
allowed his partners to work with Sofia to choose clips from "911
Eyewitness" in "911 Mysteries."  This process continued for nearly
year, with permission granted in writing numerous times.

Sofia did not know how well her film would do, but felt that if all
9/11 filmmakers supported each other by referencing each other's
works in their own releases, audiences would be exposed to a wider
range of available information. 

Given the success of "911 Mysteries," a mention in this video is
probably the best publicity Rick Siegel has ever gotten for "911
Eyewitness."  Even I, who had never heard of "911 Eyewitness," went
to its website after seeing it referred to in "911 Mysteries."  But
today, as "911 Mysteries" continues to open so many people's eyes,
Rick is heatedly shouting his plans to sue its maker for "copyright
infringement" -- based on the most absurd pretenses one could conjure


When "911 Mysteries" became a favorite among us (within a couple of
months of its release), Rick began his perfidious shenanigans against
it.  Rick had previously slandered and attacked just about every
respected 9/11 researcher, and according to some, was the instigating
factor in the split which occurred in the Scholars for 9/11 Truth. 

Since he tried to nullify the permission arrangements his partners
and joint copyright holders granted for "911 Mysteries" (more than a
year after the fact), Rick has plastered the Internet with savage
attacks on Sofia's film, stating outright that it is a "fraudulent
video" and "a work of fiction," that it was financed by the CIA and
the US government, and that its content is fabricated and filled with
"fake explosions." 

The point of this "noise," in the manner of False Opposition, is to
create negative information that will drive newcomers away from "911
Mysteries" if they should search for it on Google.  (If Rick Siegel
were a true 9/11 researcher, as he calls himself, why would he drive
people away from the movement's most effective tool - one that draws
attention to his own video, and sends people to its web site?)


It's time to take a look at Rick Siegel himself.  As stated above,
Rick stood on the other side of the Hudson River with a video camera
on September 11, 2001 to film the smoking Twin Towers and their
ultimate collapse  As others on the river dock next to him gasped,
cried out and screamed while the towers exploded, Rick did not make a
single sound.  No emotion!  We can hear him breathing and walking
around, but we never hear him react to the biggest spectacle in urban

Consider these facts and angles about what is now known about Rick

1.  Rick Siegel brags about being the nephew of the notorious
gangster of a generation ago - Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel.   Bugsy
Siegel was one of the most ruthless members of Jewish organized
crime.   Rick told his partners that his "only claim to fame is his
footage and his uncle."  (He is reportedly trying to deny this link
now, but this sounds like damage control.) Is it idle speculation to
ask whether Rick has ties STILL to the Jewish Underworld Crime
Syndicate (drugs, pornography, gambling, murder) through his family -
in particular, his notorious and rapacious Uncle Bugsy?

2.  The documentary "911 Eyewitness" tells us Rick Siegel had special
access to the Twin Towers in New York City.  The video shows two
security passes with his name and picture on them, and describes Rick
as being a "frequent visitor on business to both the North and South
Towers at the time of the tragedy." Security at the Twin Towers in
2001 was handed over from a company overseen by Marvin Bush to one
owned by Larry Silverstein - a major player in the Jewish Underworld
Crime Syndicate.  I ask: Did Rick Siegel get his "access" to the Twin
Towers from Bush and Silverstein?  Silverstein was favored by the New
York Port Authority in the bidding for the WTC lease, and - as
everyone knows - rewrote the insurance policies on the Towers and
suspiciously covered them for terrorism right before the infamous
events of 9/11/01.

3.  A related question would be:  Did Rick Siegel get his "access"
from Larry Silverstein like the other Mossad agents did? -- AND --
was Rick Siegel one of the Mossad agents (or assets) helping to wire
and/or prepare the Twin Towers for the controlled demolition part of
the operation which was accomplished on 9/11/01? ... AND ...

4.  Another related question: Was Rick Siegel really just an alert
American? -- OR -- was he part of the operation itself -- analogous
to the "Dancing Israelis" who were seen filming and celebrating from
the rooftop in New Jersey???

