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March 2, 2009

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Last weekend, Campaign for Liberty unveiled itself to the political establishment at the 36th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).  This tremendous event allowed Campaign for Liberty to hold its own "Liberty Forum" with speakers such as Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, and Tom Woods promoting our mission of limited government, sound money, a noninterventionist foreign policy, and an adherence to the Constitution.

Together with a massive army of volunteers, we formally took a stand against the big government policies that continue to be thrust upon our nation.

Now we are ready to build on our momentum from CPAC with our first ever Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference!

This Regional Conference will be held at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri on March 27-29.

The excitement of our Liberty Forum created a tremendous buzz around CPAC.  Now our first Regional Conference will allow those who were not able to travel to Washington to experience that same level of excitement, as well as to train and network to strengthen our movement.

On Friday, March 27, Campaign for Liberty will be holding a "Freedom Celebration" in conjunction with our St. Louis Conference.

This free event will allow individuals to hear from two champions of liberty, Congressman Ron Paul and Senior Fox News Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Prior to the Freedom Celebration, Campaign for Liberty will be holding a private reception from approximately 6:00-7:00pm that will allow members to meet and speak directly with Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano..

In addition, I am happy to announce that Tom Woods, author of the current New York Times best-seller Meltdown, is also now confirmed to attend our private reception.

Entrance into this private reception is by sponsorship only, and complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served.  This event is not open to the public and presents the only opportunity of the weekend to spend personal time with Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, Tom Woods, and Campaign for Liberty senior staff.

Sponsorship of this reception guarantees you entrance into the Freedom Celebration to directly follow, ensuring you have access when the room fills to capacity.  Sponsorship to our Private Reception and Freedom Celebration ranges from as basic as $150 to as elegant as $5,000.

In addition to these two tremendous events, Campaign for Liberty will be holding a grassroots training seminar on Saturday morning and our "Champion of Liberty Dinner/Dance" on Saturday night.  I hope you are as excited as I am as we unveil what I hope will be the first of many Campaign for Liberty Regional Conferences.

You can sign up as a sponsor to our St. Louis Conference by going here.

For sponsorship benefits and details, you can also speak directly with Campaign for Liberty's Director of Development Steve Bierfeldt by emailing steve@campaignforliberty.com or calling 914.420.8669.

More details on the other events at the Conference will follow later this week.

Thank you for all of your hard work for the cause of freedom, and I look forward to seeing you in St. Louis for a tremendous time of learning, training, and networking as we continue to take back our country.

For liberty,

John Tate

President, Campaign for Liberty


P.S. Our events last week were the talk of CPAC, but we need to keep the momentum going. With initiatives like our support of Dr. Paul's Audit the Fed bill around the corner, your continued support is crucial. If you can't make it to our Conference in St. Louis, please consider making a contribution today to help keep us at the forefront of the battle for liberty.



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Eileen Dannemann
Standing director, National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW)
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