Photograph by Jack Cutting 

He will stand under the title 'Big Brother - The Big Picture' after a tremendous response to the idea over the last few days.

He needs all the help you can give him physically and financially over the next three weeks up to the poll on July 10th because time is very tight.

David has no desire to join the web of lies, deceit and corruption in the British Parliament, and would never swear the obligatory 'allegiance' to the Queen to take his seat, anyway, but it is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the depth, scale and connections of the rapidly emerging - and global - Big Brother State that he has been warning about in his books for nearly two decades.

To see how urgent it is to take action now see the David Icke Big Brother research archive or The David Icke Guide To The Global Conspiracy (And How To End It).

If you wish to help with the Election campaign, please email Justin Walker at ... Jrgwalker@aol.com and click here to donate to the Election Fund. Nothing, no matter how small, is too little:

We need help from all quarters, and especially in or near the constituency of Haltemprice and Howden, close to the city of Hull.

Watch David Icke.com for updates.

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