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You Can Shock President Obama,
Speaker Pelosi, and Majority
Leader Reid on March 31!

A Special Election Will Stun Washington.
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Dear Reader:

In just two weeks you can send a powerful message to Congress, the Senate, President Obama - and even the coddling liberal media.

You can express your outrage over President Obama's plan to increase taxes by more than $1 trillion in the middle of an economic crisis!

You can send a powerful message to Obama and the Democrats who control the House and Senate that you OPPOSE their new, wild federal spending programs - and the trillions of dollars of federal debt that they are placing on you and your families for generations to come.

Here's how you can send this powerful message - one that will shock Washington.

On March 31 - just weeks from now - there is a Special Congressional Election in the 20th District of New York.

This district includes Albany and the area just north of New York City.

Voter registration shows that the district leans Republican.

This seat was recently vacated by Democratic Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand who resigned to be appointed to the U.S. Senate. That position opened after Hillary Clinton resigned to become Obama's secretary of state.

Polls now show that the Republican can actually win this district!

There is huge dissatisfaction with the Democrats and Obama - even voters in liberal New York are getting fed up.

The Republicans have picked Jim Tedisco as their candidate.

Jim is a solid conservative on both fiscal and social issues.

As the New York Assembly Republican leader, Jim Tedisco waged lonely battles against New York's dangerous liberal policies - policies that have turned the state into an economic basket case.

Jim also has - against all odds - won some big battles. It was Jim Tedisco who led the fight against Gov. Eliot Spitzer's insane plan to issue New York State driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

Imagine allowing potential terrorists to easily get driver's licenses.

Jim Tedisco rallied county clerks and elected officials to force Spitzer to abandon this naïve and dangerous plan.

If Jim Tedisco wins, I believe the Democrats in Congress, including many "Blue Dog Democrats," will be shocked and scared.

We want to urgently help elect Jim Tedisco - Click Here Now.

If conservative Jim can win the New York congressional seat recently held by Democrat Gillibrand, this will strike a massive blow to the claim that swing voters are really backing Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid.

This is why Obama and the Democrats in Washington are pouring everything they have into this race to keep this seat Democratic.

The Democratic bosses even picked a multimillionaire named Steve Murphy as their candidate.

Murphy, a big backer of liberal Sen. Chuck Schumer, is already putting big bucks into his own race.

But many voters in his district are appalled. Murphy is a Wall Street executive who made millions by shipping U.S. jobs to India. Now Murphy wants to buy a seat in Congress.

By stopping Murphy and the Democrats in this congressional district, we can help stop more phony "stimulus" programs, stop higher taxes, stop Eric Holder's plan to ban our guns, stop card check for unions, and stop Obama's plan to legalize 12 million illegal aliens.

We can win this one and stop Obama's plans.

The public polls show Murphy right on the heels of Tedisco, with Tedisco holding a narrow lead.

The polls also show that if all Republicans and conservative-leaning Democrats and independents come out to vote in this Special Election, Tedisco will win.

New York Gov. David Paterson even called the election for March 31 in the hopes that Republicans can't get organized in time to compete with the well-oiled political machinery of the unions and the notorious left-wing community group ACORN in turning out votes for Murphy. Help us stop these liberal groups - Click Here Now.

The Working Families Party (WFP), which has endorsed Murphy, is directly affiliated with ACORN, the left-wing community organization charged with voter-fraud in last years presidential election. ACORN is notorious for phony voter registrations, multiple voting, and other voter fraud tactics.

Left-wing organizer Bertha Lewis, who is directing the field effort by the WFP to elect Murphy, sits on the ACORN board. ACORN and the WFP are funded by the exact same left-wing unions, and they intend to deliver for Scott Murphy.

Republicans are bracing for millions of dollars to be spent on behalf of Murphy as ultra-liberal special interest groups like the PAC, Pelosi's Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and 1199: the National Health Care Workers' Union, all pour money into this New York district.

But I have little doubt we can still win this election.

That's where you and The National Republican Trust come in.

We at The National Republican Trust are mounting a major effort to alert Republicans and conservatives that this vital Special Election is on March 31.

It is urgent for them to vote in order to send President Obama a message and send shock waves across the country.

Again - the polls show Republican Jim Tedisco will win if every Republican votes! This will have repercussions well beyond the borders of New York.

Send a shockwave to Washington - support our efforts - Click Here Now.

The National Republican Trust is preparing hard-hitting television ads to make sure voters know this crucial contest is between conservative Republican Jim Tedisco and liberal Democrat Steve Murphy is on March 31.

We urgently need your help to puts these hard-hitting commercials on the air.

We can't out-spend the liberals. With Barack Obama in the White House they have unlimited funds to pour into the 20th District.

But we can reveal the truth. And truth has much more power than the spin and distortions the Democrats are offering.

With your help we hope to launch a sophisticated get-out-the-vote effort to reach every Republican household and identify those conservative Democrats and independents who agree with us, and make certain they turn out and vote for Jim Tedisco.

Make no mistake about it, the union bosses, ACORN, the anti-gun lobby, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic national establishment will each be pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars - if not millions - into their efforts to elect liberal Murphy.

One local newspaper speculated that the liberals and unions would spend as much as $1.5 million to win this contest in order to avoid embarrassing President Obama with a stunning defeat.

That's why you and I must act TODAY - Click Here Now.

With just weeks before this showdown Special Election, we must move immediately to make sure that the Republican majority in this district know how high the stakes are.

They must know the difference between proven conservative Jim Tedisco, with a 25-year record as a solid conservative leader, and Wall Street fast-talker Steve Murphy who tries to sound conservative but who is beholden to Nancy Pelosi, the AFL-CIO, and the liberal special-interest groups.

Please consider making a contribution to The National Republican Trust so that we can begin a well-organized effort to get every Republican and Republican-leaning independent out to vote to win this seat.

Let's demonstrate to the liberal media that the Republican Party and the ideals of Ronald Reagan - fiscal conservatism, patriotism, and common sense - are not dead!

Believe me when I tell you that Jim Tedisco's election is the first step in taking back Republican control of the Congress in 2010 and ousting Obama from the White House in 2012.

The hour is late. We must move immediately to launch our effort to turn back the tide and take the first small step towards winning back the Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012 before Obama and his liberal cohorts destroy this country.

Please contribute to this urgent cause - Click Here Now.

The National Republican Trust needs your help to win. Jim Tedisco, a solid conservative leader, needs your help and America needs your help.

Please let me hear from you today - Click Here Now.

Thank you.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

P.S. At a time when liberal talking heads like Chris Matthews Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are saying the Republican Party is dead, we have a unique opportunity to prove they are wrong and wipe the smile off their smug liberal faces! I hope to hear from you today. Please donate to us today - Click Here Now.

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