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: Saturday, May 24, 2008 9:00 PM
Subject: Appeal for Free American Magazine

Please forward to all on your lists


Ladies and Gentlemen:  This is an appeal for funds for the Free American Magazine.  Clay Douglas has had the latest issue ready to hit the newsstands, but his legal problems have drained his "treasury."  His last words to me, during our phone conversation yesterday, were "My credit cards are maxed out and I have $3 in my pocket."   Support that was promised to him by others failed to materialize and bogus checks have been sent to him by a group that was hoping he would deposit them.  He needs to make payments on his property or lose it to foreclosure.  Please consider donating to him online or by mail.


Even though I was kicked off of BlogTalkRadio, Clay was willing to risk having his own show cancelled by having me on his BTR show last Thursday, to talk about the suppression of Free Speech at BTR.  We are planning a series of 39 shows, starting next Thursday, May 29, each dealing with one plank of my article "39 Lashes Against the Hoaxacaust."  {  }   It was the contents of this article that caused my expulsion from BTR.  World Jewry is terrified that actual discussion of the holocaust will occur among rational human beings.  And this is the reason why the ADL, SPLC and other Jewish organizations are desperately trying pass "hate speech" legislation in America, the world's last hope for Free Speech.


Listeners to last Tuesday's Show on were stunned by how easy the holocaust is to refute.  Right after that broadcast, one "offended" listener called BTR and had my own show cancelled.  The host of OneBlackMansView, intimidated by these tactics, then immediately deleted that show from his archives. 


I applaud Clay Douglas for having the courage to risk his own show being deleted by supporting me and my right to Freedom of Speech.  Every time BTR deletes a program which deals with truly controversial subjects, their hypocrisy is exposed, so please stay tuned to every Thursday morning at 9 Central for public discussion of the BIGGEST HOAX of modern times: the BIG LIE that six million Jews were gassed to death in the Nazi concentration camps.   The Hoaxacaust is the achilles heel of World Jewry.  If people begin to doubt the veracity of this hoax, then their stranglehold on the minds of the people will evaporate.  They especially fear that Fundamentalist Christianity will no longer support Christian Zionism.  HELP THE ZIONISTS EXPERIENCE THEIR WORST FEAR!!!   Please forward this information to freedom lovers everywhere.


It's Free Speech Versus the Tyranny of Zionism!!!

 Here is Clay Douglas' ad for the latest issue of Free American Magazine.  Please subscribe or donate. - Eli


Rebuilding America With Liberty Villages and the Free American!


The Free American has been telling you the truth about history and current events that you cannot learn from mainstream sources. The latest issue takes you back two thousand years to the prophecies in Revelations that predicted the Beast System that we see unfolding around us in our news today, like the high cost of gas and diesel, the Wars, and now the food shortages caused by Terminator Seeds, GM foods and the attacks on Christianity. The marvels spoken of in the Bible in the last days are the computer, the Internet and our wondrous technological advances. Welcome to Mystery Babylon! In this next issue.


The Conditions Today

The cities you are living in were created to remove you from the land and to harness your labor and productivity to benefit Corporations and Government. (Fascism) Communist or Tyrannically Regimes go after the self-sufficient Family Farms and Ranches first. Plank Nine of the Communist Manifesto is Regionalization (NAU) and Corporate Farms (ADM) and Seven is Government control of Agriculture.

The White Christian Farmers were killed in Russia, the Ukraine, Rhodesia, and South Africa first Now here in American they want to chip your chickens (NAIS) and meter your wells. This is a continuation of an ongoing destruction of independent agriculture yet, we are being told there is a looming food shortage and we are being limited to how much wheat, corn and rice we can purchase and store. Even the Wall Street Journal is suggesting storing food.

How will you defend yourself and provide for your family in a city closed down by rioting illegals after the trucking industry has been shut down by high diesel costs? Consider that your comfortable, convenient city is the modern version of the Ghettos or Concentration Camps of the 21st century. Police in ALL major cities are being armed with automatic weapons and militarized. Why? Because dissidents or hungry rioters will be rounded up, and honest citizens will be disarmed and also sent to those concentration camps called “Detention Centers” that Halliburton’s Brown and Root were paid to refurbish.

It is also possible that with Christians being told they cannot witness on street corners, the Bible being called Hate Speech and the increased protection of Homosexuals, that it will be Christians rounded up as they were in the last century when totalitarian regimes took over Russia (Fifty Million) and the Gypsies and Jews, with the help of the Zionists, in Germany. Today in Germany it is the Zionists who are in control as they are here and you can be arrested and incarcerated in Germany for disputing their Jewish Version of History. Could that happen here? Read Pastor Eli James’ 39 Lashes and listen to my show on Thursday Mornings with Eli as my guest.