5.  Why did Rick Siegel leave the USA right after 9/11 and flee to
Spain?  Why did he, in this respect, do what other elements of the
Mossad did -- that is, depart quickly from the USA?  (As most
researchers now know, DOZENS of Israelis working for phony companies,
some caught impersonating Arabs, were arrested and detained on
September 11, 2001,    only to be inexplicably returned to Israel.)
Did Rick Siegel want to be sure he did not become one of the detained
- for some reason?

Should we think of Rick Siegel more as Rick "Bugsy" Siegel - the new

This might explain why Rick is going all out with a crazy man act
against the producer of "911 Mysteries," bringing all manner of
smears and defamation to a person who responded to his own call for
help in 2005.  (False opposition at work!)  It is an age-old tactic
to put people under severe attack to eat up their time and waste
their resources - so they are unable to move forward.

We are all awaiting Parts 2 and 3 of "911 Mysteries."  Are Rick
Siegel, and more important, the puppet masters behind him, worried
about what may be covered in Parts 2 and 3 of this very convincing
production?  Now that "911 Mysteries" has proven to be the most
credible 9/11 documentary, is the False Opposition's game to try and
destroy the filmmaker's reputation? 


Rick Siegel repeatedly writes posts and emails about "911 Mysteries"
being a "false documentary."  Is that to muddy the waters for people
searching the subject on Google?

Rick Siegel ramped up his vendetta when in May 2007 when he had "911
Mysteries" pulled off Google and YouTube - along with many other 9/11
videos - for supposed "copyright infringement."  In the cases of the
other videos he had taken off the Internet, none of these had
infringed on his "copyright" either.  Why is Siegel putting such
energy into taking valuable 9/11 videos off Google and YouTube at
all?  And who is giving him the power to do that?

Now, the more than deluded Siegel is trying to get donations from
9/11 Truth members to sue "911 Mysteries" and Sofia! (This looks like
a textbook example of a False Opposition agent inviting you to donate
money against your own interests.) And he has written demand letters
asking for half of "911 Mysteries" gross sales!  (Talk about trying
to grab what is not yours in the first place...)

(By the way, while researching this I have learned that Siegel's
partners have completely removed themselves from association with
him, since he has ruined sales of their video by his antics, thereby
also hurting their reputations in the 9/11 movement.) 


I am not going to stand by and watch "911 Mysteries" be slimed by
False Opposition tactics and the likes of Rick Siegel - and I hope
you will not either.

Donate to the "911 Mysteries" website at www.911WeKnow.com (I found
the Paypal button at top right). Do this not only in case this cabal
backed InfoGangster does indeed file a lawsuit, but also to help
Sofia with the valuable work she is engaged in..

If you haven't seen "911 Mysteries" yet, go to the web site,
www.911WeKnow.com and watch it, and THEN, if you can, buy 5 or 10
copies to give to opinion molders (such as prominent businessmen,
public officials, or clergy) in your sphere of influence. 


I consider the attack on Sofia and "911 Mysteries" to be a litmus
test regarding who is for real and who is "False Opposition" in the
9/11 truth movement.  It's time for the 9/11 Truth movement to expose
the False Opposition leaders - so we can move beyond all the delaying
tactics and towards victory over the perpetrators of 9/11. 

Let's stand with "911 Mysteries" and Sofia - who, in truth, did Rick
Siegel and his partners  a favor by mentioning their far less
interesting documentary "911 Eyewitness" in her film.  Siegel should
be grateful for all the promotion he has gotten, but instead he
insists that the ONLY reason "911 Mysteries" is successful is because
it contains a mention of his film.

What possible motive could Rick Siegel and those behind him have but
to delay or prevent the future work of the producer of "911
Mysteries" ??

Sofia completely came through for Rick Siegel and his partners with
the final product of the "911 Mysteries" DVD -  and she came through
for all the rest of us as well.  I feel her valiant effort stands as
one of the greatest and most timely documentaries in the history of

Story developing . . . 

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America E wire

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