Urgent Need for Radio Ads

By Jim Condit Jr.



Date: 5/22/08 1:25 PM
From: Jim Condit Jr.
To: "The Birdman" <john@thebirdman.org>
Subject: {NA} Urgent Need * Radio Ads warning of Chertoff 2nd Terrorist Attack and [asking Congress to open up the Alaska pipeline]

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May 05, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

Urgent Need * Radio Ads warning of Chertoff 2nd Terrorist Attack and [asking Congress to open up the Alaska pipeline]

(Tonight's conference call details for 9 PM and midnight - are at the very end of this short Network America ewire.)

There is a crying need right now for radio ads over WLW and other major midwest stations warning that is there is a 2nd terrorist attack against the USA, either here or against our soldiers in the Middle East, it will be perpetrated by Michael Chertoff and his Jewish Supremist buddies who now run not alonly most of the US Government, and who also, of course, run the terrorist state using the name "Israel."

If a major blast does not happen soon, in at least one major area of the country over PUBLIC radio, then I fear we are all going to wake up one day in the months ahead to hear that a major nuclear blast has killed ten thousand people in a major metropolitan area in the USA, or that there has been a massive attack on our soldier in the Mideast by "Iran."

False Flag operations are how the worldwide organized Jewish Shadow Government and their junior partners in the Anglo-Secret Societies push mankind into needless wars in order to reach the evil goals of this Shadow government (Again, -- I always mention this for those trying to break out of Big TV brainwashing - there are many individuals Jewish persons here in the USA and in Israel that oppose the destructive plans of this organized Jewish Shadow government.)

We also need radio ads on SCREAMING that we demand the organized Jewish lobby take its foot off of Congress's neck, and let the Congress open up the Alaskan pipeline, which has the largest oil reserves in the world under Gull Island Island in Prudhoe Bay.

If the Alaskan pipeline were opened, gas prices would be down to $1.50 by late summer, according to Lindsey Williams, who was there in 1977 when this domestic oil reserve was discovered, and then immediately capped by order of the organized Jewish Lobby through the Carter Administration. Of course, all the Jewish run Big TV stations and major media censored this information from the American people. But the truth got out through Lindsey Williams book, "The Energy Non-Crisis."

Only congressional candidates (and senatorial and presidential candidates) can force the big radio stations to carry such ads, according to the Reasonable Access Law.

I am the only federal candidate who has expressed a willingness to run such ads, but I can only do so in relation to the report received. So far we have raised about $3115 towards an immediate goal of $17,000, and an ultimate goal by November of $500,000.

By email, 50,000 people could be reached who could afford to donate $10 each at the "contribute" link at Condit2008.com - there is a full explanation there, and you can donate to the Congressional campaign, or, if you don't want your name reported to the FEC commission (reports are required by law of congressional candidates to the FEC) then use the "Network America" donation link. The snail mail address for both is given there.

We also thank the three $1000 donors who have generously come forth, so we are off and running. If you have been longing to see an open fight with the NeoCons - I will do it. So please help if you agree.

* * * * * The next conference calls are tonight, Wednesday night, May 7, 2008 at 9 PM EST, and another at Midnight EST (9 PM PST). The phone and pin are: 641-715-3200; 1064662# -- I would look forward to talking to you and answering any questions. *****

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America

PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio

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