The Attacks On Me!

A news story came out today on the TURNER DIARIES IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC. Seems this story of a future rebellion by white men is picking up new interest overseas after the author, William Pierce’s death. While the novel is fiction, it hits too close to identifying the real problem in American and the world today. Then it hit me full force that is the reason I have been demonized, traumatized, and almost killed. That is why I have gotten investments of over 1 million dollars in the last year, ALL IN HOT CHECKS! That is why attempts to sell my publications and to continue to sell advertising in the Free American or to sell Thunder Riders have failed. Supporters and advertisers have been threatened and e-mails have gone out trying to undermine any support for me especially in the so-called Patriot Community. This was not Nigerian Scammers but attacks organized by governmental forces trying to get me arrested or to close down my bank accounts! Which government is the only real question. It could have been the Mossad working through their civilian arm here, the ADL or the FBI using Senate Bill 1959 to target supporters of the Constitution as “Homegrown Terrorists!

My credit was destroyed by my SS number being run by over 100 mortgage companies I have never heard of or contacted. Only Homeland Security headed by dual citizen Michael (Son of the Devil) Chertoff could have accomplished this. That would also explain why the FBI refuses to examine the envelopes or e-mails from the people who sent me the fraudulent funds.

I published the truth about 9-11 and building number 7 in March of 2004. In April George Bush authorized the NSA to tap everyone's phones. A severe MC accident on May 20, 2004 put me through 3 unscrupulous hospitals where they nearly killed me by keeping me drugged up for 3 months and put me out of business. I lost everything but I have not given up.


The Answers Can Be Put into Motion Today!

I have been the publisher of the Free American Magazine and website for over 12 years. The last two issues of the Free American were the most powerful issues I have ever produced. I have now completed my “Trevor Cameron Novels and have been submitting them to publishers or agents. This is fiction in the same vein as Tom Clancy, John D. MacDonald or Clive Cussler. But there may be too much reality in them, too many accurate answers in the form of fiction. They may have been cast into the same mold as the Turner Dairies BEFORE they hit the newsstands. But you can get them today over the web One Bloody Alabaster Eye PDF Version $24.95   Deadly Flashes of Silver PDF Version $24.95.

. My website is

We are faced with a multi-pronged attack on our freedom and liberties but the attacks are not coming from the direction that Bush and his Israeli Masters try to point you in. While the problems are huge and varied, the answers that I came up with are very simple and based on Biblical principals. Smaller, more efficient homes (beginning with Teepees) in rural areas, with range fed beef, organic chickens and eggs in the restaurant. Natural, Victory Gardens with goats mowing the lawns and giving us milk and cheese as opposed to illegals on riding mowers. I envision a bunkhouse for homeless children or Veterans in return for their help in maintenance. The Vets would provide the protection from invaders.

American made products would be produced on site in “Cottage Industries revived” and sold through the magazines and the gift shops in the restaurant. In short, I plan a return to the small villages that produced America and its values. “All of the Charm and Practicality of the 19th Century and all of the Convenience of the 21st”, without the interference of the international Bankers and their counterfeit money system but fully utilizing the computers and the Internet.

These wonders are like a double edge sword. The computers and RFID chips can be used to control us but the Internet provides us with the means to communicate, learn and organize. There are still shortcomings with trying to only use the internet. A lot of people don't use it daily, some not at all. There is too much porn, scams and identity theft and you can't take it to the bathroom or pass it on like a magazine. Emails are deleted the next day but a magazine stays around for years. There are good broadcasts and films on the internet but people tend to take them for granted and because they are free for the taking, they do not contribute, donate or want to pay for the content so many have worked so hard to produce. Few advertisers want to link their names or businesses with sites that contain RADICAL content (the  Truth)  The Internet also isolates people and contributes to their feeling of helplessness.

The concept for the Free American Magazine is basically Biblical, "The Truth Will Set you Free!" We can continue to publish this magazine in hard copy form IF we have the Advertising to support it. What ever ads you choose to place will be given DOUBLE space in subsequent issues and included on our PDF versions and a banner link on the Free American Website.



have always been self supporting and offered you superior books, tapes, and products like Miracle Two soap and now trace minerals with Fulvic Acid.

Ads for the hard copy Free American based on 5000 copies at 50% of the normal rates with a six issue commitment.

For every ad you buy you will receive double the ad space in subsequent issues!

