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: Australia-wide Shutdown of Truck Transport 28 Jul 08

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Please find attached a letter sent by Australian Transport workers regarding a Monday 28 July 2008 strike.

I have personally spoken with Peter.  This is real.
I have consolidated the documents he sent me into 1 file to make it easier to fwd.

Please forward this to all your Australian contacts.



Below is a letter of advice regarding the impending transport shutdown beginning on the 28th July (assuming the 'government' will continue to sit on their fat arses and do nothing beforehand).   It will be Australia-wide.

Take special note of the last two sentences and support these guys.   They have the courage to do something that most people couldn't give two hoots about!  

Further, since you've had adequate warnings (at least from me) about this shutdown and you have had ample time to prepare for it, make sure you inform every other Australian on your mailing list to support the truckies.  

Anyone who bleats and moans about the 'hardship' this is causing them, have the courage to let them know it may be the wake-up call from their lethargy and uselessness, at long last!!!




Peter Schuback

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A meeting is to be held in Toowoomba on the fourteenth of June by truck drivers. This meeting will address a number of problems that are currently concerning the transport industry.

This meeting is being held at the Clive Berghofer Centre

The Federal and State governments will be asked to fix the problems or their will be a call made for a complete shut down of transport service in Australia.

If this occurs.

After three days their will be no food in the retail outlets

Their will be no petrol in service stations

No milk deliveries or beer deliveries

No drinking water because the water treatment plants will run out of chemicals to treat water .

Electricity will have to rationed

Industries and shops will have to close down and the government will no longer be able to govern and a call will be put to the governor generals in each state and federally to dissolve all state and the federal government and institute new elections with a proviso that no current or past Politians be allowed to contest those elections.

If you think we are playing around any more you are in for a big surprise.



Peter Schuback