To Oppose US Taxpayer Bailout of Wall Street -  FAX List of US Senators, below:


From: James W. von Brunn
Please fax the below letter to everyone on this list...

Sen. Richard Shelby (R) 202-224-3416 or 202-224-5137 (try both not sure
which is correct)
Sen. Harry Reid (D) 202-224-7327
Sen. Jim DeMint (R) 202-228-5143
Sen. John Ensign (R) 202-228-2193
Sen. Jim Bunning (R) 202-228-1373
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R) 202-224-6020
Sen John McCain (R) 202-228-2862

Sen. Barack Obama 202-228-4260
Sen. John D. Rockefeller 202-224-7665
Sen. Dianne Feinstein 202-228-3954
Sen. Ron Wyden 202-228-2717
Sen. Evan Bayh 202-228-1377
Sen. Barbara Mikulski 202-224-8858
Sen. Bill Nelson 202-228-2183
Sen. John Kerry 202-224-8525
Sen. Daniel Inouye 202-224-6747
Sen. Hillary Clinton 202-228-0282


Dear Senator/Congressional Leader

The Paulson plan is not workable. It is a sellout to corporate America at
taxpayer expense.

Mad Rush To Financial Judgment

Today President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson are preaching the same

There can be no delay.
Sweeping new Powers for the Fed are needed.
The Treasury needs $700 billion dollars.
There is no time to study alternatives.

Senators, in your heart you know all of the above are lies. It was the very
same mad rush to judgment that started the Iraq War. We do not need and
cannot afford a financial mad rush to judgment.

The odds of failure on the Paulson plan are 100%. The Paulson plan will not
create any jobs or help homeowners pay their bills. Instead it diverts $700
billion of taxpayer funds to failed banks that took excessive risks. The
sheer size of the bailout will cause interest rates to rise, further adding
to taxpayer woes.

Long term interest rates are already up a half point on news of this bill.
They will rise more if it passes. How is that supposed to help homeowners?

Robbing taxpayers to pay failed banks cannot possibly work!

Printing money and giving it away cannot work either. If it did work,
Zimbabwe would be the most prosperous nation in the world.

190+ Economists Slam Bailout

Over 190 top economists in the country have slammed this bailout on grounds
of fairness, ambiguity, and long term effects.

What is it that Paulson knows that 190+ economists don't? After all Paulson
was telling us all how safe the US Banking system was just a few weeks ago.

Paul Oneil Is Against The Plan

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said today that our nation's
leaders -- especially President Bush -- are "in a panic" and haven't
thought through the $700 billion bailout plan in a rush to pass it by the end of the

"I don't think he understands or knows much about any of this and it shows.
It is possible to re-liquefy the credit system without 'We the People'
owning $700 billion worth of homes," he said.

BB&T Corp. Chief Executive Officer John Allison critiques the plan

Treasury "is totally dominated by Wall Street investment bankers" and
"cannot be relied on objectively to assess" the impact of government policy
on the financial industry, Allison wrote in a Sept. 23 letter to Congress.

The letter was verified by Bob Denham, a spokesman for BB&T, North
Carolina's third-largest bank.

Our prayers are with you that you have the courage to stand up do what you
know you must do: Block This Bill.

I cannot and will not vote for any member of Congress who votes for this
bill in its current form or anything remotely close to the current form.

It is time to scrap the Paulson Plan and start all over.

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Your Phone Number

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