The Concept for Liberty Villages is also Biblical! In references to Mystery Babylon, the One World Government of the Banksters and the Merchants, the Bible tells us to, "Come Out of Her!" By getting back to nature, being able to feed ourselves and our families as mankind has for ten thousand years, to be able to raise our own animals and crops and to house our elderly, our veterans and our children by trading with travelers and folk still trapped in the cities is taking the best of the past and incorporating it with the tools of the future.

We have all been sitting back in a holding pattern trying to decide on the correct course of action while the Globalists continue to eat away at our Liberty, our income and our Constitution. Call me if you want to be a part of it. These Villages using the Teepees can be set up on your land anywhere in the US. Then we become a united force for Liberty and Defenders of the Constitution. Use the links and help me make this Dream of Liberty come true in OUR lifetimes.

All of the answers are at our fingertips if we cast off the yolk of oppression placed on us by the corporate controllers. The cure for cancer is shown here on these pages. So is the answer to the oil crisis through bio-fuels and hydrogen production, wind and solar generation. Villages like these would spread across America like an energizing wildfire rather than the destructive New World Order. But it will take the kind of organization and support that the Banksters have used to enslave us. There will be some sacrifice and a lot of hard work to do this. The enemies of Freedom and Liberty try to Divide and Conquer! That we will organize and work together for a common goal is their greatest fear!    

The original concept called for park model trailers that looked like log cabins. These could still be used but we are starting out with Teepees to house travelers and transients and allow the city folk to see what a self-sufficient community could be. If you buy a teepee and put it on our land, you can always move it as the Indians did.

The original Liberty Village will be started in the middle of New Mexico on my property in Bingham, just a few miles south of Gran Quivira, which gives you a hint of the vibrant society that thrived here until the late 17th century. It and the other ruins in the area are proof of human’s ability to live and prosper in harmony with nature especially in the New Mexico area. Bingham is only an hour’s drive to a ski resort and gambling casino on the Mescalero Apache Reservation ..


To help finance this project and to continue to produce the Free American, I am offering the Electronic (PDF) version of my novels by e-mail and my DVDs via snail mail


Written in the style of and as a tribute to a great Author, John D. MacDonald, by Clayton R. Douglas in the late 1900s, this first book in the Trevor Cameron, Terrorist Hunter series may even surpass MacDonald’s Travis McGee character in complexity and dimension. It was written originally in the late nineties and a future sequence added a few years before 9-11-2001. The future world of Trevor Cameron Hamilton seemed at the time almost like science fiction to all but Mr. Douglas, who as publisher of the Free American Magazine saw so many clues in articles and stories of current events and history that this frightening glimpse into the future was his way of warning today’s readers in hopes that an aware majority of Christian Americans might somehow be able to influence his dire vision and prevent such a future from occurring.

One Bloody Alabaster Eye is the only novel in this series with this unique format. But readers of this series in the future will walk with Trevor Cameron through the pages of recent history, rub shoulders with real politicians, world leaders, soldiers, spies, bankers, and ordinary people in fictional settings and situations. You will see current events from a new viewpoint and in reading these fiction novels gain a new insight into events unfolding tomorrow.

“One Bloody Alabaster Eye” marks a transition point in one man’s life, from a businessman to an avenger. From a landlubber to a lover of the ocean. From a nave American to a man with a greater understanding about the nature and the viciousness of the world we live in. His adventure begins in the Colorado Rockies and takes him all the way to the Florida Keys. What starts out as a casual search for a father he never knew becomes a battle for survival and a blooming love affair becomes a quest for vengeance in a lethal paradise. Welcome to a world of warriors where nothing is as it seems. Welcome to the beginning of a legend!

One Bloody Alabaster Eye PDF Version $24.95 Deadly Flashes of Silver PDF Version $24.95

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Teepees and Yurts by the finest craftsmen in the US. Earth Works. Call for size and costs. More info on I am Clay Douglas, 888-678-1444. 2943 Us Highway 380, Bingham, NM 87832.





From the Desk of Clayton R. Douglas

Publisher of the Free American

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These could be the most powerful issues ever! November contains the history of the Banksters, what they have done to all who stood for truth and Liberty and it shows you the bright light for our future. January contains the plans for the NAU. May 2008 contains Revalations Unraveled! All are available now in BDF form!

November Issue Free American (PDF Version) The May Issue of the Free American (PDF Version) $5.00 January Issue Free American. (PDF Version)

Mr. Douglas has completed two Novels in his new Trevor Cameron Terrorist Hunter Series. The exciting and controversial novel are available in PDF form now. They will be e-mailed to you as soon as the card is cleared. Please send an e-mail to Mr. Douglas confirming your selection and the PDF version will be sent to you immediately.

One Bloody Alabaster Eye PDF Version $24.95 Deadly Flashes of Silver PDF Version $24.95

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